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Grand Daphne Galapagos Yacht

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  • Wetsuit available for rent in several sizes
  • 16 guests in 8 cabins, personalized cruising
  • Cabin large windows with panoramic views
  • Convertible cabins, twin or double bed
  • Large master suite available
  • A variety of meals and snacks throughout the day
  • Spacious interior & exterior social areas
  • Guaranteed tranquility, no children allowed
From $3089USD
Are you pondering the Grand Daphne Galapagos Yacht for your adventure? Here we summarize essential insights into the yacht’s accommodations, expedition paths, onboard comforts, guidance, and many other details to make an informed decision. We’ll cut through the clutter to reveal how the Grand Daphne experience measures up, helping you decide if this is your gateway to the islands’ natural wonders.

The Grand Daphne Galapagos Yacht, known for its charming design and roomy experience, stands as a beacon of luxury in the azure waters of the Galapagos. Built with the modern traveler in mind, the yacht boasts a length of 38.32 meters and a width of 7.2 meters, allowing it to glide through the sea with a top speed of 12 knots and a comfortable cruising speed. With accommodations for 16 guests, it ensures an intimate experience, complete with a naturalist bilingual guide, who brings the mysteries of the Galapagos to life.

Key Takeaways

  • The Grand Daphne Galapagos Yacht offers an intimate luxury cruise for 16 guests with amenities like air-conditioned cabins with ocean views, gourmet dining, and naturalist guides providing educational experiences.
  • Customized itineraries ranging from 5 to 8 days provide comprehensive exploration of the Galapagos Islands, allowing for close encounters with distinct wildlife, diverse landscapes, and snorkeling adventures.
  • The Grand Daphne emphasizes sustainability and environmental stewardship in its operations, adhering to Galapagos National Park guidelines to preserve the delicate ecosystem, and ensuring safety with a minimum age requirement and robust security measures.

Discover the Grand Daphne Galapagos Yacht

The yacht grand daphne offers a first-class cruise experience, featuring:

  • 8 staterooms, including suites with convertible beds that can be tailored as double or twin to suit every guest’s preferences
  • Lounging on the sun deck
  • Enjoying the panoramic views from your cabin
Here is a quick breakdown of the living spaces where style meets comfort.

Grand Daphne Cruise: Upper Deck Cabins

The upper deck cabins of the yacht Grand Daphne are havens of comfort, thoughtfully equipped with:

  • Air conditioning
  • Private bathrooms
  • 110V outlets
  • Reading lights
  • Ample storage
These cabins provide a personal retreat after a day of exploration and are a testament to the yacht’s commitment to guest satisfaction.

The panoramic windows that frame the majestic Galapagos Islands frequently hold visitors’ attention because they provide an ever-changing seascape that is as breathtaking at dawn as it is at night. These cabins are not just rooms; they’re vantage points to the many wonders the archipelago has at every turn, offering a seamless blend of onboard facilities and natural spectacle.

Grand Daphne Cruise: Lower Deck Cabins

As one descends to the lower deck cabins, attractive wood finishes and the allure of porthole-style windows that evoke the romance of traditional maritime voyages greet them. The cabins are designed with twin bunk beds, the lower of which can comfortably accommodate a couple, ensuring that the yacht caters to a variety of guest configurations.

The presence of individual air conditioning units in each cabin allows guests to tailor their environment to their preferences, creating a comfortable haven regardless of the tropical climate outside. With en suite bathrooms and complimentary toiletries, these lower deck cabins offer a cozy and convenient space to unwind in privacy.

Grand Daphne Cruise: Main Deck Suite

The main deck suite of the Grand Daphne Galapagos Yacht offers:

  • Traditional porthole style windows
  • Elegant wood finishes
  • Comfortable double bed
  • Individual air conditioning
  • En suite bathroom
These amenities make sure you have a comfortable and peaceful stay.

Entertainment is at your fingertips with multimedia , providing an array of leisure options within the comfort of your suite. Accessibility to the yacht’s communal areas and the superior level of service afforded to guests in the main deck suite make it an exclusive haven of relaxation and privacy. Constructed to the highest standards, the main deck suite is a sanctuary of comfort and security amidst the adventure that awaits beyond.

