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Eden Galapagos Yacht

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Galapagos - Ecuador
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Travelers Rating


  • Fully air conditioned cabins
  • Available to charter for family & friends
  • Best balance between comfort & price
  • Outstanding far reaching itineraries
  • A mix of lower twin beds & bunks
  • Reliable vessel, over a decade cruising
  • Complementary wetsuit in several sizes
  • Spacious interior & exterior social areas
From $2399USD
The Eden Galapagos yacht offers an unparalleled journey into the heart of the Galapagos Islands, a destination where the marvels of nature unfold in an archipelago unlike any other on Earth. This superior category yacht is not just a vessel for travel; it is a gateway to adventure, a floating haven where comfort meets the wild, untamed beauty of the Galapagos. The experience aboard the Eden is designed for those who seek not only to see but to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of life that thrives in these islands, where every turn brings a story, every dawn ushers in a spectacle, and every voyage becomes a chapter in the traveler’s own tale of discovery.

What sets the Eden Galapagos Yacht apart is not just its commitment to comfort and excellence but also its profound dedication to eco-friendly tourism and the preservation of the Galapagos’ delicate ecosystem. In an era where travel often comes at a cost to the environment, Eden stands as a testament to the possibility of harmonious exploration, marrying the thrill of adventure with the ethos of conservation. This approach is seldom discussed with the depth it deserves, overshadowed by the allure of destinations and the comfort of travel. Yet, it is the backbone of a truly transformative journey that respects the sanctity of nature while offering an intimate, unparalleled exploration of one of the planet’s most extraordinary locales.

What sets Eden Galapagos apart?

Unique Features Compared to Other Yachts

The Eden Galapagos Yacht distinguishes itself through a unique blend of features designed for discerning adventurers seeking both comfort and authentic encounters with the Galapagos Islands. Notably, its air-conditioned cabins provide a cool, comfortable sanctuary after a day of exploration. Unlike many vessels in its class, Eden offers the flexibility of being available for charter, making it an ideal choice for families and friends looking for a personalized Galapagos experience. This yacht strikes the perfect balance between comfort and price, ensuring that guests do not have to compromise on quality for affordability.

Comparison with Other Galapagos Cruises

What truly sets Eden apart are its outstanding, far-reaching itineraries, which are meticulously crafted to showcase the Galapagos’ most breathtaking landscapes and wildlife encounters. The yacht’s accommodations are thoughtfully arranged with a mix of lower twin beds and bunks, catering to a variety of group sizes and preferences. With over a decade of cruising the Galapagos waters, Eden has proven itself as a reliable vessel, beloved by past travelers for its safety and consistency. Additionally, guests are provided with complementary wetsuits in several sizes, enhancing their snorkeling experiences without the hassle of personal gear rental.

The spacious interior and exterior social areas aboard the Eden encourage convivial gatherings and provide ample space for relaxation and observation of the islands’ stunning vistas. This combination of tailored itineraries, comfortable and flexible accommodations, and generous onboard amenities positions the Eden Galapagos Yacht as a standout choice for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the Galapagos Islands’ natural wonders in a vessel that truly understands the essence of exploration and comfort.

Why choose Eden Galapagos for your cruise?

Advantages of Choosing Eden

Choosing the Eden Galapagos Yacht for your cruise is a decision that brings a multitude of advantages, ensuring an unforgettable journey through the Galapagos Islands. The yacht’s design and services are tailored to provide an intimate connection with the islands’ unique ecosystems, offering immersive excursions led by knowledgeable naturalist guides. These experts are not only passionate about the Galapagos but are also eager to share their insights, enriching guests’ understanding and appreciation of this unique destination.

Eden’s Commitment to the Galapagos Ecosystem

Eden Galapagos stands out for its strong commitment to preserving the pristine environment of the Galapagos. The yacht operates with eco-friendly practices that minimize its environmental footprint, from energy-efficient operations to responsible waste management. This dedication ensures that your journey contributes to the conservation of the islands’ ecosystems, making it a choice that aligns with the values of eco-conscious travelers.

