Calipso Galapagos Diving Cruise

Calipso Galapagos Diving Cruise

Elevate your scuba diving experience with a Calipso Galapagos Diving Cruise. See all the magic Galapapagos offers on a magnificent first-class cruise!

Calipso Galapagos Liveaboard Introduction

Fully remodeled and refurbished, the Calipso Galapagos diving cruise is ready to strut its elegance throughout the Galapagos Islands. The Calipso is the newest offering available for diving in the Galapagos, and it provides an unforgettable experience in one of the most pristine diving hotspots on the planet. When looking to book the Calipso diving cruise, keep in mind that it is a mixed vessel. This means it will offer both nature and diving excursions!  This ship is a unique vessel in this sense.  This is because this ship is one of a small few that offer both types of excursions. Most locations in the world usually only have one specialty or the other (Diving or nature), unless visiting a location like Australia.  The Galapagos is teeming with wildlife both on land and under the sea. Due to this fact, the Calipso is elevated to the rank of a first-class category cruise.

Don't worry, they won't bite!

Technical Specifications – Calipso Galapagos Diving Cruise

A presence in the water

The Calipiso is an impressive motor yacht with 115 feet in length. The powerful engines swiftly propel the ship through the water, reaching a cruising speed of 12 knots. This saves time and quickly gets you to the next dive spot and Island for your next adventure.

Sleeping quarters

The Calipso cruise has a capacity for 16 passengers. With this in mind, there is a high number of cabins to guest ratio, with a total of 10 cabins aboard. Two single cabins are available aboard for those venturing solo and an additional eight convertible cabins that can accommodate either twin or double beds for friends or couples looking to dive in the archipelago. Cabins are available in all its three decks: lower, main, and upper deck.  These cabins were designed to maximize space, style, and superior comfort, so you can sleep like a baby and feel at home as the ship motors through the islands.

Safety First

The Calipso is fully equipped with all safety and navigation requirements such as smoke and temperature detectors, GPS, radar and sonar. Additionally, the ship carries life jackets, life rafts, first aid kits, oxygen and much more all complying with international regulations.  All Galapagos cruises take safety as a first priority, and the Calipso is no exception.  The dive master, staff, and guides can help you with any questions you may have.

Extra considerations

Any questions, ask the dive master!
The Calipso diving cruise went all out in thinking of every need and desire for the guests.  The cruise is equipped with 110 and 220-volt outlets to charge your underwater camera, cell phones, and whatever else you can think of that needs some juice. The spacious interior and exterior lounge areas are great for relaxing after exhausting diving and nature excursions. One of my personal favorites is the Sundeck with and an open Jacuzzi.  Being underwater for extended periods can have you feeling a little chilly.  In the Galapagos, the currents stream in from the cold from Antarctica. This stream can switch daily, so there is have a possibility of diving in water temperatures of 64 degrees. However, the warmest period is between the months of December and May. With fortune on your side can have a water temperature of 75 degrees! In the case it is not that warm,  laying on the deck and bathing like the Galapagos iguanas or hopping in the jacuzzi in between dives will really make you feel toasty! Lastly, alfresco dining and social areas are complete with luxury and comfort to make your dining and social experiences as pleasant as can be. From my experiences, the food is also unbelievably delicious. These chefs are professional, and whip up meals that will have you mmmming with every bite!  You will truly it appreciate after a full day of adventure burning hundreds of calories. Trust me, you are going to be absolutely famished with every meal that rolls around!

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Calipso Inclusions & Exclusions

The Calipso diving cruise is a generous offer when it comes to inclusions and exclusions. It includes all the standards, such as accommodation aboard, all meals, beverages such as water, coffee, and tea. Additionally, all activities as listed with transfers in the Galapagos, and a certified bilingual Padi licensed diving Master aboard. These divers are highly experienced in Galapagos diving in specific, and take safety as a huge priority. One of the best aspects of the Calipso diving cruise is the uncommon inclusions that are in most cases part of the exclusions of other diving ships. Calipso has as part of their included services snorkel equipment, wetsuits, and one free hotel night available in Mainland Ecuador.  Customers can choose between the major cities in Ecuador, Quito or Guayaquil. You also have the addition of two free airport transfers in the mainland and Galapagos.

Airfare & Entrance

Sea turtle swimming in the Galapagos
The park entrance fee makes sure these guys stay healthy!
Following the pattern of all other cruises, this ship does not include International airfare, Galapagos park entrance fee, and transit control card which sum to a total of $120 per person. The reason for the park entrance and transit control card payments are for conservation purposes. Your money will go back to the Galapagos, where conservation efforts are devoted to all species in the Galapagos. This keeps the Galapagos experience high quality for all customers that choose to visit, whether on land or water. Your round flight to and from the Galapagos will be approximately $500.00 per person.  Alcoholic and soft drinks, tipping and gratuities are also exclusions. A great feature of this ship is a nitrox add-on you can purchase for an additional cost of $150 per person. Purchasing diving equipment is another option available while onboard. Lastly, the final exclusion is the standard travel insurance which includes medical & health.

Calipso Galapagos Diving Cruise Itineraries

The Calipso diving cruise itinerary consists of an extensive eight-day program covering wide swaths of the Galapagos from the Eastern islands, far North, West, and center Islands. There are many coveted Islands known as the best diving spots worldwide. These include the Darwin and Wolf Islands, Cousins Rock, Marchena Island, Fernandina, Isabela and many more. With millions of years of isolation and carefully maintained preservation, you will see copious amounts of underwater life thriving in beautiful coral reefs.  Amazing creatures to be seen include the gigantic whale sharks on Wolf island, incredible schools of hammerhead sharks, and diving with colonies of adorable sea lions. Keep in mind that diving departures will be available every 15 days, so it is important to plan and reserve your spots well in advance in order to match your traveling dates. These types of trips are very popular, so don’t wait too long and miss your opportunity!

Calipso Galapagos Diving Cruise-Whale Shark
Galapagos has two gentle giants - Whale shark and Tortoise

Is the Calipso Diving Cruise Right for you? 

The Calipso has many things working in her favor. For those looking to travel aboard a modern vessel cruising the islands with diving departures, you really cannot go wrong with the Calipso. With technical and security specifications in mind, you can be assured Calipso is up to the task of taking you to your destinations with the utmost safety in mind. As far as comfort goes, the Calipso cuts no corners.  Every seat, cushion, bed, and the cabin was designed with the customer in mind. You will truly have the highest level of comfort! Furthermore, its generous inclusions will really stretch your dollar as far as possible.  This means more money in the bank or more to spend on vacation.  We always highly recommend visitors looking into Galapagos to come 2 days early to avoid any travel issues. Not just for that reason, there is also a great deal to explore in the main cities of Ecuador for incredibly reasonable prices. If you are considering other Galapagos cruises, our Best 2023 Galapagos Cruises might help you head in the right direction.

Lastly, its itineraries include the best Islands to dive and underwater hotspots make the Calipso Galapagos diving cruise a very appealing option for either a hobbyist or professional diver looking to optimize their Galapagos adventure and see as much as possible. Thanks for reading, and if this blog was interesting for you, don’t hesitate to talk to the Greengo travel trip advisors.  They can help you with any questions and set up a trip lightning fast!

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