Cruise Itineraries: Exploring the Galapagos Islands

The Grand Daphne yacht presents two curated itineraries, each designed to showcase the splendor of the Galapagos Islands. Whether you have a few days or a full week, the yacht’s itineraries are tailored to fit different preferences and time constraints, ensuring that every moment aboard is an exploration in itself. From the lush landscapes of Santa Cruz Island to the historic San Cristobal Island, the itineraries promise a comprehensive experience of this unique archipelago, complete with zodiac excursions that bring you up close to its wonders.

Opting for the 5-day adventure offers a glimpse into the Galapagos’ diversity, while the 8-day expedition is a deep dive into the islands’ natural treasures. A bilingual naturalist guide is on board to accompany the guests, and his or her insights turn each sighting into a teaching opportunity. These cruise details are just a prelude to the unforgettable experiences that the Galapagos cruise has in store for its guests.

5-Day Adventure

The 5-Day Adventure itinerary is a whirlwind tour of some of the most enchanting islands in the Galapagos. From the white sandy beaches of Gardner Bay on Española Island to the historic Post Office Bay on Floreana Island, each stop is an opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form. At Gardner Bay, the sight of a colony of sea lions lounging in the sun is a delightful spectacle, while the azure waters beckon for a swim.

Snorkeling at Kicker Rock off San Cristobal Island provides a truly captivating experience. As you glide through the waters, the silhouettes of hammerhead sharks and colorful schools of fish provide a vivid reminder of the rich biodiversity that thrives beneath the waves. Each island visit is a chapter in an unforgettable narrative, etching memories that last a lifetime.

8-Day Expedition

Those longing for a thorough exploration of the Galapagos will find the 8-Day Expedition itinerary to be an unparalleled adventure. It offers a chance to witness:

  • The impressive sea lion colony on Santa Fe Island
  • The striking volcanic landscapes of South Plazas Island
  • The vibrant population of land iguanas and serenade of sea lions on South Plazas
These create a living tableau of the islands’ dynamic ecosystem.

Genovesa Island is an idyllic spot for bird lovers, where daylight hours present multiple sightings of red-footed boobies and storm petrels. The excursion to Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island offers a geological marvel with its pahoehoe lava flows, providing a stark contrast to the playful marine iguanas and Sally Lightfoot crabs that inhabit the area. Additionally, Fernandina Island is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.

Each day of the 8-day expedition is a new adventure, a new discovery, and a new reason to fall in love with the Galapagos.

Onboard Amenities and Services

Aboard the Grand Daphne, the journey is as delightful as the destination, with onboard amenities and services designed to enhance your Galapagos experience. Some of the amenities include:

  • Gourmet meals crafted from local and international cuisine, served in a sophisticated dining environment
  • Indoor and outdoor seating options are available to savor every bite against a backdrop of stunning vistas
  • In-cabin entertainment such as TV and multimedia players for moments of leisure and relaxation
But it’s the expert guidance of the bilingual naturalist guide that truly enriches the voyage, turning each encounter with the Galapagos’ flora and fauna into an educational adventure. Past guests have attested to a comfortable and enjoyable stay, thanks to the crew’s attentive service and the yacht’s impeccable condition.

Moving forward, we shall delve into the gastronomical treats awaiting you in the dining room.

Dining Room and Culinary Delights

The dining room aboard the Grand Daphne offers:

  • A diverse array of beautifully presented meals
  • Buffet-style service, allowing guests to sample a variety of dishes
  • Fresh fruits, traditional Ecuadorian specialties, and seafood caught straight from the surrounding waters
Some first-class cruises may offer a more formal seated service, but the relaxed atmosphere on the Grand Daphne ensures that every meal is an enjoyable affair without the rigidity of assigned seating.

Many guests have highlighted the abundance and quality of food as a standout feature of their cruise experience. Whether you choose to dine in the communal areas or enjoy a quiet meal with an ocean view, the culinary delights on the Grand Daphne are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Sun Deck and Shaded Outside Deck

When the allure of the Galapagos sun becomes too strong, the shaded outside deck on the main deck offers a serene oasis. Here, guests can lounge in comfort, sway gently in hammocks, and immerse themselves in the peaceful rhythm of the sea. The shaded area provides an inviting alternative to the sun deck for those who seek cooler spaces to unwind and absorb the panoramic views.

