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Solaris Galapagos Yacht

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  • Available to charter for family & friends
  • Single cabins available, with no supplement
  • Extensive, far reaching and varied itineraries
  • Triple cabins available, ideal for families
  • Ocean View from cabin, large windows for panoramic views
  • Double &/or single kayaks available aboard
  • Spacious suite cabins, double bed & more
  • Wifi internet access aboard vessel
From $3925USD
What makes the Solaris Galapagos Yacht a first-class flagship for Galapagos cruises? With a design that prioritizes guest comfort and itineraries that showcase the Galapagos in the most exclusive light, the Solaris promises a journey like no other. Continue reading to unpack the vessel’s features, from deluxe accommodations to personalized services, giving you a transparent view of what to expect on board.

The Solaris yacht provides a first-class and comfortable Galapagos experience with its spacious cabins featuring panoramic views, a dedicated crew for personal service, and amenities like hot tubs and al fresco dining. Guests can indulge in diverse activities such as snorkeling with unique marine life, guided hikes observing endemic species, and relaxation on spacious decks while enjoying all-inclusive, locally-sourced meals prepared by professional chefs. Sustainability is central to the Solaris experience, carbon footprint offsetting, and support for local communities and Galapagos conservation efforts.

The Solaris Galapagos Yacht Experience

The Solaris Galapagos yacht is not just a vessel; it’s floating comfort, renowned for its first-class cruising experience. Its reputation for excellence and high customer satisfaction is no mere hearsay but a result of a relentless commitment to detail and industry expertise.

Upon stepping aboard, spacious and bright cabins greet you. Each cabin boasts panoramic seaview windows, offering you first-class cruising comfort and a mesmerizing view of the vast ocean beyond. As you settle in, you’ll notice the thoughtful inclusion of a vat for additional storage, ensuring a clutter-free experience during your voyage.

But it’s not all about the physical comforts. What sets the Solaris yacht apart is its proven track record of smooth operations and a crew that is tirelessly dedicated to ensuring every guest feels special. Be it the reception staff, the captain, or the housekeeping crew, everyone aboard the Solaris yacht is committed to making your cruise a memorable one.

Upper Deck and Sun Deck

Venturing onto the upper deck and the sun deck reveals a range of social areas designed for your leisure and enjoyment. Imagine dining with 16 other guests under the stars or lounging in designated areas, sharing stories of the day’s adventures. The yacht offers a unique al-fresco dining experience where meals are freshly prepared by a professional chef, allowing you to enjoy your food in an outdoor atmosphere with the ocean as your backdrop.

The sun deck is equipped with sun loungers that can be repositioned to suit your preference. Whether you want to bask in the sun or relax in the shade, the choice is yours. It also houses a hot tub area, a communal space where guests can unwind and connect with fellow travelers, adding to the convivial atmosphere of the yacht.

Main Deck and Accommodations

The main deck cabins of the Solaris yacht, specifically cabins 1 to 5 (12m2) and cabin 6 (23m2), are a true embodiment of comfort. Designed to maximize comfort, cabins 1 to 5 feature a single bed and are very spacious, each equipped with a large panoramic window showcasing the breathtaking ocean view. All these cabins include private bathrooms with both hot and cold water. Cabin 6, distinctively larger, is furnished with a queen bed and a single bed, offering a blend of comfort and convenience on the main deck.

Each cabin is thoughtfully designed with amenities such as wardrobes, charging ports, and reading lights, enhancing the overall experience. The panoramic ocean views from these cabins add a magical touch to your stay.

Beyond the cabins, the main deck houses several spacious social areas, contributing to leisure and relaxation as you cruise the Galapagos Islands. These include a dining area, a buffet area, an interior bar, a lounge, and a multimedia area for briefings. The boarding area is also conveniently located on the main deck.

As night falls, the cabins transform into havens of peace and tranquility. The versatile sleeping options cater to the needs of every guest, whether you are traveling alone or with company. For solo travelers, the Solaris yacht offers five dedicated single-occupancy cabins on the main deck, making it an attractive option for individual explorers.

Personal Attention and Exceptional Crew

The Solaris Galapagos Yacht experience transcends beyond amenities to the tireless efforts of the crew that make your stay comfortable and memorable. The crew aboard the Solaris yacht is dedicated to providing personal attention to every guest, ensuring a tailor-made service that enhances your overall experience.

The welcoming staff, under the guidance of the attentive owner, goes the extra mile to make you feel at home, establishing a comfortable and caring environment on board.