Comprehensive Review of Eden Galapagos Yacht

Cruise Facilities

The Eden Galapagos Yacht is distinguished by its array of cruise facilities, designed to enhance the guest experience. With air-conditioned cabins, travelers enjoy comfort regardless of the equatorial heat. The yacht’s availability for charter offers a personalized adventure for groups seeking a private experience. Recognized for delivering the best value, Eden allows guests to immerse themselves in comfort without the exorbitant price tag. Its itineraries are flexible, enabling guests to easily merge routes for a tailored exploration of the Galapagos. The commitment to green policies underscores an eco-conscious voyage, with features like a library and a multimedia entertainment system ensuring relaxation and learning go hand in hand. The inclusion of a satellite phone, snorkeling equipment, and complimentary wetsuits adds layers of convenience and safety. Spacious social areas and twin lower beds ensure comfort and sociability, making Eden a reliable and affordable choice for discerning travelers.


Eden’s itineraries are thoughtfully curated to cover the North, Central, and South regions over 8 days, offering a comprehensive exploration that starts from Quito/Baltra Island with visits to iconic locations like Genovesa Island, Bartolomé Island, and Black Turtle Cove. Each day is packed with activities ranging from beach visits, snorkeling, to observing unique wildlife like Sally Lightfoot crabs, sea lions, and flamingos. The itineraries are designed to showcase the diverse ecosystems and geological formations of the Galapagos, with stops at places known for their bird colonies, such as El Barranco, and opportunities to observe giant land tortoises in the wild. Special mentions in the itineraries include Punta Suárez on Española Island, known for its vast bird colonies and home to the waved albatross, and snorkeling excursions in places like Corona del Diablo and Gardner Bay.

These comprehensive itineraries reflect Eden’s dedication to offering memorable and diverse experiences, from the volcanic landscapes of Isabela Island to the wildlife-rich shores of Floreana Island. Each itinerary is designed with a balance of adventure and leisure, allowing guests to witness the giant lava formations of Sullivan Bay, explore the mangroves of Black Turtle Cove, and even walk among giant tortoises in their natural habitat. The culmination of each journey is a thoughtful return to Quito, ensuring guests leave with a profound appreciation for the Galapagos’ natural wonders and a deepened understanding of its ecological significance.

Exploring the Galapagos Islands with Eden Yacht

Types of Tours and Activities

Embarking on an adventure with the Eden Galapagos Yacht unveils a world of exploration tailored to every type of traveler. The yacht’s itineraries are thoughtfully designed to showcase the Galapagos Islands’ most iconic sights and hidden gems. Guests can engage in a wide range of activities, from snorkeling in crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life to hiking on volcanic landscapes that tell the story of the islands’ fiery origins. Each tour is an opportunity to witness the unique biodiversity of the Galapagos, including close encounters with the archipelago’s famed wildlife, such as giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and marine iguanas.

What to Expect on Your Journey

Travelers aboard the Eden can expect an immersive experience that combines the thrill of discovery with the comfort and elegance of superior yacht travel. Days are filled with guided excursions led by expert naturalists who provide in-depth insights into the islands’ ecological and conservation significance. Evenings offer a chance to relax and reflect in the yacht’s spacious social areas or enjoy intimate conversations under the stars. The Eden’s commitment to small group sizes ensures a personal and enriching experience, allowing guests to fully absorb the beauty and serenity of their surroundings.

Eden Galapagos Pricing and Booking Tips

Navigating the pricing and booking process for the Eden Galapagos Yacht involves understanding what’s included in the cost and how to secure the best deals for this unparalleled adventure. Here are essential insights and tips for prospective travelers.

Understanding What’s Included

Booking a journey aboard the Eden Galapagos Yacht covers a comprehensive array of services and amenities designed to make your experience as enriching and hassle-free as possible. The package includes the cruise around the Galápagos Islands, all meals onboard, and the expertise of a certified Galápagos National Park Service Guide. Guests also benefit from onboard snorkeling equipment and wetsuits, internal flights (if part of the itinerary), and all transport between destinations and to/from included activities. Accommodations aboard the Eden are provided in twin-share cabins, either with bunks or lower berths, or double cabins, ensuring comfort throughout your stay. Additionally, water, coffee, and tea are available to all guests, with transportation arrangements covering planes, the motorized yacht Eden, vans, pangas, and private buses. The staff includes a Chief Experience Officer (CEO)/Naturalist Guide certified by the Galápagos National Park Authority, ensuring a high level of insight and safety during your explorations.

Exclusions to Keep in Mind

While the Eden Galapagos Yacht offers an extensive package, certain expenses fall outside the inclusive pricing. These exclusions comprise the $120 Galapagos Park Fee and Transit Card, alcoholic and soft drinks, tips for the crew and guides, personal expenses, and travel and medical insurance. Being aware of these additional costs helps you plan your budget more accurately.

