Galapagos Cruises 800 & Over

Galapagos Cruises 800 & Over
Explore Top-Tier Luxury: Uncover Premium Galapagos Cruises Over $800 Per Day

Below is a comprehensive list of Galapagos cruises for 800 USD & over per day that are currently available for booking. There are mostly luxury and ultra-luxury vessels that are included in this price tier of Galapagos cruises. When it comes to last-minute bookings and promotional pricing, it is important to keep in mind that you might be able to have access to this level of comfort for a reduced price. Galapagos cruises that have been filtered below do not take into account any last-minute or promotional rates; rather, they are based on regular rates.
On the other hand, you might be able to find some first-class vessels beneath this price tier. This is due to the fact that some first-class vessels, which are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, could have a greater cost per day in comparison to the usual first-class rates. On the flip side, there is a rationale behind this; in many instances, these vessels are reputable, they provide single cabins without a single supplement, or they may have a variety of cabin types on board their vessel, and the prices of their largest suites are comparable to those of luxury suites.
In addition to offering services that have never been seen before, ultra-luxury vessels are the most recent addition to the islands. For example, you can enjoy the privacy of a Jacuzzi in your own cabin, room service, spa facilities on board the vessel, a lower ratio of guests to guides, which results in a more personalized experience, and a great deal more! This price tier will provide you with the best of the best while you are cruising the Galapagos Islands, which is highly recommended if you place a high value on comfort during your trip.
A great number of ultra-luxury vessels are still in the process of being built, and according to our projections, there will be an increase in the number of vessels that fall into this category. There will be a wide range of vessel types available in this price tier, including yachts, super yachts, mega yachts, mega catamarans, and ships ranging from small to medium-size vessels.

Will Galapagos Cruises, which cost 800 & over, get me a suite cabin?

Indeed. This price tier represents the average charge for each person and per day. On certain luxury and ultra-luxury vessels, all of the staterooms on board are considered to be suites. There are a few cruise lines that will upgrade them to a master suite, which may come with a higher price tag. Please make sure that you consult with your travel advisor in order to receive direction regarding the cabin or suite that is most suitable for your requirements and preferences.

Will this price tier be all inclusive?

No. Despite the fact that this is the highest tier that is currently available, it is not all inclusive. As a matter of convenience, several luxury and ultra-luxury vessels will bundle certain regular expenditures, such as the park admission fee, transit control card, round-trip ticket to Galapagos, and other similar expenses. However, there are cruises that will leave these expenses out of the package. In order to have a complete understanding of the cost breakdown, covering what is included and what is not included, please consult with your trip advisor.

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