Beyond being just relaxation spots, the sun deck and shaded outside deck areas also serve as vantage points for wildlife observation, affording clear views of the surrounding islands and their marine inhabitants. Whether you’re capturing the moment through a lens or with your own eyes, these decks are the perfect place to witness the grandeur of the Galapagos.

Snorkeling Gear and Wetsuit Rental

The Grand Daphne’s complimentary snorkel gear is your ticket to an underwater world teeming with life. The variety of masks, including options for different prescriptions, ensures that every guest can enjoy a clear view of the marine splendor below. Visitors who have enjoyed swimming with sea lions and turtles thanks to equipment that accommodates a variety of body sizes have praised the quality of the equipment.

For those in search of extra warmth, wetsuits are available for a nominal daily rental fee of $5. Equipped with snorkeling gear and beach towels, you’re ready to dive into the vibrant waters of the Galapagos, where every snorkel is a new discovery and every swim is an adventure in itself.

Sustainable Cruising in the Galapagos

Cruising on the Grand Daphne is not only an indulgence in luxury but also a commitment to sustainability. The yacht adheres to the rigorous standards set by the Galapagos National Park, ensuring that its operations do not disturb the delicate balance of the islands’ ecosystems. By following these guidelines, the Grand Daphne plays a pivotal role in preserving the natural beauty that makes the Galapagos so enchanting.

Guests are encouraged to participate in sustainable practices, such as leaving behind dressy clothes, fresh fruits, and loose seeds, to avoid inadvertently introducing foreign elements to the islands. This dedication to environmental stewardship is a testament to the Grand Daphne’s responsibility as a guardian of the Galapagos, offering an experience that is as conscientious as it is captivating.

Safety and Security on Board

Safety is paramount on the Grand Daphne, and the yacht’s security policy reflects its commitment to ensuring a secure and responsible environment. With an age limit of 15 and above for passengers, the yacht fosters a sense of safety and attentiveness, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their voyage with peace of mind. The crew’s expertise and certifications, coupled with the yacht’s adherence to demanding safety measures, underscore the importance placed on guest security.

The Grand Daphne offers:

  • Design and construction that meet the highest standards of safety and comfort
  • Tailored specifically for the unique conditions of the Galapagos Islands
  • Cleanliness and a safety-conscious crew
  • Compact yet well-appointed cabins
These features have earned the yacht praise in guest testimonials, reflecting the Grand Daphne’s dedication to upholding the wellbeing of its passengers.

Guest Testimonials: Real Experiences from Happy Travelers

The Grand Daphne’s excellence is echoed in the testimonials of past guests, vividly portraying the essence of the cruise experience. From incredible wildlife sightings to the extensive knowledge shared by the guides, guests have found their expectations surpassed by the reality of their journey. The camaraderie formed with fellow travelers and the comprehensive itineraries have left many with cherished memories and stories to share.

The yacht’s library, rich with books about the Galapagos, has been a well-received touch, offering educational enrichment to an already enlightening voyage. When an issue arose with a staff member, the prompt and effective response demonstrated the Grand Daphne’s unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, cementing its reputation for exceptional service.

Booking Your Cruise: Tips and Advice

Planning and foresight are necessary for securing a spot on the Grand Daphne. It’s wise to book at least six months ahead to secure your spot, as the limited number of visitors allowed in the Galapagos National Park means spaces fill up quickly.

To experience the archipelago with fewer crowds and take advantage of potential deals, consider setting sail in early December, early January, or during the tranquil month of September. Keep an eye out for special promotions during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the wave season, which spans the first quarter of the year. Additionally, consult with your travel agent about extra perks like land-based add-ons or onboard credits when booking your cruise. Remember to factor in a day or two around your cruise dates for travel, ensuring smooth connections from the mainland to the islands. And take comfort in the Grand Daphne’s flexible cancellation policy, which allows you to postpone your adventure or convert bookings to credit for future travel, should the unexpected occur.


