The Endemic Catamaran Specifications

The Endemic Catamaran Specifications

Catamarans are a great way to travel through the Galapagos. The added stability, luxury, and size make them one of the best methods for a perfect Galapagos adventure. This Blog goes into the details of the Endemic Catamarans, one of the finest in the waters.


The Endemic Galapagos catamaran was launched in the summer of 2018. Every year new ships are launched in the Galapagos, each with more and more improvements to create a pleasant experience for guests. These upgrades come not only from increased technology, but also the reviews and suggestions from previous guests. Because of this fact, the specifications of the Endemic Cruise provide unrivaled experience in modernity, comfort, luxury, and extravagance. With the opinions of costumers in mind, engineers constructed this Catamaran to provide an optimal experience hitting all the key features that a guest could desire. The Endemic cruise is without a doubt leading the charge in a growing fleet of vessels that feature methods and techniques to cater to the needs of the Galapagos Islands.


Catamarans have a completely different feel when compared to single hull Yachts. One of the reasons that more and more Catamarans are increasing in numbers is because of the increased stability. Some guests have a past experience of seasickness, and they never want to repeat it. Catamarans provide an increased level of “Transverse Stability.”  This is a combination of center of gravity and center of Buoyancy. To better understand, look at how Catamarans feature a wide bridge connecting its two hulls. This provides more balance, like a water-striding insect stretching its legs as far as possible to distribute its weight. Similarly, the increased surface area of two hulls of a Catamaran provides more surface area. This effectively spreads its weight and increases buoyancy.  With this balance and structure, the Catamaran has much more stability than other ships.

To put it more simply, Yachts “go with the flow” and gently rock side to side, while Catamarans slice through the water without rocking. This is highly beneficial if you choose to cruise during a time when the waters are a little rougher. Seasonal information can be found here. You will also find a more in-depth comparison of the pros and cons of catamarans and Yachts if you have more interest in the topic.


The endemic maximum navigation speed is twelve knots. I personally find myself constantly forgetting how fast a knot is, check it out here. With two powerful engines each with five hundred horsepower, the Endemic swiftly glides through the water with plenty of strength to offer steady and reliable navigation. When you read the itinerary, be ensured that this ship will guarantee precise timing of all listed departure and arrival times like clockwork.

Endemic Cruise Interior Specifications


The endemic offers eight convertible double or twin cabins. Have an odd number in your family or group? There also is a single cabin for families or groups with an odd number. When you will be aboard the Catamaran, you will be sharing the ship with up to sixteen guests, the maximum capacity allowed by the Galapagos National Park.

Enjoy a stunning view with a private balcony on the Endemic!
All cabins aboard the Endemic feature the same dimensions, with thirty-two square meters including the balcony. The balcony is an incredible perk, adding an entirely new level of relaxation.

Although the vantage points across the entire ship are miraculous, having your own private area to witness the sunsets and sunrises with your company is unbeatable.

Look long enough and you will undoubtedly see dolphins acrobatically leaping through the air.

Personally, I find it really hard to keep my eyes on the pages of my book when there is a chance I could miss something like that!

Amenities and Features

Most people rely on phones and cameras to capture all the memorable experiences and exotic wildlife in the Galapagos. Part of the Endemic cruise specifications available in every cabin is the 110 and 220-volt electrical outlets.  These will rapidly fill your batteries overnight and during downtime. All other standard amenities will also be included, such as private bathrooms, toiletries, hairdryers, bathrooms and beach towels, and air conditioning. Just like a hotel, you will have daily room service to tidy up the room and make your bed.

Last but not least, the Endemic features wall-to-wall sliding glass doors. This allows for natural lighting to enter all cabins. This also means walking into your cabin with a breath-taking panoramic view of the surrounding areas you will be navigating through.

Common areas

The Endemic cuts no corners when it came to constructing the living areas. With an elevated level of extravagance, competing with the finest ships of the Galapagos is not an issue for the Endemic. Included onboard are spacious and elegant common areas, the majority of which have large windows to view the amazing vantage at all times.

Endemic Catamaran specifications - Social Areas
The Endemic undoubtedly has some of the most luxurious living areas


Dine in the Alfresco dining and barbecue area, where you can enjoy your meals in the fresh air of the outdoors. These areas are connected to the interior kitchen by means of a small food elevator.  This ensures your meals reach the table hot and ready, straight off the skillet and onto your plate. The food aboard Galapagos cruises is no joke. You will be stunned by the cuisine prepared by professional culinary experts. My mouth was watering every day when mealtime rolled around. For a peek of some of the common dishes and a video of them, check them out here.

Living rooms

Soak in the warm waters of Endemic's Jacuzzi
Soak up some rays aboard the relaxing sun terrace and observation deck. Here you can rest your feet after your exciting adventures. The sun deck was one of my favorite areas to spend time with my family and get some long needed catch up. Life is demanding, and it’s hard to find time for everything that you want with busy schedules. This spot was perfect to make up for the lost time and enjoy the company of whomever you are with.

One of my all-time favorites, the open sky lounge with the Jacuzzi! It is not truly a vacation without one of these, and it is hard to keep a smile off your face when you walk into this spectacular area. Have a perfectly crafted and refreshing cocktail while you soak in the heated waters. One thing to keep in mind is that the Jacuzzi is only available for use when the cruise is docked.

If you need to keep up on any important business, the ship features computers for guest use, and also a flat-screen TV in the passenger’s lounge for entertainment.

Crew and Guide

During your stay, you will have ten crew members to meet all your needs. Additionally, a certified naturalist Galapagos guide will be with you during excursions. These guides are incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining. They truly make an impactful difference on these memorable trips. Lastly, a cruise service officer, the equivalent of a hotel manager, will ensure all endemic cruise specifications, services, and programs run smoothly for a perfect Galapagos experience.

Endemic Free Inclusions & Equipment

The Endemic includes kayaks, paddleboards, and beautiful bottom glass kayaks. With these, you can watch all of the wildlife below you as if you were sitting on thin air! Not all cruises include free snorkeling & wetsuits. This ship includes this gear (Full and Shorty) at no additional cost for all customers. You don’t have to experience the pain of lugging gear through the airport or buying it!  Remember to check out this guide for the clothing you should bring to the Galapagos.

Endemic Catamaran specifications-Transparent Kayaks
Glass bottom Kayak to see fish!



Other free inclusions you can expect are the one or two free nights at a 5-star hotel in Quito or Guayaquil, pre and post-cruise.  These hotels will give you a momentary respite from your long travels to relax and prepare for an incredible adventure.  Last but not least, two free airport transfers for your Galapagos flights.  These include professional airport assistance to get you where you need to go in a timely manner.

To find out more information about the endemic cruise specifications, please visit the following link: Here you can easily make a reservation if you decide this is the ship for you. The staff will be able to eliminate any concerns and answer all the questions you have!

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