Booking Tips

  • Early Planning: To secure your spot on the Eden and avail of the best rates, start planning your trip well in advance. Early booking often comes with discounts and ensures greater availability, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Inquire About Discounts: Throughout the year, the Eden may offer various discounts and promotions. Always inquire with your trip advisor about eligible offers to take advantage of reduced pricing.
  • High Season Surcharge: Be aware that traveling during the high season in the Galapagos might attract a surcharge due to increased demand. Planning your trip during the shoulder seasons can often result in a more cost-effective and equally enjoyable experience.
  • Stay Informed on Changes: Itineraries, inclusions, and exclusions are subject to change based on regulations set by the Galapagos National Park or the vessel’s management. Stay in close contact with your booking agent or trip advisor to receive the most current information regarding your cruise.
Following these tips and understanding the comprehensive services and exclusions associated with booking the Eden Galapagos Yacht can significantly enhance your planning process, ensuring a memorable and well-organized adventure in the Galapagos Islands.

What to Expect on Your Galapagos Cruise

Daily Itinerary Insights

Your days on the Eden Galapagos Yacht are meticulously planned to balance adventure with relaxation. Mornings often begin with an invigorating excursion led by a certified Galápagos National Park Service Guide, offering intimate wildlife encounters and insights into the islands’ geology and history. Activities range from snorkeling among colorful marine life to hiking on ancient volcanic landscapes. Afternoons might offer a leisurely swim or a panga ride along the coastlines, providing ample opportunities to photograph the islands’ dramatic scenery and diverse habitats.

Wildlife and Conservation Encounters

The Eden Galapagos tour is synonymous with up-close wildlife encounters. The islands are home to species found nowhere else on Earth, and Eden’s itineraries are designed to bring you face-to-face with these remarkable creatures in their natural habitats. Expect to observe giant tortoises lumbering in the highlands, marine iguanas basking on the rocks, and a variety of seabirds, including the iconic blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds. Conservation is a core element of the Eden experience, with guides sharing insights into ongoing efforts to preserve the Galapagos’ delicate ecosystems and how tourism can contribute positively to these endeavors.

Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

The Eden Galapagos Yacht is not only an ambassador to the wonders of the Galapagos Islands but also a steward of their fragile ecosystems. The vessel’s sustainability and conservation efforts are integral to its operations, ensuring that each voyage contributes positively to the environment.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of the Eden experience. The yacht is outfitted with eco-friendly technologies designed to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and minimize the ecological footprint of each journey. From the careful treatment of waste to the use of biodegradable products and the strict adherence to the Galapagos National Park guidelines, Eden sets a benchmark for responsible tourism.

Supporting Local Conservation Projects

The Eden’s commitment extends beyond the yacht itself. By collaborating with local conservation projects and organizations, the Eden plays an active role in the preservation of the Galapagos Islands. Guests are often invited to participate in educational programs that highlight the significance of these efforts, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving this UNESCO World Heritage site.

The vessel’s approach to conservation is holistic, encompassing not just the natural beauty of the islands but also the well-being of their ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. Eden’s efforts help ensure that the Galapagos remains a living laboratory of evolution and an unspoiled sanctuary for wildlife.

Beyond the Cruise

The Eden Galapagos Yacht experience goes beyond the traditional boundaries of cruising, offering guests an expedition that extends well beyond the typical touristic pathways.

Customer Service Excellence

The essence of the Eden experience lies in its exceptional customer service, where every crew member is dedicated to ensuring guests feel fully immersed in the magic of the Galapagos while aboard. This commitment to excellence is evident in the personalized attention, where each guest’s comfort and satisfaction are held as the highest priority. Eden’s team is not just knowledgeable but also personable, providing a level of service that creates a home on the waves.

Additional Services and Partnerships

Understanding that a cruise is part of a larger journey, the Eden facilitates a seamless connection between sea and land experiences. It offers additional services, including pre- and post-cruise accommodations and tour extensions that integrate cultural and historical elements of Ecuador. Partnerships with local operators are carefully selected to ensure they meet the high standards of quality and eco-friendliness that Eden embodies.


