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All You Need To know About Ecuador
Cuenca Center

Cathedral in Cuenca

  • Ecuador, 1 country that comprises 4 different regions.
  • Great weather throughout the year.
  • Huge diversity in wildlife, ranking among the highest bio-diverse countries in the world.
  • The most bio-diverse country per land area in the world.
  • Home to about 7% of the total known plant species, & more then 11% of land vertebrates.
  • Relatively small country, (272,045 sq km) offering adventure packed tours with short travel.
  • A birding paradise with about 1600 bird species, many of them been endemic.
  • Home to one of the world wonders, the Galapagos Islands.

Declared by the UNESCO as a world heritage site on 4 separate occasions for:
(City of Quito – 1978) The best-preserved, least altered historic center in Latin America.
(Galapagos Islands – 1978) 19 islands & the surrounding marine reserve, a unique “living museum & showcase of evolution”.
(Sangay National Park – 1983) The park illustrates the entire spectrum of ecosystems, ranging from tropical rainforests to glaciers, with striking contrasts between the snow-capped peaks and the forests of the plains.
(Historic Center of Cuenca – 1999)  Founded in 1557 on the rigorous planning guidelines issued 30 years earlier by the Spanish king Charles V. Cuenca still observes the formal orthogonal town plan that it has respected for 400 years.


The Amazonian basin holds biodiversity and nature like no other place, you will be fascinated as you enter into another world surrounded by green vegetation and home to exotic wildlife. Amazon lodges and Cruises offer you a front row seat to this amazing ecosystem that doesn’t cease to amaze its visitors, have a look at the different lodges located in several regions of the amazon, make your pick and let us take care of the rest.



Cloud forest’s & Spa’s are the perfect getaway to get lost in the wilderness and tranquility of nature, rustic and modern retreats will seamlessly blend with your surroundings that will make you feel like at home in the midst of a remote and soothing location. Lodges & Spa’s main objective is to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere perfect for nature lovers or couples looking for a remote and intimate location. Complimenting your surroundings you will find additional services that vary per retreat, private hikes with birding or natural experts, to a variety of spa treatments.



Day tours are a great way of acclimatizing to your surroundings and filling in between days before or after your longer tours. There is a wide range of day tours that can be arranged from Quito, the capital is strategically located to offer many day tours in the surrounding areas. Other regions might be more limited in the amount of day tours that can be offered. Day tours are also a great way of having an overall detour of a certain location without necessarily having to commit more then a day,  perfect for travelers with limited time.



The very best destinations of Ecuador – all under one roof! our Ecuador trails (both short and long) are prearranged tours catering to themes such as mountaineering, couples getaways, natural retreats and much more! These have been carefully put together by locals that have literally traveled all around the country and know how to do it in the best way. Our prearranged tours can be used as a canvas, as a starting point per say, these can be completely customized and personalized to your liking and needs, let us know what you have in mind and we will work together to build your perfect Ecuador Trail!



World known for its unique habitat, tameless wildlife, mind blowing landscapes and volcanic scenery, the Galapagos Islands are a dream holiday and a once in a lifetime trip. There is a variety of ways you can approach the Galapagos, browse through the different ways you can get to know the islands, you’re only a few clicks away!



One of the true beauties of Ecuador highlands is that they can cater to a broad range of travelers and count with easy access from nearby provinces where visitors can quickly get started with their scheduled activities. From Refuges and Parks that can be reached as day tours to appreciate the extraordinary view, to low peaks that can be used as introductory and acclimatizing programs for novice climbers, the highlands of Ecuador offer a unique introduction to climbing aficionados. For experienced mountaineers more demanding peaks like Chimborazo among others provide climbers with a remarkable climbing experience.


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Sustainable Visit

Green Go Ecuador

Sustainable travel is easier then you think, guidelines in general are instinctive principles that many people do while traveling without even knowing they are supporting the local population & carrying out a neutral travel. A green travel shouldn’t be a check list of things to follow making it dull & tiresome, but it should rather compliment your visit, providing you with a sense of accomplishment & happiness – that you did more then just visit a certain area, but actually supported & participated in making it a better place.

General Awareness

Don’t think of this as homework, but as a sneak preview of whats to come, pick up a good book, read some travel guides, see a movie or a documentary about the country, anything that can build up to the excitement to plan your trip. Ecuador is a fascinating country, rich in nature, culture with many customs from food to colloquial sayings, remote communities & much more. The more informed you are of the country, the easier it will be to plan the destinations you want to visit, avoid unnecessary travel, keep your expectations real, support rural destinations with your visit & much more.

Packing Light

This can be easy for some & tasking for others, think of it this way – pack essential items that are a must to carry with you in your trip & unlikely to be found abroad, such as electronics, guidebooks, medicine etc. Avoid having excessive luggage out your door, all other things can be purchased along the way, you would be supporting the local economy, local businesses & families that sell clothing & other local goods & souvenirs for a living.

Support Sustainable Tours

Even the simplest of things such as choosing one tour over the other can increase your chances of having a sustainable neutral travel. Ecuador has had great progress in this regard and a lot of Amazon, Highlands & a few Galapagos cruises are environmentally conscious, following good practices, keeping to a bear minimum human impact in the area. Many lodges are owned & operated by local communities, no one better suited to protect their regions then themselves, where natural resources are conserved, looked after & cared for.

Getting Ready

Ecuador Resources

There is no better way of getting prepared and build up the excitement to your once in a lifetime dream holiday then viewing, researching & reading material about Ecuador. From documentaries to books, there is a wealth of information available about Ecuador, & we have listed some worthy mentions below.

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