Amazon Dolphin Lodge
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Amazon Dolphin Lodge

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  • Restaurant in premises
  • Sustainable & green policies
  • Room cleaning included
  • Mosquito nets in beds
  • Power & Electricity (16h to 22h)
  • Private terrace in room
  • Safety deposit box
  • Scenic lounge areas
From $940USD
Amazon Dolphin Lodge: A Unique Adventure in the Heart of the Rainforest. Are you ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will take you deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest? Imagine immersing yourself in the lush greenery, encountering diverse wildlife, and learning about the vibrant cultures that call this remarkable ecosystem home. Look no further than the Amazon Dolphin Lodge, a haven nestled within the Panacocha protected forest reserve. Here, in a sprawling 56,000-hectare area that forms a vital biological corridor connecting Yasuni National Park and Cuyabeno Wildlife Refuge, you’ll find a truly extraordinary experience awaiting you.

The Panacocha region is a treasure trove of biodiversity, offering a glimpse into the intricate web of life that thrives within the Amazon rainforest. Classified as a humid tropical forest, Panacocha is a sanctuary for a myriad of species, including howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys, black-mantled tamarins, pygmy marmosets, and the iconic Amazon pink river dolphins. At the Amazon Dolphin Lodge, you’ll find yourself surrounded by this astounding diversity, allowing you to connect with nature in ways you’ve never imagined.

Your Comfortable Retreat in the Wilderness
As you journey into the heart of the rainforest, comfort and relaxation await you at the Amazon Dolphin Lodge. The lodge offers spacious cabins that provide a perfect blend of comfort and immersion in the natural environment. Each cabin features private bathrooms with hot water, ensuring you can refresh after a day of exploration. The accommodations are designed with a rustic charm, crafted from local materials to harmonize with the surroundings. You’ll find yourself enveloped in the sights and sounds of the rainforest, creating an unforgettable ambiance.

Experience the Lodge’s Amenities
The Amazon Dolphin Lodge is more than just a place to rest your head—it’s a destination in itself. The lodge boasts a range of amenities that enhance your stay and provide a comfortable oasis amidst the wild surroundings. Enjoy delectable meals in the dining room, unwind with your favorite beverage at the bar, or simply take in the awe-inspiring views from the lounge area. And for the ultimate relaxation, the hammock house offers a tranquil space to sway gently in the breeze and absorb the beauty of nature.

Unveiling the Amazon Dolphin Lodge Activities
The heart of your Amazon adventure lies in the activities offered by the lodge. Led by professional local guides and a multilingual staff, these activities promise to immerse you in the rainforest’s wonders. Here are some of the experiences that await you:

Canoe Trips: Navigating the Waterways

Explore the intricate waterways of the Napo and Panacocha rivers on captivating canoe trips. As you glide through the serene waters, keep your eyes peeled for the diverse array of bird species, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals that call this ecosystem home.

Rainforest Hikes: Uncovering Nature’s Secrets

Embark on exhilarating hikes along rainforest trails, guided by experts who unveil the hidden treasures of the ecosystem. Learn about the medicinal plants, insects, and fungi that play vital roles in this delicate balance of life.

Indigenous Community Interaction: A Glimpse into Tradition

Immerse yourself in the rich cultures of the Amazon by visiting an indigenous community. Engage with local people, delve into their traditions, customs, and way of life, and gain a profound appreciation for their harmonious relationship with nature.

Swim with Pink Dolphins: A Magical Encounter

Witness the enchanting pink dolphins in their natural habitat, a sight that will stay with you forever. Take a dip alongside these graceful creatures, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at fishing for piranhas.

Night Excursions: Unveiling Nocturnal Mysteries

As the sun sets, the Amazon rainforest transforms into a different world. Embark on night excursions to witness the secretive lives of creatures such as caimans, bats, owls, and frogs, providing insights into the nocturnal side of the ecosystem.

Viewpoint Tower: Capturing Spectacular Moments

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunrise and sunset from the viewpoint tower. Marvel at the breathtaking panoramas of the rainforest landscape, capturing moments that will forever remain etched in your memory.

Conservation at the Core
Choosing to experience the Amazon Dolphin Lodge isn’t just about embarking on a thrilling adventure—it’s also a commitment to conservation. By participating in this extraordinary journey, you contribute to a vital conservation project aimed at safeguarding this unique environment and its inhabitants. Your presence supports the preservation of the Amazon rainforest for generations to come.

Deciding on the Best Time to Visit
Determining the ideal time to visit the Amazon Dolphin Lodge hinges on your preferences and the experiences you seek in the Amazon rainforest. The year is divided into two main seasons:

Dry Season (July – December): Exploring and Hiking

The dry season offers optimal conditions for hiking and exploring the forest trails. With less rainfall, the trails are more accessible, allowing you to delve deeper into the heart of the rainforest. This season is ideal for those who wish to uncover the secrets of the flora and fauna that thrive here.

Rainy Season (January – June): Wildlife Encounters

In contrast, the rainy season is a boon for wildlife enthusiasts. The increased water levels provide opportunities to witness animals in their natural habitats and, perhaps most thrillingly, to swim with the iconic pink dolphins. This season brings with it the chance to observe Amazonian fauna at its most vibrant.

However, it’s important to note that the Amazon rainforest’s weather is unpredictable, and conditions can change rapidly. Rain and humidity can be expected regardless of the season, so come prepared for the elements.