In conclusion, the Eden Galapagos Yacht stands out as an exceptional choice for travelers who seek an intimate and responsible exploration of the Galapagos Islands. This vessel combines comfort with eco-friendly operations, catering to the discerning traveler who values both comfort and sustainability. The curated itineraries offer a deep dive into the islands’ unique ecosystems, while the knowledgeable guides ensure a rich educational experience. Above all, Eden’s unwavering commitment to conservation and its superior customer service set it apart in the world of Galapagos cruises. Guests leave the Eden with not only memories of the archipelago’s extraordinary wildlife and landscapes but also the satisfaction of having traveled with a company that actively contributes to the preservation of this irreplaceable treasure.

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Eden Inclusions & Exclusions

Accommodation, use of onboard facilities
All meals, water, coffee & tea
Round flight (mainland-galapagos-mainland)
All activities as listed
Snorkel equipment & wetsuit rental
Certified bilingual guide

$120 Galapagos Fee & Transit Card
Alcoholic & soft drinks
Personal expenses
Travel insurance
Medical insurance

Eden Deck Plan

Eden General Details

Main Cabin
Cabins: 1
Main Cabin
Main Deck
Upper Cabins
Cabins: 3
Upper Cabins
Upper Deck
Lower Cabins
Cabins: 4
Lower Cabins
Lower Deck

Cabin Specifications

  • Cabins:
    8 staterooms
  • Single:
  • Bunkbeds:
  • Twin/double:
  • Convertible:
  • Triple:
  • Interconnected:
  • Suite:
  • Bedding:
    Double bed,2 singles bunk,Twin (2 Single)
  • Sharing:

Cruise Technical Specifications

  • Vessel type:
    Motor yacht
  • Year built:
  • Length:
    24.07m / 79ft
  • Beam:
    6m / 20ft
  • Max speed:
    10 knots
  • Crew:
    8 + guide
  • Capacity:
    16 guests
  • Engine:
    2 Detroit diesel
  • Decks:
    3 decks
  • Balconies:

Cruise Facilities

Cruise Surcharges

Children Aboard Cruise
  • Minimum age:
    10 or 11 years old
  • Eligible age:
    Under the age of 12
  • Eligible disount:
    Approximately $200 discount
  • Restriction:
    None, eligible year round
Expenses Aboard
  • Bar:
    Cash and credit card
  • Tipping:
    Guide: $15 - Crew: $20 per person/day
  • Wetsuit rental:
  • Souvenirs:
  • Internet:

Cruise Notices

  • Accommodation: 2 guests per cabin
  • Eligible discounts & offers year round, inquire your trip advisor
  • Surcharge for high season applies
Itineraries, inclusions and exclusions are subject to change by the galapagos national park, or vessel/s management.

