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Galapagos Diving, the best diving site in the world!

Galapagos diving is among the best diving sites worldwide and was recently awarded as the best destiny to dive in the world (Beijing – 2015). There is a variety of approaches for diving in the Galapagos, diving off a cruise provides the most rewarding experience, reaching distant and remote diving sites. Liveaboards run for a set period of 6 to 8 days and are classified as first class cruises. However, alternatives such as diving with land based tours, based off hotels have proven popular among divers looking for shorter tours. For instance, a common approach is diving prior or after a Galapagos cruise with day tours. In conclusion, the variety of Galapagos diving options has something in store for everyone, whether you are an avid diver or an amateur looking for a day tour or more days of diving.

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Deciding Factors For The Best Diving Experience

Tour Duration

The perfect amount of time in the islands varies greatly from one person to another, while some may find a 4 day tour fulfilling and long enough, others might find a 15 day tour to short, it is important to have a clear idea of how much actual time you will have partaking in your scheduled activities and have a better judgment when deciding what tour package works best for you. Both cruises & land based tours include the days you enter and exit the islands as part of their program, both the first and last day will be for the most part operational, and will only have a short activity to fill in the remaining of the day.

When To Travel

What makes the islands so special is their never ending state of paradise, you can visit the islands any time of the year, & landscapes, wildlife and sealife will always have something in store for you. Adjusting to the seasonal changes that mark the end and begining of the galapagos cylcle called the (warm & dry) season, are a great guideline to know when to visit. Warm Season Jan to June: warmer water & weather, clear skies, short rains, green lush vegetation, calm seas, nesting & breeding season, less marine life. Dry Season July to Dec: colder waters and dry weather, stronger sea currents, great snorkeling with rich marine life, new wildife and offsprings, full on bird life

Diving Cruise or Land Based

The most prominent difference between booking a dive cruise or a land based tour is price, the latter being more friendly with your wallet. Land based tours offer you an affordable way of getting to dive in the Enchanted islands without having to commit to an expensive cruise, they are flexible and adjust well with your time, tours can be a day tour to extended diving packages. Cruises offer you an immersive experience, live-aboards allow you to reach far and distant islands that are known as the best diving sites not accessible by any other means; and usually run for 8 days only in all inclusive packages.

Day Tours

Diving Day tours in the Galapagos is the most popular way of getting to experience the archipelago underwater, they are easily arranged with cost effective rates & allow visitors to have a glimpse of the amazing marine life the islands have to offer. These can be arranged either before or after your Galapagos cruise, do keep in mind the additional costs & operation involved in order to have your dive day tour arranged. Extending your stay means meals, accommodation and transfers from and to the airport will have to paid and arranged by your own means as these are separate services from your cruise.