Frequently Asked Questions General

The most common Frequently Asked Questions and more.


The most common Frequently Asked Questions General about us and more. We have gone into great detail to answer as much of those common questions as possible, which you will find divided in their corresponding categories below. Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions that remain unanswered.

Frequently Asked Questions General

General F.A.Q


What is the booking process?

The booking process is rather simple, we try to make it as easy as possible so you can know exactly at what stage of your booking you find yourself in.

STAGE 1 – Inquiry and advice: We listen to the requirements you have for your tour, we offer advice and suggest tours and services that match what you’re looking for, once we have agreed on the selected tour/service(s) we move to stage 2.

STAGE 2 – Personal Details: We send you a form required with required information to be filled for all travelers, information varies slightly depending on the tour/service(s) of your choice, this should be sent back to us along with passport copies for all travelers.

STAGE 3 – Payment: You will be informed of the different payment methods we offer, once you chose the payment method that works best for you – you will receive further instructions and details to complete your initial or full payment. A receipt will be provided once your payment has been collected.

STAGE 4 – Collect Documents: If you have booked your tour well in advanced and have placed your booking only with an initial balance, your final payment will be required before providing you with travel documents. A link will be provided where customers can download their digital travel documents to their PC or Mobile device for filing, or print a hard copy. We are more than happy to meet you at our office and personally deliver your travel documents.

How can I get in touch with you?

We have multiple ways of communicating with our clients, your initial contact can well be a phone call, filling a request contact form with general details to your required tour, browsing to a specific product in our website, live chat or a video call.

Does your Staff speak English or any other languages?

We most definitely speak English, and our mother tongue Spanish, we are working hard to have more personnel added that speak other languages and offer a more personalized service.

Why do you need a copy of my passport?

Foreigners are exempt of taxes, your passport is required to prove your nationality for accountancy purposes, otherwise the local VAT tax of 12% is added to your bill.

What are your working hours?

Our office hours are Monday to Saturday, 09h00 to 18h00, our emergency number is available 24/7 and can be reached at any time. (Outside of Ecuador: 593 998 390 395) (Ecuador Nationwide: 0998 390 395)

What happens if I cancel my booking?

This depends how far in advanced you placed your booking, and how far in advanced you are requesting cancellation. In most cases cancellations are due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, for that reason our terms and conditions have very minimum cancellation fees, the most significant part of your cancellation is subject to the terms and conditions of the service provider/boat operator we are bound to. We will of course negotiate the best outcome on your behalf – but for the most part these are intransigent clauses that go from partial to no refunds.

Can I change the dates of my booking?

When your tour is date sensitive then unfortunately not. Galapagos, Amazon, and a few other providers have specific departing dates, in these cases changing your dates is like cancelling your tour. Tours that are a bit more flexible are Day Trips, Highlands & Ecuador Trails, these might still have fees involved for having dates changed, as guides, drivers and other services are hired for specific days.

Can I have more people added to my booking?

Having more people added to your booking is tour dependent, for Galapagos & Amazon tours we are subject to availability for the date of the Cruise/Lodge you will be traveling in. For other tours such as Day Trips, Highlands & Ecuador Trails – as these are arranged by us, it is more likely we can accommodate your request.

Do I need to notify you if my passport changes?

Yes, your travel documents are passport sensitive, if you are due to have your passport renewed, please notify us as soon as you can, once documents have been issued, especially electronic tickets for flights – cannot be changed and you will be required to carry your old passport with you in order to travel. Please also be aware your passports needs to carry at least 6 months of validity.

Can I change my Cruise/Lodge after confirmation?

No, your initial payment confirms your decision and commitment to a certain cruise/lodge, if you decide to go for a different Cruise/Lodge, it pretty much means cancelling your prior booking and booking a new one, we are subject to the terms and conditions for each individual service provider to have this type of change concluded.


What payments methods do you offer?

You will be provided with full details and the list of available options when you reach stage 3 of your booking (payment), in general terms we offer credit card, bank transfer & Money Orders, all payment methods have applicable surcharges.

USA residents can make use of our Wells Fargo Account, currently registered under the name of: Maria Celeste Nunez, joint owner of GreenGo Travel.

Are my spaces guaranteed with my initial deposit?

Yes, your initial deposit (amount varies per tour) guarantees your spaces are fully reserved for the required Cruise/Lodge, cabin or placement in Cruise/Lodge is not guaranteed.

What is the initial amount required to place my booking?