The Grand Daphne is a ship that combines elegance, adventure, and sustainability to provide a first-class cruise experience unlike any other, and it stands out as we dock at the conclusion of the many benefits the Grand Daphne Galapagos has in store for you. With its elegant accommodations, diverse itineraries, and top-tier amenities, this motor yacht is a promise of unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Galapagos archipelago. Whether you are sunbathing on the deck, snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, or learning from the knowledgeable guides, the Grand Daphne guarantees a journey that’s as enriching as it is exhilarating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many passengers does the Grand Daphne yacht accommodate, and what is the guest-to-guide ratio?

The Grand Daphne yacht accommodates 16 guests and maintains a guest-to-guide ratio to ensure personalized attention and an educational experience on board.

What kind of itineraries can I expect when booking a cruise on the Grand Daphne?

When booking a cruise on the Grand Daphne, you can expect to choose between a 5-day adventure or an 8-day expedition, each designed to highlight the attractions of the Galapagos Islands. The 5-day itinerary focuses on wildlife encounters, while the 8-day expedition offers a more comprehensive exploration of the archipelago.

Are meals included on the Grand Daphne, and what kind of cuisine is served?

Yes, gourmet meals are included on the Grand Daphne, offering a variety of locally-inspired and international cuisine served buffet-style to accommodate diverse tastes.

What are the sustainable practices followed by the Grand Daphne?

The Grand Daphne follows sustainable practices such as adhering to environmental guidelines, careful waste management, eco-friendly operations, and advising guests on best practices. These practices ensure responsible cruising in Galapagos National Park territory.

What safety measures are in place on the Grand Daphne yacht?

The Grand Daphne yacht ensures safety through a certified crew, life vests for snorkeling, zodiacs for island transfers, and adherence to strict safety standards for the Galapagos Islands.

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Grand Daphne Inclusions & Exclusions

Accommodation, use of onboard facilities
All meals, water, coffee & tea
All activities as listed
Certified bilingual guide
Snorkel equipment (masks, flippers and snorkel)
Transfers in galapagos

Park fee & TC card: $120
Round flight (mainland-galapagos-mainland)
Alcoholic & soft drinks
Wetsuit rental
Personal expenses, tipping & travel insurance
Quito shuttles (hotel-airport-hotel)

Grand Daphne Features, Decks & Notices

Grand Daphne General Details

Twin Cabin
Cabins: 4
Twin Cabin
Lower Deck
Double Cabin
Cabins: 1
Double Cabin
Lower Deck
Convertible Cabin
Cabins: 2
Convertible Cabin
Upper Deck
Suite Cabin
Cabins: 1
Suite Cabin
Main Deck

Cabin Specifications

  • Cabins:
    8 staterooms
  • Single:
  • Bunkbeds:
  • Twin/double:
  • Convertible:
  • Triple:
  • Interconnected:
  • Suite:
  • Bedding:
    Twin (2 singles),Double bed,Double or Twin
  • Sharing:

Cruise Technical Specifications

  • Vessel type:
    Motor Yacht
  • Year built:
  • Length:
    38.32 m / 125.72 ft
  • Beam:
    7.2 m / 23.62 ft
  • Max speed:
    12 knots
  • Crew:
    8 + guide
  • Capacity:
    16 guests
  • Engine:
    2 × Yanmar
  • Decks:
    3 decks
  • Balconies:

Cruise Safety & Navigation

  • ABC Fire Extinguishers
  • ACR radio
  • All required navigation equipment
  • Depth sounders
  • FURUNO Radar
  • GPS
  • Lifeguard vest
  • VHF - DSS radio

Cruise Facilities

Cruise Surcharges

Children Aboard Cruise
  • Minimum age:
    15 years old
  • Eligible age:
  • Eligible disount:
    adults only
  • Restriction:
Expenses Aboard
  • Bar:
    cash & credit card
  • Tipping:
    Guide: $8/11 - Crew: $11/15 per day
  • Wetsuit rental:
  • Souvenirs:
  • Internet:

Cruise Notices

  • Accommodation: 2 guests per cabin
  • Children not allowed aboard
  • Eligible discounts & offers year round, inquire your trip advisor
Itineraries, inclusions and exclusions are subject to change by the galapagos national park, or vessel/s management.

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  • Itinerary
  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Staff Members

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