Galapagos Motor Sailors

Galapagos Motor Sailors
All Galapagos Vessels that are categorized as Motor Sailors

Explore the unique charm and enhanced capabilities of motor sailors with GreenGo Travel, your curated guide to the Galapagos Islands. These vessels combine the traditional allure of sailboats with the robust efficiency of motorized engines, offering a distinct advantage for travelers eager to experience more of the Galapagos in less time. Unlike conventional sailboats, motor sailors provide greater stability and comfort, shielding guests from the often unpredictable sea conditions with amenities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms, and cozily appointed cabins. Motor sailors are particularly adept at navigating to secluded areas that are typically inaccessible to larger ships, ensuring an intimate encounter with the Galapagos' pristine environments. The smaller crew size on these vessels guarantees personalized service, allowing for a more bespoke travel experience. Despite their rarity among Galapagos watercraft, motor sailors are available across various price points. Cabins frequently feature bunk beds, with some upscale options offering larger lower bunks suitable for two passengers, enhancing comfort without sacrificing the enchanting maritime charm. Ideal for those seeking a unique adventure, motor sailors utilize their engines as the primary mode of navigation due to the light and sporadic winds in the region, ensuring a smooth and serene journey through one of the world’s most extraordinary archipelagos.

Do motor sailors use their sails to navigate?

No. Because the Galapagos Islands do not have wind currents that are powerful or reliable, any time a motor sailor raises its sails, it is purely for the purpose of providing an aesthetic experience for the passengers who are on board. The cruise, on the other hand, will rely solely on the engine that is located on board for its navigation.

Why are there so few motor sailors? 

The vast majority of new vessels being built in the Galapagos Islands will be of the tried-and-true variety, which offers dependable navigation as well as ample accommodation on board. Therefore, motor sailors are not a realistic alternative in the Galapagos Islands because the winds in this region are not reliable and all vessels are powered by motors. The majority of cruises will choose to travel through the Galapagos Islands using catamarans or other types of vessels that have been shown to be the most effective.

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