The Initial balance required depends how far in advanced you are placing your reservation.
For tours starting in the next 121 Days (+): 30% of your total balance is required as initial payment.
For tours starting in the next 91 Days (-): 50% of your total balance is required as initial payment.
For tours starting in the next 61 Days (-): Full payment is required.

How soon do I have to pay my initial deposit?

The sooner the better, once we have concluded Stage 1 of your booking (Inquiry & Advice) and have concluded the tour you want to take, it is imperative to complete your initial payment (Partial or Full) as soon as possible. The way all service providers’ work is to place a hold on the required tour for GreenGo Travel while awaiting payment, the only way to fully confirm your reservation is with your initial payment.

What payment methods are not accepted?

We do not accept Credit Card Payment over the phone (due to local bank regulations), Travelers Check’s (high fees and extended time to have them cashed) & for the time been – Bank transfers outside of Ecuador.

When is my final payment due?

Your final balance will be required 61 days prior to the departure of your tour.

Can I pay my final balance upon arrival in Ecuador?

Service providers have strict regulations that have to be followed when it comes to payment, If you will arrive to Ecuador 2 months or more prior to your tour, you can pay your final balance directly at our office, otherwise our regular payment methods will have to be used to cover your balance.

If I’m due for a refund, how will I receive payment?

Your Travel consultant will inform you of the different methods available you can receive your refund.

What happens if I don’t pay my final balance on time?

You might end up losing your tour and initial deposit, some extended time is permitted and more time if necessary can be negotiated, but leaving your final balance unattended is subject to the service provider’s terms and conditions. Your Travel Consultant will be in touch with you a week or so prior to the due date of your final balance, in order to allow you enough time to process your final payment.

How can I pay for a last minute booking?

Payment methods for last minute bookings are narrowed down to the most time efficient options as immediate payment is required. A booking is considered last minute if the tour/service(s) is/are due to start in the next 3 weeks. Credit Card, Bank Deposit in Local Account or Money Orders are the only payment methods available for last minute bookings.


What documents and details are required to book?

Personal details such as full names, dietary requirements, etc. Travel details such as chosen cruise/tour, dates for tour & flights etc. Documents required would a copy of your e-tickets if you have pre-booked your own domestic flights in Ecuador and/or Galapagos, & passport copies for all travelers. You will receive a form in stage 2 of your booking, where an exact list of information required will be listed.

How do I send my details & documents?

Everything is handled over the web, you will be provided with clear instructions on how to receive, fill and send us your details and passport.

Can I start a booking with my details only if I’m part of a group?

Yes, your details can be the foundation of the booking, other travelers can send us their details later on, of course an ideal scenario would be to collect and receive all details at once.

Can I start a booking without my passport?

This depends on how far in advanced you are placing your booking, if you are booking with time, your passport can be received later on, for last minute bookings your passport is immediately required.

Do I have to sign your terms and conditions?

No, a signature is not required to accept our terms and conditions, on stage 2 of your booking (Personal Details) you will be provided with a link reminding you of our terms and conditions, these can be found at any moment at the footer of our website. Our terms and conditions will be in full effect for you and your fellow traveler(s) the moment your first payment has cleared.

When will I receive my travel documents?

Your official travel documents are issued by the service provider/boat operator of your tour/cruise, these will be provided 2 weeks prior to the departure of your tour/cruise.

When will I receive my e-tickets?

These will be included with your travel documents, they are issued about 3 weeks prior to the departure of your tour/cruise.

Why are my e-tickets issued so late?

Domestic airlines tend to make slight changes to their rates and schedules frequently, in order to avoid confusion with customers, e-tickets are issued as close to the departing date as possible, where it is less likely for any change to take place and customers can be provided with correct information.

Can I receive my travel documents earlier?

This varies from tour to tour, it is a common practice among tour operators in the country to provide travel documents for customers 2 weeks prior to the departure of their tour(s), this in order to avoid any confusion with customers, as changes can take place over time such as flight schedules, pick up times etc., that would void travel documents, some service providers when requested can provide documents earlier, but cannot be held responsible for any potential changes.

Will I be provided with documentation to get ready for my tour?

Most definitely, we have compiled some great guidelines we call (Green Guidance) – they will provide you with great insight on how to make the most of your tour, prepare you for your upcoming tour and help you to pack. These will be provided upon completion of stage 3 (Payment), your official travel documents with logistic details to your tour will be provided on stage 4 (Collect Documents), 2 weeks prior to the departure of your tour.

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