Factors to Consider When Planning Your Trip
As you plan your adventure to the Amazon Dolphin Lodge, several factors should guide your preparations:

Water Levels: Navigating the River

The Amazon’s water levels fluctuate throughout the year, impacting your ability to navigate the river and its tributaries. During the high water season (December – May), the flooded landscape opens up new channels, enabling boat and canoe exploration. This offers a chance to reach more remote areas and encounter a greater diversity of wildlife. However, hiking trails may be muddier and inaccessible, and mosquitoes may be more prevalent. Conversely, the low water season (June – November) reveals more land for hiking and walking. It’s also a prime time for observing pink dolphins in their congregated pools.

Wildlife Encounters: Timing Matters

The Amazon’s inhabitants exhibit varying levels of activity based on the season and time of day. The pink dolphins, for instance, are more active during daylight hours and are more commonly seen in the low water season. Creatures such as monkeys, sloths, capybaras, and tapirs may be encountered during both day and night, with nocturnal excursions offering a chance to witness elusive species like caimans, bats, owls, and frogs.

Cultural Engagement: Embracing Tradition

Beyond its natural splendors, the Amazon is a cultural treasure trove. Engaging with indigenous communities introduces you to traditions, crafts, stories, and rituals that have thrived in harmony with the environment. While cultural activities are available year-round, availability may be influenced by the community’s seasonal activities.

In Conclusion: An Extraordinary Adventure Awaits

When it comes to selecting the ideal time to visit the Amazon Dolphin Lodge, there’s no definitive answer. Your preferences and interests will shape the perfect moment for your journey into this biodiverse wonderland. Regardless of the season you choose, a remarkable experience and a profound connection with the Amazon rainforest await you at the Amazon Dolphin Lodge. Book your adventure today and discover the magic of this unparalleled ecosystem.

Commitment to Conservation
Choosing the Amazon Dolphin Lodge isn’t just an adventure—it’s a statement of commitment to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. By partaking in this exceptional journey, you actively support a vital conservation endeavor aimed at safeguarding the diverse and fragile ecosystem for generations to come.

Awaits an Extraordinary Adventure
The optimal time to visit the Amazon Dolphin Lodge hinges on your aspirations and inclinations. No matter the season you choose, a captivating experience awaits, connecting you intimately with the Amazon rainforest’s unparalleled beauty. Book your journey today, and prepare for an adventure that will leave you spellbound and forever changed.

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Amazon Dolphin Lodge Inclusions & Exclusions

All Meals, water & tea
All Activities as listed
Transportation Coca-Lodge-Coca
Native & bilingual guide
Use of lodge facilities

Round land or air transport
Bar consumptions
Private naturalist guide
Personal expenses, travel insurance, souvenirs, tipping (guide & staff)
Personal items: flashlight, rain poncho
Transport (hotel-airport/bus stop-hotel)

Amazon Dolphin Lodge General Details

Double Bungalow
Double Bungalow
Single Bungalow
Single Bungalow

Lodge Technical Details

  • City to Arrive:
  • Capacity:
    30 guests
  • Rooms:
    11 huts (bungalows)
  • Rooms Type:
  • Rooming:
    Private or shared rooms
  • Sharing:
    Same gender guaranteed
  • Access:
    Commercial plane or bus
  • Enter or Exit:
    Monday through friday
  • Immersion:
    Primary rainforest
  • Location:
    Amid orellana & sucumbios
  • Community:
    Panacocha & quichua
  • Park / Reserve:
    Panacocha reserve

Facilities & Services

  • Bar lounge
  • Bathroom toiletries
  • Certified bilingual local guides
  • Changes on the go
  • Customize Itineraries
  • Green Policies
  • Mosquito nets
  • Power & electricity
  • Prebuilt itinerary by local experts
  • Private bathrooms
  • Private guidance
  • Private terrace
  • Private transportation
  • Restaurant in premises
  • Room turndown service
  • Rubber boots
  • Safety deposit box
  • Scenic lounge areas
  • Unlimited drinking water

Transport Details

  • Route:
    Quito - Coca - Quito
  • Airline Inbound:
    Aeroregional / Latam
  • Airline Outbound:
    Aeroregional / Latam
  • Inbound Time:
    Request Trip Advisor
  • Outbound Time:
    Request Trip Advisor
  • Travel Time:
    40 Minutes per Way
  • Rate:
    $276 Round Flight
  • Route:
    Quito - Coca - Quito
  • Bus Inbound:
    Public Transport
  • Bus Outbound:
    Public Transport
  • Inbound Time:
    Departs Every 2 Hours
  • Outbound Time:
    Departs Every 2 Hours
  • Travel Time:
    8 Hours per Way
  • Rate:
    Approximately $15

Children Policies

  • Children Allowed:
  • Minimum Age:
  • Maximum Age:
    11 years, 11 months
  • Free Stay:
    80% off under 5 years
  • Child Discount:
    30% off under 12 years
  • Restrictions:
    None, available year round

Surcharges & Notices

  • Bar purchases, cash only
  • Private guidance, $50 per day
  • Anangu Community Visit $25
  • Panacocha Forest $20
  • Pilche Community Visit $10
  • Programs are subject to change
  • Rates are subject to change
  • 4 days depart every friday
  • 5 days depart every monday
  • Solo guests can share cabins at no extra cost
Itineraries, inclusions and exclusions are subject to change by providers, or Ecuadorian authorities.

Customers Reviews 1 Review

  • Overall Rating
  • Itinerary
  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Staff Members
Victor Rueda
My wife and I had a 4-day escapade. It was more remote than anticipated but we loved every minute of it. Cabins were rustic but comfortable, especially considering we were in the middle of the jungle. It was quite an adventure, with lovely memories.

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