Itineraries and Activities

Journeying aboard the Solaris yacht through the enchanting Galapagos Islands presents a unique perspective of this paradise each day. The yacht offers a selection of distinctive routes, allowing travelers to explore the islands in a way that suits their interests and preferences. Guests can visit two different sites each day, allowing for an extensive exploration of the islands while maintaining an exclusive experience.

The itineraries aboard the Solaris yacht are flexible, ranging from 4 to 14 nights to suit various travel schedules and preferences. Whether you’re planning a short getaway or a long vacation, the Solaris yacht has got you covered. To aid guests in their travel planning, the yacht guarantees departure dates every Tuesday and Friday. Make sure to read our Solaris Galapagos Yacht Itineraries for a full day-to-day description of every itinerary and potential wildlife you will observe!

Snorkeling Adventures

The Galapagos Islands are home to numerous snorkeling spots, each offering a rare glimpse into the rich underwater world. The Solaris yacht provides access to these pristine areas, immersing guests in an unparalleled snorkeling experience. Some of the top snorkeling destinations in the Galapagos Islands include:

Each snorkeling destination has its own distinct ecological and geological character.

As you dive into the crystal-clear waters, you’ll come face-to-face with diverse marine life. Some of the marine life you may encounter includes:

The snorkeling adventures aboard the Solaris yacht let you witness the Galapagos’ unique marine biodiversity up close. It’s an experience that leaves you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Hiking and Exploring

The Galapagos Islands are not just about the marine life; they also offer unique opportunities for hiking and exploring. Onboard the Solaris yacht, an expert Naturalist guide ensures that guests have enlightening wildlife encounters and meaningful insights into nature. The carefully curated itineraries include guided tours led by a National Park-certified naturalist guide, aimed at enriching the guests’ experience during hiking and exploration activities.

Guests can embark on easy-to-moderate hikes, offering opportunities to see unique wildlife such as:

  • albatrosses
  • booby colonies
  • flamingos
  • other endemic species
The activities are structured to allow guests intimate experiences with the Galapagos’s diverse wildlife and magnificent landscapes.

Relaxation and Leisure

Amidst the adventure and exploration, the Solaris yacht ensures that guests have ample time to relax and rejuvenate. After engaging in morning hikes or warming afternoon snorkeling sessions, guests can cherish peaceful moments of respite on the yacht.

The expansive decks provide a serene setting for guests to revel in panoramic ocean views, sunbathe, or simply immerse themselves in the refreshing sea breeze.

Dining Aboard the Solaris

Alongside exploration and adventure, the Solaris yacht experience also encompasses a culinary journey that is a delight to your senses. The yacht offers guests:

  • A first-class dining experience in a modern and comfortable main-deck living/dining room
  • A daily buffet breakfast
  • A daily buffet lunch
  • A sumptuous three-course dinner
The meals aboard the Solaris yacht include:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Locally sourced poultry, fish, and seafood
  • Rice and pasta dishes
  • Authentic traditional Ecuadorian cuisine
Chefs with international training who come from prestigious hotels and eateries both in Ecuador and abroad prepare the meals.

Quality and Variety

The Solaris yacht’s menu blends international cuisines with a unique Ecuadorian twist to satisfy diverse tastes. Every dish is a culinary masterpiece, meticulously crafted with quality ingredients and an eye for detail. Whether you have a penchant for exotic flavors or prefer classic dishes, the yacht’s menu is sure to delight your palate.

Dietary Requirements

At the Solaris yacht, they understand that every guest is unique, and so are their dietary preferences. By providing advance notice to the chef, guests’ specific dietary requirements can be accommodated. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have any other dietary preference, the yacht ensures that your dining experience is just as enjoyable and fulfilling as any other guest’s.

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks

Throughout the day, guests on the Solaris yacht can refresh themselves with unlimited coffee, tea, and water. Between meals, a selection of snacks is made available, ensuring guests have access to light refreshments at all times. The yacht’s spacious lounge and bar area, featuring elegant interior design, serves as a social hub for guests to interact and enjoy the scenic views together while crusing the archipelago.

Sustainable Practices and Conservation

Beyond providing a first-class experience for guests, the Solaris yacht is equally dedicated to environmental preservation. It utilizes sophisticated water filtration systems to limit its environmental impact on the Galapagos ecosystem. Further, its modern, efficient engines and strict maintenance schedules minimize pollution, ensuring the yacht operates in harmony with nature.

