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Darwin Galapagos Yacht

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  • Available to charter for family & friends
  • Complimentary snorkel equipment
  • Wetsuit available for rent in several sizes
  • Best balance between comfort & price
  • Fully air conditioned cabins
  • Reliable vessel, over a decade cruising
  • 16 guests in 8 cabins, personalized cruising
  • Merge-friendly itineraries for unique programs
From $1170USD
The Darwin Galapagos Yacht invites travelers to experience unmatched exploration. This esteemed motor yacht offers meticulously planned itineraries, illustrating the evolution of the Galapagos archipelago, creating unforgettable memories. As part of its itineraries, the yacht visits Santiago Island, known for its historical significance from the Beagle’s expedition and its adventure opportunities.

Explore the best of the Galapagos while enjoying the comfort of your cabin, each equipped with a private bathroom, all within a budget that suits every traveler. The Darwin Galapagos Yacht offers eight double cabins with private bathrooms, air conditioning, and hot water, catering to reduced budget preferences, without sacrificing services. Whether located on the upper deck, main deck, or lower deck, each cabin provides comfort and convenience, ensuring a pleasant stay throughout the journey. It accommodates groups, fostering a friendly and intimate atmosphere for travelers.

Comfortable amenities abound.

The upper deck solarium offers panoramic views, while the dining room features international cuisine. The yacht’s well-stocked bar has a variety of refreshing beverages, perfect for relaxation after a day of adventure.

Experience extraordinary wildlife encounters and responsible tourism.

With expert naturalist guides, fellow guests explore different islands, encountering sea lions, marine iguanas, and other endemic species unique to the Galapagos. The Darwin Yacht is committed to conservation, ensuring that each trip contributes positively to the Galapagos National Park and the ongoing evolution of its unique ecosystems.

Cabin Configuration and Layout

The Darwin Galapagos Yacht boasts eight double cabins, carefully designed to blend comfort and convenience, each equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a hot water supply.

Situated on the upper deck, main deck, and lower deck, these cabins offer diverse scenic views.

Each cabin’s layout includes comfortable berth arrangements in bunk beds.

Air conditioning ensures a restful night’s sleep, regardless of the outside temperature.

The private bathrooms feature hot and cold water, providing the comfort of a hot shower after adventurous excursions. Fresh water is always available onboard.

No matter which deck one’s cabin is on, the view is always spectacular. Spacious layouts allow guests to unwind amid the beauty of the Galapagos Archipelago.

Amenities and Services Onboard

The Darwin Galapagos Yacht offers a range of comfortable amenities and services to enhance the guest experience.

One of the standout features is the well-appointed lounge areas with an upper deck solarium. Here, guests can unwind and soak in panoramic views of the Galapagos Islands, all while enjoying the gentle sea breeze.

A skilled chef will prepare international cuisine in the dining room on the main deck, guaranteeing a dining experience within your budget. Vegetarian guests and those with specific dietary needs will find their preferences catered to with thoughtful care.

For those who appreciate a bit of entertainment, the yacht is equipped with a well-stocked bar, ensuring a relaxing atmosphere where fellow guests can socialize and share their day’s adventures.

The yacht’s small group size (16 guests max) fosters an easy-going environment, with each guest enjoying the privacy and comfort of their cabin equipped with a private bathroom, making it the perfect choice for travelers seeking a unique, intimate experience in the Galapagos Archipelago.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with the Darwin Galapagos Yacht, as it navigates through captivating landscapes, pristine beaches, and the remarkable flora and fauna of this famed archipelago. From the rocky shores of Floreana Island to the legendary Sierra Negra Volcano on Isabela Island, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the untouched beauty and unparalleled biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands. The yacht’s exploration routes also include Santiago Island, known for its unique landscapes and diverse wildlife.

Guests will encounter fascinating marine life, including sea lions, marine iguanas, and vibrant blue-footed boobies, while expert naturalists provide insightful commentary on the region’s endemic species and ongoing conservation efforts.

San Cristóbal Island Highlights

San Cristóbal Island boasts breathtaking landscapes, making it a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Explore the mesmerizing Playa Mann and experience the wonders of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the island’s capital.

Visit the renowned Charles Darwin Research Station to gain insights into cutting-edge conservation efforts. Discover the island’s iconic landmarks, rich marine life, and abundance of endemic species.

San Cristóbal hosts one of the largest sea lion colonies, offering close-up wildlife encounters.

