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Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon-Packages-Honeymoon-Couple-Cuddling-On-Deck
by on November 20, 2019

Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages

Newlyweds looking for a romantic adventure need look no further. This article contains important information about the Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages. Here you will learn about all the aspects that make the Seaman cruise a viable option in cost and luxury for a perfect honeymoon trip

Seaman’s Journey Introduction and Reliability

The seaman journey is without a doubt a distinguished cruise among the large fleet of the Galapagos. As of writing this blog, it has incredibly high positive ratings, making the cruise among the most reputable of double Hull catamarans in the market. This is all confirmed by countless reviews of the Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Package as a top favorite of past customers. The Seaman’s Journey offers the perfect balance between luxury, comfort, and budget. There are four aspects generally most mentioned by visitors researching a Galapagos cruise. The three mentioned above, and of paramount importance: The Itinerary.

View of the seaman's Journey Catamaran

Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Package Itineraries

Although all Itineraries on the Galapagos are wonderful, the Seaman’s Journey is amazing! This is especially true for Honeymoon couples, with its unrivaled romantic journey. Stunning vistas and treks among the Fernandina and Isabela islands, and walks along the Espumilla Beach. This is only a fraction of the itinerary that will really set the romantic mood and adventure.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are a large factor for future Galapagos travelers. While most ships have you at the bottom deck the ship, you get the experience of receiving elevated accommodation in the main and upper deck. This means better views as you travel through your itinerary. Great thinking on the part of the architects of the Seaman’s journey cruise ship!

Departure Durations
Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon-Packages-Honeymoon Couple sitting on beach
Honeymoon Couple relaxing on the Beach

Lastly, one of the chief bonuses provided is the duration variation this cruise package contains.

With departure durations of four, five, and eight days, you can stay as long as you feel comfortable. Some travelers want a shorter stay, while others might want to go for the long haul. Take a little time to think to yourself the amount of time you want to spend on this cruises.

Keep in mind, you get accustomed to being on a ship very rapidly. The longer you spend, the more spectacular things you will witness!

Personally, I would like to maximize my cruise as long as possible, unless you are trying to visit other surrounding countries such as Peru and the rest of Ecuador! Check out some of the possibilities here and here.

If you are newlywed looking into a dreamy honeymoon adventure, then I highly, highly recommend perusing the honeymoon packages aboard the Seaman’s Journey.

It provides endless adventures and romantic memories, and again budget is an important aspect especially for a newlywed couple.

Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages Basics

All Seaman Journey packages include:

  • Accommodation in twin or double suite cabins
  • All meals, Water, Coffee, and Tea
  • All Listed activities
  • Certified bilingual guide
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • All transfers in Galapagos

There are a few aspects of the trip that are not included in the basic package. However, we are glad to have them bundled to make it as easy as possible to have your honeymoon package booked. An example is the park entrance fee and the transit Control Card amount, which is $120.00 per person (This payment contributes to the conservation of the park. To learn more about these efforts, take a look here). Services such as these can easily be added to expedite your trip. Some of these Seaman Journey package expenses not provided include:

  • International airfare
  • Park entrance fee and Transit Control Card
  • Galapagos around airfare
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks
  • Wetsuit rentals
  • Personal expenses, tipping
  • Travel insurance
  • Quito or Guayaquil Hotel accommodation
  • Quito or Guayaquil airport transfers
  • Seaman Journey – Facilities & Comfort

Upper Deck cabins on the seaman are considered suites. These commodious rooms feature a larger room in comparison with the main deck twins. The suites include large panoramic windows and a spacious double bed. We recommend this option for honeymooners, as you want to maximize the “romantic quality” of the trip. More space and beautiful views is one simple way to do that, and I would certainly choose it when that time comes.

Seaman Journey Galapagos Catamaran Double Cabin
Romantic Suite of the Seaman's Journey


The Seaman Journey is a double hull catamaran. Double hulls mean you can expect smooth cruising throughout their honeymoon experience without the rocking sensation. More information about this vessel versus a single hull cruiser can be found here. You will not need to worry about your significant other getting sick on this ship!


With 90 feet in length, the Seaman Journey contains many common areas for guest’s relaxation and enjoyment. As you cruise the islands and surroundings, these areas add substantial comfort to the trip. Some of these areas include exterior Alfresco dining, luxurious interior lounges, and the sun deck. These are some of the many different places guests can interact and create great memories amongst the islands.

Seaman Journey Galapagos Catamaran-Solarium Deck
Sun deck on the Seaman's Journey

Seaman Journey – Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages

Western program C

Seaman Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages-Galapagos-Tortoise
Galapagos Tortoise in its natural environment

The Seaman Journey excels because of the wide variety of programs and packages available for newlyweds.

This allows them to cater to your ideal program and islands you may desire to visit.

The Western program C is available for a length of eight days and seven nights, which covers the most secluded and pristine islands of the archipelago.

Flora and fauna you can expect in this program include giant tortoises in their natural environment, the largest colony of tropical penguins endemic to the islands, the largest colony of marine iguanas, and countless land iguanas.  The amount of animals you will witness on a Galagos voyage is incredible.

Additionally, you will find yourself amazed by the countless unique landscapes and snorkeling points along the way!

Seaman’s Eastern program C1

This trip also has a duration of eight days and seven nights. However, it can also be taken individually for four or five days durations. This gives customers flexibility in choosing the length of time they want to spend cruising the islands. The C1 option will carry customers through the most popular and iconic islands in the Galapagos. Towards the South, you will see islands known for the abundance of Wildlife.

These are among the oldest islands in the archipelago and have had had time to develop large amounts of wildlife settlements over the years (Millions of them). This itinerary also covers the eastern island of San Cristobal, where guests will appreciate a diversity of marine life, lava formations and giant tortoises in their natural environment. The best part of all these visits is the “untouched pristine quality” of literally everything. Although there are many visitors in the park, guides do a wonderful job in maintaining the regulations of rules of the park. These changes make the impacts of visitors very minimal, and even unnoticeable.

Seaman Journey- Packages Costs

The Seaman Journey is very well priced for the many benefits and inclusions it offers. This is really crucial because the Galapagos is as expensive as it is. The Seaman’s Galapagos Cruise Honeymoon Packages packages are perfect because you truly get all the best luxuries of a cruise without breaking the bank. We recommend to any honeymooners, upgrade to the suites on the upper cabins. Because you save money on the Seaman’s Journey, you can splurge a little on the rooms! Any customers interested in finding a breakdown and comparison of rates between the shorter lengths of four days all the way up to eight-day departures, they can easily find them clearly listed on the website. For any other question, talk to the GreenGo Travel advisors!


About Keenan Ennis

Keenan Ennis studied Conservation and wildlife biology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This eventually lead him to a program in Ecuador studying hummingbirds and their keystone nutritional species in the Jama-Coaque Ecological Reserve. Since, he has worked with the critically endangered Bandurria Andina, or black-faced Ibis of the Andean Páramo. Through his ecological background, he provides an in depth insight into the conservation processes of the Galapagos Islands.

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