Customers Reviews 9 Reviews

  • Overall Rating
  • Itinerary
  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Staff Members
Deanna Mcarthur
The trip was amazing. It was so great to have a driver pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel. The hotel you booked for us was really nice. The room we were in was nice and breakfast was good. One evening the hotel restaurant was not open and they made a good suggestion for a near by restaurant for dinner. Our trip to Mindo was amazing. The guide you used, Geovani, was really good. He was very friendly, had good English and was very knowledgeable about birds and had books of his own for us to refer too. I highly recommend him. Our transfer to the airport to Galapagos was a little stressful because the driver was late…it seems he had a different time for pick up than us, but we did make it to the airport in time. The Eden was really great. The guide, Milton, was very knowledgeable and fun. The food on the ship was very well prepared. The day tour of Quito was really good too. It was nice to have the same guide again. It was nice to have the airport transfer with Geovani after the tour. Thank you so much. We were really happy with your services. It made this the most relaxing vacation I have ever had.Thanks, Deanna
Oliver & Gaby
We booked a boat cruise in the Galapagos archipelago with GreenGo. Our travel agent Angel did an amazing job. He presented a variety of good cruise options to us. After we choosed one, he reserved a requested cabin on the yacht Eden, booked the return flights from/to Guayaquil and interisland transfers. The boat trip was 10-15% cheaper than booking it with a german travel agency. E-mail communication with Angel was pleasant and precise. We always received a quick reply by email or phone. All our questions were answered professionally within 24h. GreenGo’s travel documents were informative and detailed, better than the documents of our german agency. GreenGo’s documents contained all the relevant information for tourists flying to Galapagos and were very helpful. The money transfer from Germany to GreenGo’s Terrabank in Miami was easy and affordable. We can highly recommend GreenGo. Thank you Angel. Sincerely Oliver & Gaby
Naomi Karoubi
Hi Alik, We just landed in Tel Aviv few hours ago. The cruise was AMAZING!! We really loved all the activities, the snorkeling was incredible, the food great and the guide fun and interesting! We also loved the boat and living on it, we probably will have a hard time to adjust back to reality. Thanks a lot for all your help, we will recommend your services to anyone who wants to cruise in the Galapagos. Best regards and good continuation, Naomi & Ran
Kate Van Houten
Hi Ricky, I wanted to thank you again for helping us with our Galapagos/Ecuador trip. It was the most amazing trip – beyond our expectations – and you helped create memories that will last a lifetime. We truly appreciate it and hope to visit Ecuador again soon. Sincerely, Kate & Joe
Richard Fung
Hi Ricky, Thanks for your note. We’re in the Oriente and didn’t have email for a couple of days. Yes, the trip was wonderful. The Eden was a great choice of boat. The guide was wonderful and the food was exceptional: we especially loved all the fruits and vegetables. Thank you for all your help in making the arrangements. We very much appreciate all your help and suggestions. Best, Richard
Oliver Caspari
Dear Angel, we really had a great time in Ecuador. Everything went according to plan. The flights and inter island transfers were punctually. And our boot cruise was awesome. The Eden was the perfect boat for us. Our cabin No. 6 had a cosy double bed and enough stowage for our luggage. The crew was very friendly and helpful. The food was also very good and the itinerary was excellent. The activities were diversified and interesting. The nature guide Darwin Alvarez did a very good job. He really seems to love his job. We believe that we had the best nature guide! We met two more couples on the cruise that booked the Eden via GreenGo. Thank you for your good advice’s and your help by planning our trip to Galapagos. We really liked that you always answered very fast. Your website and the travel documents you sent us were very helpful for us. We already recommended you to our friends. And in the next days we’ll give feedback on TripAdvisor. Yours Faithfully Gaby and Oliver
Heather Gu
I found the agent online and booked my cruise in Galápagos Islands with Angel who was extremely helpful and responsive. Besides, the cost of the cruise was reasonable compared to the quote I received from another agent. The cruise ship was named Eden which included a full itinerary of activities over 8 days. It was very well organised from the pick-up on the first day till the last day of leaving the island. If you like nature, wildlife and a fairly relaxed holiday, the cruise is good way to go.
Robin Vora
Danny, of GreenGo Travel, provided excellent, helpful service on my trip to the Galapagos. He answered my many emails nicely and communicated by phone in excellent English (they also have a U.S. phone number). He got me a decent price on the 3-night south part of the Eden cruise, and booked an inter-island flight on Emetebe airlines without the bank transfer fee of booking directly with Emetebe. He also helped me with a phone call to a tour operator on Isabela to whom I transferred money to pay for a tour and ferry ticket but had difficulty with email communication and English. When Danny left his job, Alik Chang followed up on my reservations, confirming them for me, and checking if I was happy with how things turned out. I believed he would have helped me if there had been a problem, but there wasn’t one. I recommend their services. The Eden cruise was good. I enjoyed especially the land tortoises on Santa Cruz Island, snorkeling in Devil’s Crown on Florena, Suarez Point and Gardner Beach on Espanola, and snorkeling at Kicker Rock on San Cristobal. The food was fine. The bunk bed accommodations a little tight, especially for sharing with a stranger, but okay for 3 nights. I was lucky with a good roommate. I would recommend the cruise.
Skye Salveson
Thank you Eden crew for making my 8 days with you wonderful! The Galapagos has been my number 1 bucket list item so I was really hoping it would be special. I had never been on an overnight boat before, so wasn’t sure what to expect exactly. It was great. Terrific boat crew who were always friendly and did their jobs well. The boat was clean and in good repair. There was a good balance of hiking and snorkeling along with history on each island. The food was fantastic and the cook catered to my dietary restriction (Celiac). I told him he needed to open a restaurant as his variety of meals were quite tasty especially given the fact that its not possible to run out for an ingredient when you are out to sea! The only somewhat negative aspect was our guide. My friend and I have come to the conclusion he may be burnt out as he was often negative and unenthusiastic, even condescending when myself and other tour participants asked questions. However I did appreciate that he was firm with people staying on the trails and not impacting nature such as the turtle nests and keeping proper distance from the animals. His attitude did not affect our trip – there were plenty of great people and experiences. I would go again.

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