Highlights of the Sea Star Journey

Highlights of the Sea Star Journey

There are a lot of luxury cruises out there, and it can be difficult to choose from them all!  However, if there is one that I could choose today, it would be the Sea Star Journey. There are a LOT of reasons why this cruise is incredible. This post will present the benefits and highlights of the sea star journey that will really get you excited as you read on!

Thinking about going on the adventure of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands?  There are a lot of luxury cruises out there, and it can be difficult to choose from them all!  However, if there is one that I could choose today, it would be the Sea Star Journey. There are a LOT of reasons why this cruise is incredible. This post will present the benefits and highlights of the sea star journey that will really get you excited as you read on!

Three Unique Highlights of the Sea Star Journey

I’m going to go ahead and start this blog with THREE of the most unique benefits that the sea star journey has. These are benefits that other ships in its class either don’t have or are in another league behind in progress

1. Two Hot Tubs!

Honestly, who doesn’t love a hot tub?  You shouldn’t have to run to the hot tub before everybody else in order to claim your territory. Everybody should have a chance without the stress of crowding. Thus, the sea star journey went above and beyond and thought of something all other cruises have not. Installing TWO! This means you are more likely to enjoy the warm waters without feeling you need to get out and exchange with somebody.

This is especially nice if you are a couple and want privacy together in the Jacuzzi.  On that note, talk with the GreenGo travel staff about available honeymoon packages!

Galapagos Sea Star Journey Yacht - Sun Deck Jacuzzi (2)

2. Award-winning Living Areas – Highlights of the Sea Star Journey

Every Luxury cruise on the Galapagos has beautiful living areas for relaxing. But the living areas on the sea star really blow customer’s minds, and it has actually led to the sea star winning the “Leading Boutique Cruise” for multiple years in a row.

So what is it that stands out among other luxury cruises?

The designers of the cruise built it in a way that it is seamlessly integrated into the environment. For the interior, this means more windows, fewer walls. Additionally, the sun deck and relaxation areas all limit the number of structures and walls. Thus, you constantly have an unobstructed view of the great outdoors.

This Sea Star highlight is great because there is constantly something going on outside of the ship. You may be having dinner inside, but you won’t miss that dolphin jumping or whale breaching because a wall was in the way.  I can attest to this fact because I have been on two other cruises. Both have had too many walls that stop you from witnessing the view, especially in the interior.

Galapagos Sea Star Journey Yacht - Sun Deck Shaded Area

Spacious Cabins

The cabins on the Sea Star journey are unparalleled in size, comfort, and style. The best part is that they are full of comfortable furniture to boot. It has a nice little couch for relaxing, a long desk for placing your personal items, balconies for getting a fresh breath of air. Also, cabins one through four have interconnecting doors. This is great for families, especially if you have children you want to keep an eye on.

Upper deck: Cabin 1 = Master suite (approx. 35,2 m)
Upper deck: Cabin 2,3,4 = GPS twin or double suites
Main deck: Cabin 5,6 = Matrimonial double suites (approx. 25,2 m)
Main deck: Cabin 7,8 = GPS twin suites
Interconnected: Cabins 1-2, 3-4

Galapagos Sea Star Journey Yach -Suite 2

3. Itineraries – Highlights of the Sea Star Journey

See everything from orcas to penguins, Galapagos tortoises to red-footed boobies, marine iguanas, sea lions, and sharks. One guest gave a review on the Sea Star journey TripAdvisor section saying “Swimming alongside both orcas and penguins was exciting and really an unexpected adventure. Having our guide in the water with us while we had our surprise encounter with an orca was a reassurance.”

With the sea star journey itineraries, you will visit amazing sites where you will learn about all the processes of evolution and the spectacular creates that inhabit the Islands. All of these excursions will be led by a studied professional national park guide, where you can ask a million questions and have them all answered!

There are three itineraries on the Sea Star journey, all of which can be combined if you want to stay a little longer.

Program A

Little kisses before this one takes a nap
This program lasts six days five nights. Southern islands such as Española, Floreana, Santa Fe, and Seymour are some of the beautiful islands you will visit. This itinerary is ideal for those interested in seeing endemic species and those interested in all the birds!

The islands visited are known as the oldest islands in the Galapagos and have the largest settlements of wildlife. These are also among the most popular islands visited in the Galapagos because of the beauty and uniqueness they have. On the gorgeous white sanded Bachas beach, I got to see a Galapagos Flamingos sifting the waters for food.

You’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel with sharks and sea lions on Gardner Bay. This area is another spot with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!


Program B

This itinerary walks among the lava formations created by volcanoes. This is especially true on the Chinese hat site, where you can see lava tubes and flows. This site is also full of sea lions colonies, marine iguanas and Galapagos penguins.

Visit the isolated island Genovesa, where you’ll see all three different species of boobies. These guys are incredibly cute, and the couples will take turns presenting sticks to each other. Sometimes if the stick isn’t impressive enough, they seem to act like a mad spouse.

Thousands of storm petrels, a small bird, swarm the island like a dense cloud of insects (Not above you, don’t worry). Every once in a while you’ll see a hawk or owl dive-bomb and try to grab one out of the sky!

A visitor favorite, black turtle cove. This includes many species of sharks and rays. The water is incredibly clear, so you can watch as the hammerheads swim by the pangas

Program C 

Swim with Penguins in the Galapagos
In this itinerary, you will visit the most remote and far out islands aboard the Sea Star journey.

It covers the Western islands of the Galapagos, considered the youngest and most pristine islands of the Galapagos.  Guests will have the opportunity to encounter wildlife found only in the Galapagos at every turn.

One of the biggest highlights of the Sea Star journey Galapagos Cruise itinerary is the Sierra Negra volcano hike.

The views from this are outstanding, and you will be walking on a volcano that literally created the island.

Witness the wildlife of Marielas islets, where the biggest settlement of penguins reside in the Galapagos.

The excursion also takes you to a red mangrove cove which attracts sea turtles, flightless cormorants, spotted eagle rays, golden rays, brown pelicans and sea lions!

Later you will visit the Charles Darwin research station and learn about the conservation efforts to protect the islands and Galapagos Tortoises.

Book with GreenGo Travel! – Highlights of the Sea Star Journey

The highlights of the Sea Star Journey are endless. The ship design is award-winning, the itineraries are amazing, and it truly has more to offer than some of its counterparts in the same class.  You’ll maximize every penny if you cruise on the sea star journey.

Just picture yourself relaxing after a long day of excursions in the Galapagos. You’ll be soaking in one of the two jacuzzis, a craft Galapagos beer or cocktail in hand, and a big smile on your face. Check out the video of the life you could be living if you book.

Booking with GreenGo travel is the same price as booking directly to the cruise line, but you get many added benefits. Speak with our Greengo Travel agents to get the ball rolling.

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