CO2 Emissions Offset

In addition to its sustainable practices, the Solaris yacht has also established measures to offset its CO2 emissions. By doing so, it ensures its carbon footprint is 100% offset, aligning with sustainable practices to minimize its ecological impact on the Galapagos.

This commitment to the environment extends beyond just words, with GreenGo Travel voluntarily offsetting all the CO2 emissions for each cruise sold, including those on Solaris, without charging additional costs to customers.

Supporting Local Communities

The commitment of the Solaris yacht to sustainability extends beyond environmental conservation. It also plays a significant role in supporting local communities. Economic migrants from the Ecuadorian mainland often relocate to the Galapagos Islands to fill job vacancies generated by the tourism industry, including opportunities to work on cruise ships like the Solaris. The yacht also supports Galapagos conservation projects and aids the local economy through financial contributions, donations, and entrance fees to the National Park.

Comparing the Solaris with Other First-Class Yachts

Undeniably, the Solaris yacht stands a class apart, but when juxtaposed against other first-class yachts, how does it fare in terms of top speed? A more detailed examination is needed.

The Galapagos Angel yacht, for instance, also offers an intimate and exclusive experience, welcoming a maximum of 16 guests. It boasts:

  • sleek European design
  • state-of-the-art amenities
  • expansive suites
  • impeccable service
However, the Solaris yacht distinguishes itself with its unique offerings. Its spacious and bright cabins, single cabins for solo guests, panoramic sea view windows, first-class cruising comfort, and dedicated staff set it apart from other yachts. Whether it’s the amenities, activities, or dining experience, the Solaris yacht leaves no stone unturned to ensure a memorable experience for its guests.

Key Features and Amenities

When comparing the key features and amenities of the Solaris yacht with similar vessels like the Monserrat and Galapagos Angel yachts, certain distinctions become apparent.

The Monserrat yacht, for instance, has:

  • 10 air-conditioned staterooms with private bathrooms and ocean views
  • 4 cabins on the lower deck with convertible twin or double beds, and 6 twin cabins in the upper deck
  • Triple cabins are available for family and friends.
On the other hand, the Galapagos Angel offers:

  • Two large suites located in the upper deck, featuring king-sized beds
  • Six convertible cabins are suitable for its 16 passengers, providing accommodation flexibility
  • Onboard WiFi included in available services
In contrast, the Solaris yacht offers a range of accommodations with both double and queen bed options, as well as a single bed, ensuring versatile sleeping options for guests. It also provides dedicated single-occupancy cabins for solo travelers, a feature not commonly found on most first-class yachts.

Capacity and Intimacy

The guest experience is defined not just by the yacht’s capacity but also by the level of personal attention offered. The Monserrat yacht accommodates 20 passengers in its 10 air-conditioned staterooms for an intimate and personal experience. Similarly, the Galapagos Angel yacht maintains an intimate atmosphere with a small guest capacity of 16 passengers, providing a personalized experience.

The Solaris yacht also welcomes a maximum of 16 guests, ensuring an intimate and exclusive experience. However, it sets itself apart with its dedicated crew that provides personal attention to every guest, ensuring tailor-made service that enhances the overall experience.


The Solaris yacht experience is the perfect blend of first-class, adventure, and sustainability. From its spacious cabins and dedicated crew to its diverse itineraries and exquisite dining, the yacht offers an unrivaled Galapagos adventure. Its commitment to sustainability and support for local communities further enhance its appeal, making it a preferred choice for discerning travelers. Whether you’re a solo explorer, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family looking for a memorable vacation, the Solaris yacht offers an experience that transcends the ordinary. So, are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime?

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cabins are available on the Solaris Yacht?

The Solaris Yacht offers a variety of cabin types, including spacious main deck twin and double cabins with panoramic ocean views and dedicated single-occupancy cabins for solo travelers.

Are there any activities included in the Solaris Yacht experience?

Yes, guests can indulge in activities like snorkeling, guided hikes, and relaxation on the yacht’s decks. All activities are led by experienced guides and are designed to showcase the unique beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

Does the yacht accommodate special dietary needs?

Absolutely. With advance notice, the yacht’s chefs can cater to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and other specific dietary requirements.

What is the capacity of the Solaris Yacht?

The Solaris Yacht welcomes a maximum of 16 guests, providing an intimate and exclusive cruising experience with personalized attention from the dedicated crew.

Can I book the yacht for a private charter?

