Frequently Asked Questions Amazon

The most common Frequently Asked Questions about The Amazon and more.


The most common Frequently Asked Questions Amazon and more. We have gone into great detail to answer as much of those common questions as possible, which you will find divided in their corresponding categories below. Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions that remain unanswered.

Frequently Asked Questions Amazon

Amazon F.A.Q


Are there any vaccinations required?

Most lodges don’t go any further then recommending certain vaccinations, it is not a requirement for the majority of them to enter their lodge, we do however recommend you to consult with your local physician back home and explain you will be visiting the Amazon Basin of Ecuador. The most common vaccinations are Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever, Rabies & Hepatitis A & B. Do keep in mind that this is only a cautionary measure to be handled at your own discretion, as it is extremely rare to hear of any tourist visiting any amazon lodge in Ecuador to contract any of the aforementioned diseases.

What is primary & secondary Rainforest?

Primary Rainforest makes reference to a more pristine and untouched forest, with thick vegetation and a full ceiling canopy, it is usually found deep in the amazon basin. Primary rainforest is considered to be the most diverse type of forest, biologically speaking. Secondary Rainforest also known as jungle, is characterized by a thin ceiling canopy, (lower amount of foliage in higher branches), ground vegetation absorbs more sunlight allowing thick & lush vegetation to blossom. Secondary Rainforest is not as pristine nor as diverse as Primary Rainforest and is usually found in the outskirts of Primary Rainforest.

What should I pack for my amazon tour?

Packing light should be your top priority, the less you carry around with you, the more enjoyable & untroubled your tour will be. Keep in mind the limit of 50 pounds per person is enforced by airlines (Coca & Lago Agrio) & not the lodge you will be visiting.
Money belt
Passport, with waterproof pouch
Cash (required for bar, tipping & souvenirs)
Electronic Flight Tickets

2 to 3 Cotton light long sleeved shirts (during the day)
2 to 3 Cotton light short sleeved t-shirts (at the lodge)
1 to 2 Shorts (at the lodge)
2 to 3 Khakis or Cotton light Pants (jeans not recommended)
1 to 2 Cotton Tank tops or sweatshirts
Rain Jacket or fleece for rainy afternoons
Swimwear, more than 1 pair recommended
Light cardigan, or sweater for chilly evenings
Flip flops (at the lodge)
3 to 4 Cotton light pair of socks
Hiking or Sport Shoes.

Sunscreen with SPF 30+
Insect Repellent (Deet lotion or similar), apply during the day.
Cap and/or Hat
Lip balmer or ointment with sun protection
Aspirin, medication for upset stomach, Band-Aids, Aloe-Vera Cream or gel for insect byte relief.
Personal Medication (if any)

Waterproof carry bags for electronics.
Small Back Pack (for day hikes)
Camcorder and/or Digital Camera with chargers
Telephoto Lens for DSLR cameras
Spare: Camera Batteries, High Capacity SD cards
Portable Tripod
Binoculars ( a must to observe wildlife)
Flashlight (required to observe nightlife)
Canteen or Similar (to carry water on hikes)

Does deeper jungle translates to a better tour?

Not necessarily, while primary rainforest carries the benefit of more variety in wildlife, secondary jungle has benefits such as easily accessibility, shorter tour lengths, easier hikes, more variety in activities such as white rater rafting & Horseback riding (Tena) & affordable rates, all within amazon surroundings.

Can/should I take all my luggage with me to the amazon?

As with any tour in the country, an ideal scenario is to carry with you only what’s necessary, some customers will have multiple destinations in Ecuador, therefore it is recommended to pack only what’s necessary for a given trip and leave what you won’t be needing back at your Hotel. Most if not all Hotels have luggage rooms where you can store your luggage for a very minimum fee. For those taking flights to the amazon region, be aware luggage weight is a maximum of 23 Kg per person. The only case where you would be required to take all your luggage with you would be for those taking a bus to the amazon region, and continuing elsewhere after their amazon tour.

Is Fitness & good health required to visit the amazon?

A certain level of fitness & health is required to visit the amazon basin, most lodges will offer activities based on age and fitness, but extended ride canoes (no back support), hikes on uneven terrains & climatic changes are to be expected just to reach the lodge in some cases.

Can I take my children to the amazon?

Yes, it is best if you speak with your Travel Consultant and provide as much details as possible to your particular case, your Travel Consultant will be able to assess and recommend a lodge that will be equally enjoyable for both your younger ones and traveling adults.

Are activities based on age & fitness level?

For the majority of Lodges yes, they will divide travelers based on the day they enter the lodge, please do consult with your Travel Consultant if the lodge of your choice will be able to cater activities for you and your fellow travelers based on age and fitness.

Will there be extended hikes in my activities?

Yes & No, extended hikes are a thrilling part of visiting the amazon basin, they add a layer of adventure to your tour, if you are looking for a good hike you will definitely be able to participate in one. On the other hand, if you are looking to avoid extended hikes this can also be done, it is a common practice among lodges to brief its visitors the day before of the activities that will take place the next day, if you don’t feel comfortable with a hike ahead of you, you can either skip that activity and stay back at the lodge, or request to participate in another more mild activity if possible.

Will there be extended canoe rides?

For most if not all of primary rainforest lodges – this would be a yes. Most of them are located in deep remote locations down river, canoe rides of 2 to 3 hours are standard on day 1 when entering Lodges. Your daily activities will also require at times to take canoe rides to access certain parts of the rainforest.

Will I be able to camp in the amazon?

Yes, although very few lodges offer this as an option, you will have to request this at stage 1 of your booking (Inquiry & Advice), so your Travel Consultant can look into Lodges that offer camping.

Am I guaranteed to observe certain animals?

Unfortunately not, you will be advised by your Travel Consultant as to where it will be more likely you can spot a certain animal or species, but there is no guarantees as you are entering their natural habitat and it’s a matter of luck if you can spot them or not.

Will my cabin be insect/bug free?

Even in the most luxurious of lodges you may at times encounter bugs or insects in your cabin, this is an inevitable situation, after all you are in the Amazon, and keeping them out with closed doors and windows can only go so far.

Will I have electricity in my lodge?

Even the most rustic of lodges will have some kind of electrical source (Solar Panels or Generators), this doesn’t mean you will have electricity in your cabin with outlets. Lodges will usually have an electrical area where you can charge your electronics at a certain schedule during the day, and will have electricity in their common areas. In most lodges cabins will be candle or lamp lit.

Will I need cash during my stay at the lodge?

Yes, even though you will be in a remote location, the lodge you will be staying at will offer additional services that have to be paid in cash such as bar expenses, souvenirs & tipping.

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