Tip Top V Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Experience
July 25, 2019
by on July 25, 2019

Tip Top V Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Experience

There is no better way to strengthen and continue growing a relationship than by taking an adventure with your significant other. The Tip Top V cruise experience truly caters towards this toward of romantic and adventurous atmosphere for any newlyweds looking to take their honeymoon to the next level.

Tip Top V Introduction & Reliability:

The Tip Top Galapagos cruise fleet has been in the business for decades.  The business is one of the “founding” companies that began pioneering the introduction of the famous Galapagos Archipelago to the masses.  With this amount of experience in their arsenal, they have created a lot of buzz among Galapagos cruises companies. This is due to the incredible service they provide and gorgeous vessels put on the high seas. Moreover, they continuously receive positive ratings and recommendations.  This Tip Top cruise experience is literally TIP TOP. This experience is especially great for any adventurous lovers that are interested in the newest of the fleet, the Tip Top V Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Experience

New to the fleet, the Tip Top V is currently under construction and will be the newest vessel in the Galapagos.  This vessel will be a sixteen passenger motor catamaran. It is a large vessel, with one hundred and twelve feet of length.  That gives the feeling of a  less crowded ship with more intimacy. This ship features first-class accommodation made for the customers that are looking for the perfect balance between comfort and budget.

Honeymoon in the Galapagos Islands


Honeymooners enjoying the Vista on a Galapagos Beach
Sharing a romantic getaway in the Galapagos is without a doubt among the most desirable honeymoon options.  The aura on the Islands is magical.

The seclusion, beauty, and adventure of the Galapagos Islands provide the perfect setting for wanderlust couples looking to share a remarkable and romantic Galapagos cruise honeymoon experience for any wanderlust couple.

Whether you are choosing to spend a lot of money or choose a more economical option, it truly does not make that huge of difference on the romantic quality of the occasion.

The Islands give off a unique charm, and cruising their crystal waters creates an unbeatable ambiance.  Be assured that the Galapagos will be a magical place for any couple, especially ones that one to spice it up a lot of adventure.

There are many cruises out there.  One that I would highly recommend is the Tip Top V, as it has a few features that I will be described below that really set it apart from the rest.


Tip Top V Facilities & Comfort


You can go into more detail about the differences between Catamarans and Yachts here, but one of the biggest factors we always note is stability.  Nobody would want to watch their loved one feel nauseous or seasick on a honeymoon trip. Not to mention feeling that way themselves.

The Tip Top V is a large catamaran, which has a large double hull with and a large metal bridge connecting the hulls.  This effectively stops the waving motion that all yachts face, especially during seasons with increased choppiness.  This feature will provide a smooth ride for passengers. If you choose the Tip Top Galapagos cruise for your honeymoon experience, you will not face this issue.


Sharing a glass of wine on a ship. What more could you ask for?


Tip Top V features two double King cabins in the upper deck, titled suites.  These cabins provide ample space for couples that want a nice spacious room.  Also, the beds are perfect for sharing with your significant other.  These beds are unbelievably comfortable! Furthermore, all cabins available in the upper deck of the Tip Top V feature private balconies. These really set the Catamaran apart, because you can really share a special intimate moment with your lover without any disruption.

Sharing the company outside of your balcony with nothing but each other and the company of the Galapagos seas (and perhaps some wildlife!). It truly doesn’t get any more romantic than that.  Don’t be shy, ask for special flower arrangements, a bottle of champagne, or any other request you may have to make the room as special as possible.


The Tip Top V features many common areas that couples on their honeymoon will without a doubt appreciate. The Alfresco outdoor dining area creates a perfect atmosphere for dinner, especially as you get to watch the sunset over the horizon.

In the Solarium, soak up the sun rays with your significant other. This area is prime for relaxation and conversation.  Maybe you’ll even learn something about one other that you have not yet discovered! Panoramic windows spread throughout the ship for the mesmerizing views of the surrounding areas as you cruise through the islands. Lastly, the addition of kayaks on board the ship makes great fun for exploring a little of the surrounding areas with your loved one.


Tip Top V Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Experience Itineraries

Sharing a moment on deck of a Galapagos cruise
Romantic couples will be particularly fond of the Tip Top V Galapagos cruise experience because of the extraordinary itineraries. They are unique in that that there are two programs without stops in between. Most cruises typically try to cater to a larger audience by getting as many people board.  This means more stops in between and shorter tours of four and five days.

The Tip Top offers an eight-day nonstop itinerary, meaning you will have a trip that will navigate as far and as extensive as possible throughout your time aboard the cruise.

You will awaken to a different destination every morning.  Moreover, you will not have to wait as guests swap out among different stops. There are two itineraries:

EASTERN: This trip spends the most time in the eastern section of the islands, but also covers a decent portion of the islands in the south, West, and Central. Even the remote island of Genovesa. Farther north.

NORTHWEST: The Northwest itinerary focuses on the center islands. You will also visit the most remote islands, Isabela Island and Fernandina.

Ask more about these options with our trip advisors to get an understanding of what itinerary would best fit you.  This is based on various factors, such as specific landmarks and wildlife you want to encounter most.

Tip Top V Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Experience Pricing

The Tip Top Five Galapagos cruise offers very competitive rates. This is especially evident with all of the facilities and amenities you get for your money. The cruise will also include the cost of the round trip ticket for your Galapagos airfare, one less thing to be concerned about in planning.

Lastly, the Tip Top V offers preferential rates, and GreenGo travel will be glad to assign you a trip advisor to help with be any specific requests for departure times and an itinerary that makes you happy and fulfills any wishes in your Galapagos adventure. We are always happy to help honeymooners and customers reach the biggest bang for their buck, so do not hesitate to contact!  Create memories with the love of your life aboard the Tip Top V, a perfect Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Experience.

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