Marvel at the island’s diverse ecosystem while hiking the trails or diving into pristine waters at Kicker Rock. Each moment promises an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and ecological discovery.

Floreana Island Attractions

Floreana Island, enriched with history, offers an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts.

  1. Post Office Barrel – A historic site where sailors and travelers used to leave messages.
  2. Devil’s Crown – An excellent snorkeling site to witness incredible marine life.
  3. Point Cormorant – Home to a large colony of flamingos and intriguing plant life.
Visit the Post Office Barrel to send a postcard using the island’s traditional messaging system.

Floreana’s Devil’s Crown and Point Cormorant provide perfect spots for discovering the island’s vibrant ecosystems.

Isabela Island Landscapes

Isabela Island greets adventurers with an unparalleled variety of landscapes, each more breathtaking than the last.

Dominated by the Sierra Negra Volcano, the island offers a rare glimpse into active geological formations. Visitors can hike to the volcano’s rim, witnessing a caldera filled with raw, rugged beauty.

Exploring the coastlines reveals pristine beaches and secluded coves, home to a vast array of marine life. Here, sea lions frolic on the rocky shores while blue-footed boobies make their nests.

Don’t miss the lush wetlands where flamingos and endemic species of giant tortoises thrive. These marshes are a testament to the island’s extraordinary biodiversity.

Isabela Island promises travelers an unforgettable journey through its meticulously preserved natural wonders.

Darwin Galapagos Cruise Options

The Darwin Galapagos Yacht, often referred to simply as Darwin Yacht, offers meticulously curated Adventure and Discovery itineraries, each designed to immerse travelers in the unparalleled beauty and biodiversity of the Galapagos Archipelago. Whether opting for the 8, 5, or 4-day journeys, guests will explore unique islands individually tailored to showcase the marvels of marine life, endemic species, and volcanic landscapes.

As part of these itineraries, visitors will return to the central islands of the archipelago to visit Rabida and Santiago Island, experiencing its rich history and natural beauty. Both itineraries provide ample opportunities for snorkeling, hiking, and guided tours, ensuring a profound connection with the natural wonders of this extraordinary region.

Adventure Itinerary Highlights

Embarking on the Darwin Galapagos Yacht’s Adventure Itinerary promises a unique exploration of the Galapagos Archipelago, filled with unforgettable experiences and breathtaking landscapes on the cozy and inviting Darwin Yacht. This journey caters to adventurous spirits.

One of the highlights of the adventure itinerary is Santiago Island, known for its unique landscapes and historical significance, including its role in The Beagle’s expedition.

Guests encounter colonies of sea lions, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies. Each day unfolds with fresh discoveries.

The itinerary begins at Baltra Airport before heading to Mosquera Islet, offering a pristine snorkeling site and colorful marine life, demonstrating the fascinating evolution of the region’s biodiversity.

On San Cristóbal’s eastern coast, Punta Pitt mesmerizes travelers with scenic views and vibrant wildlife. The adventure continues on Floreana Island.

A visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island enlightens guests about crucial conservation efforts protecting endemic species. One cannot miss Sierra Negra on Isabela Island.

Each moment on this cozy motor yacht is synonymous with comfort and adventure. The well-curated activities enable deep connections with nature.

Discovery Itinerary Highlights

The Discovery Itinerary of the Darwin Galapagos Yacht beckons travelers to uncover the secrets of the Galapagos Islands.

This meticulously designed itinerary ensures a captivating journey through the Southern and Central Islands, revealing their rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes. Starting from the iconic Baltra Airport, guests immediately delve into the immersive beauty of the archipelago’s varied ecosystems, from rocky shores to vibrant underwater worlds. One of the highlights of this discovery itinerary is Santiago Island, known for its unique landscapes and historical significance.

Exploring San Cristóbal, travelers witness the massive colonies of sea lions and marine iguanas, creatures that epitomize the region’s diverse marine life. The panoramic views from Pitt Point are unparalleled, showcasing both the dramatic landscapes and the enchanting wildlife that call these islands home.

On Santa Cruz Island, visits to the Charles Darwin Research Station and Reserva El Chato highlight conservation efforts and the island’s flourishing wildlife, including the famous giant tortoises. Adventures on Isabela offer explorations of Volcán Sierra Negro and the serene Las Tintoreras, ensuring every moment is filled with awe and discovery. This unforgettable itinerary, which includes stops at breathtaking snorkeling locations like Black Turtle Cove and Pinnacle Rock, guarantees a close relationship with nature and a rich Galapagos experience.

