Frequently Asked Questions Galapagos

The most common Frequently Asked Questions about The Galapagos Islands and more.


The most common Frequently Asked Questions Galapagos and more. We have gone into great detail to answer as much of those common questions as possible, which you will find divided in their corresponding categories below. Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions that remain unanswered.

Frequently Asked Questions Galapagos

Galapagos F.A.Q




What is the suggested guideline for tipping the crew & Guide?

Tips on board of yachts are not an obligation-but are expected, the following rates are a general guideline, usually the same amount applies for the *crew (all crew on board) & guide, yet passengers should always tip the amount they feel comfortable with, after all tipping is an additional compensation for the good service & attention you were provided with during your stay.
Basic Cruises: $5 / Superior Cruises: $6 / First Class Cruises: $7-8 / Luxury & Ships: $8-10
The above rates are per passenger, per day, example: solo traveler on an 8 day basic Cruise = $80, $40 for the Guide & $40 for the crew.

What is the cost for the rental of Snorkel?

Rates vary from boat to boat and the length of time you rent them for. A general guideline would be from $15 to $40 for the 4 to 8 days tour. For exact rates please refer to each individual yachts page.

What is the cost for the rental of the Wetsuit?

Same as the rental of snorkel, rates would vary from boat to boat and the length of time you rent them for. A general guideline would be from $20 to $60 for the 4 to 8 days tour. For exact rates please refer to each individual yachts page.

Is there souvenirs on board that can be purchased?

Not standard for all boats, but for the most part of first class cruises onwards you will find souvenirs available to be purchased.

How much should I expect to pay for drinks on the Bar?

Rates would vary slightly from one yacht to another, the average rate would be between $2 to & $3 for soft Drinks & Beer, Alcoholic drinks from $5 onwards.

How much does internet access cost on board?

If the boat you will be on has the service available, (usually only found in ships) it will be quite expensive as they will have a satellite internet connection, either charging you for a length of time, or per mb. Rates can go as high as $16 to $20 per mb.

Will I have to pay for corkage if I bring a bottle of Liquor?

In most cases yes.

Will the airline allow me to exceed my luggage weight allowance?

They will, as long as you don’t go overboard, they will charge an additional fee of $3 to $5 per kilo.


Will I get to see as much from a land based tour?

There is limits to the places you will get to see & visit. Some islands are only allowed to be visited with cruises (example: Española), & other locations are not logistically possible given the far out location they have (example: Fernandina, Genovesa etc).

What is island hopping?

It is a tour package that offers you land based activities by moving you through different Hotels in main islands (San Cristobal / Floreana / Santa Cruz / Isabela) in order to cover the surrounding visit points. This is the best way of visiting the islands on land & make the most of your stay. Island Hopping tours we currently offer are only with Galadventure & Red Mangrove Hotels.

Can I choose what islands to visit on a land based tour?

Land hopping tours similar to cruises have prearranged itineraries, if you want to visit specific islands or visit points in the islands this can certainly be arranged with Hotels such as Silberstein, where they will combine public daily departures with accommodation & meals to offer you a custom tour package, as long as the places you have in mind can be accessed with daily tours.

Do you offer Galapagos Day Tours?

For the time being no, we are evaluating the best way to have this added to our portfolio.

Is there last minutes for land based tours?

No, last minute work for cruises given the nature of how they operate, with set departures they offer lower rates in order to fill remaining spaces left, land based tours for the most part are only arranged under request.

How can I dive in the Islands?

There is 3 different methods of diving in the islands:
LIVE-ABOARD DIVE BOAT: The best way of diving in the islands in order to reach the most remote and best diving spots in the archipelago such as Darwin & Wolf, but also quite expensive. These live-aboards will set sail throughout the islands to diving sites only with 2 immersions per day, in most if not all cases they will only operate 8 day tours, shorter trips such as 4-5 & 6 days are not offered. Dive boat of this nature are very few.

LAND-BASED DAY TOUR DIVES: This is the most common approach, for those wanting to dive at a budget, day tour dives can be arranged from either Santa Cruz or San Cristobal, the former been the best option in terms of variety & frequency.

LAND-BASED DIVING PACKAGES: Based in Hotels from Santa Cruz, diving packages will combine accommodation, meals & multiple day tour dives, the perfect combination for those looking to dive only for multiple days at a budget.

In which islands can I dive?

There is a variety of diving points that can be reached as day tours from main islands, we are currently working on a interactive map to make it easy to understand where diving points are located.

Do I need to be an experienced diver?

The majority of diving points in the Galapagos are friendly for inexperienced divers as long as you have a paddy license, yet there is certain locations such as Gordon Rocks that require divers to have a minimum of 30 immersions in order to dive there, mainly for the strong currents and the expertise required to dive safely in these waters.

What is included in a day dive tour?

All diving equipment, Transport from & to the dive Center, Snack & Lunch, Towels, 2 immersions, 1 Dive master for every 8 passengers.

What documents & information is required to book?

Information & Documentation required are: Padi License, number of immersions, Height, Weight, Shoe size etc. Signing a lease is required before partaking in your diving activities, signed either the day before or the day of your dive in the islands.

What is the best island for surfing?

San Cristobal is known for being surf friendly, with the right type of waves, variety in accommodation, ease to rent boards & surf lessons across numerous agencies, San Cristobal is the best approach for surfing.

In what islands can I arrange accommodation with Hotels?

San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Floreana & Isabella. Santa Cruz being the most popular stop, followed by San Cristobal which is the Capital of Galapagos, Isabella is more limited in the variety of Hotels, and Floreana can only be arranged with Red Mangrove Hotel.

How can I travel between islands on my own?

Either taking the public ferry or using the internal airline that takes you to all 3 main islands: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz & Isabella.
FROM: Santa Cruz-Puerto Ayora
TO: San Cristobal-Puerto Baquerizo Moreno or Isabella-Puerto Villamil
SCHEDULE: Monday to Sunday at 14h00 pm
COST: $30 to $40 per person

FROM: San Cristobal-Puerto Baquerizo Moreno or Isabella-Puerto Villamil
TO: Santa Cruz-Puerto Ayora
SCHEDULE: Monday to Sunday at 06h00 am
COST: $30 to $40 per person
For internal flights  in the islands please reach Emetebe Airline regarding routes, schedules & rates:

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