Yes, the Solaris Yacht is available for private charters. You can enjoy a customized itinerary and exclusive use of the yacht for your group.

What should I pack for a cruise on the Solaris Yacht?

It’s recommended to pack casual and comfortable clothing, swimwear, sun protection, a hat, sturdy walking shoes for hikes, and a camera to capture the stunning scenery.

Is Wi-Fi available on board the Solaris Yacht?

While the yacht does offer Wi-Fi, connectivity in the Galapagos Islands can be limited. Guests should prepare for intermittent internet access during their cruise.

How long does a typical cruise on the Solaris Yacht last?

Cruises on the Solaris Yacht can vary in duration to accommodate different travel plans and preferences. The typical cruise lengths are 4, 5, 8, and 14 nights, with guaranteed departure dates every Tuesday and Friday.

Is there a dress code for dining aboard the Solaris Yacht?

While the atmosphere on the Solaris Yacht is relaxed and casual, guests are encouraged to dress smartly for dinner. However, there is no strict dress code, and comfort is always key.

Can children travel on the Solaris Yacht?

Yes, children are welcome on the Solaris Yacht. All ages of guests can enjoy the activities on the yacht, which offers a family-friendly environment. It is recommended to check with the crew regarding any age restrictions for certain excursions.

Is there a medical professional on board the Solaris Yacht?

While there is not a full-time medical professional on board, the crew is trained in first aid, and the yacht is equipped with a medical kit for minor health issues. In cases of emergencies, arrangements can be made for medical assistance.

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Solaris Inclusions & Exclusions

Accommodation, use of onboard facilities
All meals, snacks water, coffee & tea
All activities as listed
Certified bilingual guide
Snorkel equipment rental
Galapagos Transfers / Transfer Out
*conditions apply

Park fee & TC card: $120
Round flight (mainland-galapagos-mainland)
Alcoholic & soft drinks
Wetsuit rental
Personal expenses, tipping & travel insurance
Transfer In (airport-hotel)

Solaris Decks

Solaris General Details

Ocean View Single
Cabins: 5
Ocean View Single
Main Deck
Ocean View Double Suite
Cabins: 2
Ocean View Double Suite
Upper Deck
Ocean View Triple Suite
Cabins: 4
Ocean View Triple Suite
Main Deck,Upper Deck

Cabin Specifications

  • Cabins:
    11 staterooms
  • Single:
  • Bunkbeds:
  • Twin/double:
  • Convertible:
  • Triple:
  • Interconnected:
  • Suite:
  • Bedding:
    Single,Double (Queen),Queen + Single
  • Sharing:

Cruise Technical Specifications

  • Vessel type:
    Motor yacht
  • Year built:
  • Length:
    36 m / 118 ft2
  • Beam:
    9 m / 29.5 ft
  • Max speed:
    12 knots
  • Crew:
    7 + guide
  • Capacity:
    16 guests
  • Engine:
    2 Doosan 360 hp / Hyundai Central Machine 420 hp
  • Decks:
    3 decks
  • Balconies:

Cruise Safety & Navigation

  • ABC Fire Extinguishers
  • ACR radio
  • All required navigation equipment
  • Depth sounders
  • FURUNO Radar
  • GPS
  • Lifeguard vest
  • VHF - DSS radio

Cruise Facilities

Cruise Surcharges

Children Aboard Cruise
  • Minimum age:
    All ages allowed
  • Eligible age:
    Under 12 years
  • Eligible disount:
    20% (restrictions apply)
  • Restriction:
    Travel with 2 full paying adults, ineligible with offers
Expenses Aboard
  • Bar:
    Cash & Credit Card
  • Tipping:
    Guide: $9/11 - Crew: $13/15 per day
  • Wetsuit rental:
    7D/6N $75 | 5D/4N $45
  • Souvenirs:
  • Internet:
    Available & included

Cruise Notices

  • Eligible discounts & offers year round, inquire your trip advisor
  • Peak season surcharge, approx 20%
  • Single cabins have no supplement. Ocean View Suites have an 100% single supplement
  • Travel insurance is highly reccommended and encouraged
Itineraries, inclusions and exclusions are subject to change by the galapagos national park, or vessel/s management.

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Samantha Cox
I was hesitant at first, as I had never been aboard such a small cruise for such a long period of time. But after much research, it appears this is the way to go when it comes to Galapagos cruises. Solaris definitely lived up to my expectations; I enjoyed my single cabin, and daily activities were fulfilling and exciting!

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