Encountering Wildlife

Embarking on a journey aboard the Darwin Galapagos Yacht promises unparalleled encounters with the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Travelers will find themselves face-to-face with magnificent sea lions, marine iguanas, and iconic giant tortoises, all set against the scenic backdrop of this incredible archipelago.

Visitors gain profound insights into various species and ecosystems under the guidance of experts in the responsible tourism sector. Whether observing blue-footed boobies on rocky shores or swimming alongside marine life in secluded coves, each moment on a Darwin Galapagos cruise is designed to inspire and educate, fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Sea Lions and Marine Iguanas

Encountering sea lions and marine iguanas in the Galapagos Islands is a breathtaking experience that showcases the unique biodiversity of this remarkable archipelago.

  1. Sea Lions: Playful and curious, often found on sandy beaches and rocky shores.
  2. Marine Iguanas: The only sea-going lizards, adept at swimming and diving for algae.
  3. Close Encounters: Snorkeling and hiking provide opportunities to observe these creatures up close.
  4. Expert Guides: Naturalists offer insights into their behavior and habitats.
  5. Photography: Capture stunning images of these endemic species in their natural environment.
Witnessing the interactions between these species is both mesmerizing and educational, highlighting nature’s intricate web of life.

With air conditioning in every cabin, guests can relax in comfort after an exhilarating day of wildlife encounters.

Galapagos Penguins and Blue Footed Boobies

The Galapagos Islands are home to the only penguins living north of the equator: the Galapagos penguins.

These penguins, an iconic endemic species of the Galapagos archipelago, captivate onlookers with their playful antics. Observing them swim swiftly through the cold currents, it becomes evident how they have adapted to the unique conditions of their environment, contributing to their status as a key attraction on any Darwin Galapagos cruise.

Equally captivating are the blue footed boobies, renowned for their strikingly hued feet. Their unforgettable mating dances, highlighted by sky-blue feet, create a spectacle that embodies the fascinating allure of the Galapagos Islands.

For travelers aboard the Darwin Galapagos yacht, the opportunity to witness such endemic species as Galapagos penguins and blue footed boobies in their natural habitats is unparalleled. These encounters not only enrich the cruise experience but also underscore the importance of conservation efforts, ensuring these magnificent birds and their ecosystems are preserved for future generations.

Planning Your Trip

Meticulous preparation is key to making the most of your voyage aboard the Darwin Galapagos yacht, where each cabin is furnished with a private bathroom for your convenience. From selecting appropriate travel dates to ensuring all necessary documentation, such as visas and health certifications, is in order, every detail plays a pivotal role in your adventure.

Reach out to GreenGo Travel’s Galapagos experts for personalized assistance in planning and booking your trip, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey.

Important Information and Tips

Ensure to pack lightweight, comfortable clothing suitable for both warm days and cool evenings.

  • Check visa and passport requirements.
  • Have vaccinations and health certifications ready.
  • Pack reef-safe sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle.
  • Include motion sickness medication if needed.
Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun during excursions.

Always follow the guidelines provided by your guides to ensure a safe and responsible tourism experience.

Booking and Reservation Process

To book your unforgettable adventure aboard the Darwin Galapagos yacht, contact a Galapagos expert at GreenGo Travel.

Since 2012, GreenGo Travel’s dedicated team of professional travel advisors has helped visitors from across the globe navigate the intricacies of booking their ideal Galapagos yacht adventure.

First, get in touch with an expert who will assist you in choosing from the vessel’s two signature itineraries: the Adventure or Discovery itinerary, each offering a unique exploration of the Galapagos Islands.

Next, provide your desired travel dates, preferences for upper deck cabins, main deck, or lower deck accommodations, and any special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian options, ensuring all aspects are tailored to your needs.

Our team prioritizes a smooth booking experience, assisting with securing reservations, travel details, and any necessary documentation for your seamless and memorable voyage.

Summary of the Darwin Galapagos Yacht Experience

The Darwin Galapagos yacht provides a remarkable opportunity to explore the unique wonders of the Galapagos Islands in unmatched comfort and style.

With eight double cabins featuring air conditioning and private bathrooms, guests enjoy a blend of relaxation and adventure.

Whether on the upper deck, main deck, or lower deck, the accommodations ensure a comfortable experience as travelers uncover the natural beauty of different islands like San Cristobal, Isabela, and Floreana.

Engaging in activities such as snorkeling, hiking, and observing marine life like sea lions and marine iguanas, guests are guaranteed an inspiring journey that combines the essence of responsible tourism with the unparalleled natural selection of the Galapagos Archipelago.

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Darwin Inclusions & Exclusions

All meals
Water, coffee & tea
All activities as listed
Use of onboard facilities
Certified bilingual guide

Park fee & TC card: $120, Isabela fee: $10 per person
Round flight (mainland-galapagos-mainland)
Alcoholic & soft drinks
Snorkel equipment & wetsuit rental
Personal expenses, tipping & travel insurance
Quito shuttles (hotel-airport-hotel), transfers in galapagos

Darwin Deck Plan

Darwin General Details

Lower Deck Cabins
Cabins: 4
Lower Deck Cabins
Lower Deck
Main Deck Cabins
Cabins: 2
Main Deck Cabins
Main Deck
Upper Deck Cabins
Cabins: 2
Upper Deck Cabins
Upper Deck

Cabin Specifications

  • Cabins:
    8 staterooms
  • Single:
  • Bunkbeds:
  • Twin/double:
  • Convertible:
  • Triple:
  • Interconnected:
  • Suite:
  • Bedding:
    Twin (2 Single)
  • Sharing:

Cruise Technical Specifications

  • Vessel type:
    Motor Yacht
  • Year built:
  • Length:
    18.28 m / 60 ft
  • Beam:
    5.48 m / 18 ft
  • Max speed:
    9 Knots
  • Crew:
    6 + Guide
  • Capacity:
    16 guests
  • Engine:
    1 motor dinghy
  • Decks:
    3 decks
  • Balconies:

Cruise Safety & Navigation

  • ABC Fire Extinguishers
  • ACR radio
  • All required navigation equipment
  • Depth sounders
  • FURUNO Radar
  • GPS
  • Lifeguard vest
  • VHF - DSS radio

Cruise Facilities

Cruise Surcharges

Children Aboard Cruise
  • Minimum age:
    All ages allowed
  • Eligible age:
    Under 5 years
  • Eligible disount:
    10% (restrictions apply)
  • Restriction:
    Travel with 2 full paying adults, ineligible with offers
Expenses Aboard
  • Bar:
    Cash only
  • Tipping:
    Guide: $6/8 - Crew: $10/12 per day
  • Wetsuit rental:
    4/5 Days $25 | 8 Days $35
  • Souvenirs:
  • Internet:

Cruise Notices

  • Accommodation: 2 guests per cabin
  • Child discount is uneligible with discounted rates
  • Eligible discounts & offers year round, inquire your trip advisor
  • Surcharge for high season applies
Itineraries, inclusions and exclusions are subject to change by the galapagos national park, or vessel/s management.

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We had an excellent experience with GreenGo Travel. Alik helped us select a Galapagos cruise on the Yate Darwin, hotel reservations in both Quito and Santa Cruz, and a full day tour in Quito. A huge number of messages sent over many months were replied to speedily and countless questions were patiently and thoughtfully answered. Alik was able to find everything out that we needed to know and explained some very complicated arrangements to us. We also communicated using WhatsApp and thank you, Alik, for introducing us to that wonderful app. I highly recommend GreenGo travel for your vacation planning.
Cecilia Majors
Hi Ricky, We had an amazing time in the Galapagos! We wished we could have stayed longer, but we only had a short time in Ecuador and had to get back to family. The cruise, the Darwin, and the crew were great. Very friendly and good food and accommodations. The guide was very knowledgeable about the Galapagos. We saw many animals, from the Blue Footed Boobie to Turtles to penguins! It was great. Thanks so much for your help in finding and securing the cruise and flights. Let me know if there is any evaluation I can complete to praise your assistance!
Laurence Rutte
Hello Alik and Angel, Thank you both for your emails regarding our trip to the Galapagos. Our trip was wonderful as we have seen as much as possible from the Galapagos.Everything went perfect and our trip was truly one of the best and most amazing experiences we have ever had. Thank you so much for helping us out. Greetings Sigrid and Laurence
Donald Turner
We were worried the 5 day tour on the discovery itinerary was going to be to short, it turned out to be a fantastic itinerary, we saw a lot of animals, my wife saw the blue footed booby she wanted to see so much ,and the 5 day tour was the perfect amount of time for us. facilities were clean and comfortable, the guidance was exceptional…overall a great tour we took home some great memories! the booking process couldn’t of been easier, we contacted Celeste for a very last minute booking, she provided us with some options, when we narrowed it down to the Darwin we were able to pay with Paypal, and 2 days later we received confirmation and tour documents! we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our tour.

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