Top Galapagos cruises for families in 2020 + Tips
October 17, 2019
by on October 17, 2019

Top Galapagos cruises for families in 2020 + Tips

Make sure you pick the perfect galapagos cruise for your family. This article discusses economics, medical concerns, and cruises specialziing in children!

Bringing kids or elderly family members on vacation can turn into a nerve-wracking experience if you let it.  There are a lot of factors that come into play, including safety, food concerns, bedtime routines, and not to mention watching out for them constantly! With that said, you can ease your mind knowing Galapagos Cruises for families have a way of making it as easy to have a perfect experience.  Moreover, with proper planning and preparation, everything can go smoothly. Read on to find out exactly what it is these cruises have to offer families, and which cruises are the best for families. 

There are hundreds of new experiences for children and adults in the Galapagos!


Planning for a Family Vacation on a Galapagos Cruise

The first goal as a parent is identifying a Galapagos cruise and Itinerary that will work for your family.  The main considerations are choosing a cruise that suits your family’s needs. The second is choosing an itinerary that works out best and will include all members.   Note: Cruiseliners recommend the minimum age for kids traveling to the Galapagos is 6 years old.

Get your Discounts

Many cruises offer discounts for children. Children below the age of twelve get a 50% discount on the Galapagos National Park entrance fee. They are also eligible for discounts on airfare from the mainland.

Check with Greengo about this to learn more! They are informed on all the discounts, last-minute deals, and will definitely be about to help you fit your budget.

Pay Attention to the Itineraries

galapagos-cruises-for-families -Little girl staring at blue footed booby in galapagos
The best education is outside of class
Some itineraries are more physically demanding than others.

Trekking the Sierra Negra Volcano may be difficult if you have an elderly family member that has knee problems like my grandma.

The same goes for a young child that may not have enough endurance or energy.

This trek isn’t on every itinerary, and there are many itineraries that are very leisurely where you will still experience thousands of magical moments.

You can optimize your time by talking to a Greengo agent about which itineraries are best for children and elderly family members.

Sharing Rooms + Cruises with connected rooms

You want to make sure you can always keep an eye out for your children. Being on a ship can be a big adventure for your children, so we understand that you may want to keep them close at night. If it gets a little rocky, your child will have the comfort that you are with them.

When parents display a calm demeanor during any foreign boat movements and sounds, it rubs off on the children. Lucky for parents, cruise cabins are very customizable and connectable!

If you have concerns about rooms, talk to the Greengo Travel agents and they will clear up any questions such as which cruises have rooms suited for families including connecting rooms! The cruises listed below

Economics of a Galapagos Cruises for Families + Affordable cruises

galapagos-cruises-for-families - Woman holding childs hand as they watch plane takeoff
Save money and talk to Greengo
Let’s face it, Galapagos cruises can be pricey.  Adding a couple of extra mouths to feed (Tickets more like it) can add up.

The good thing is that there are cruises that do not sacrifice luxury and comfort while at the same time meets a great price point.

The agents know all the deals and will help you find them as quickly as possible.

An extra note, I went on the Legend with my family and it was a total blast.

There were kids on board and they were having the time of their lives.  Also, the cabins were incredible!

Keeping Kids Content Onboard + Ships specialized for children’s entertainment

Children develop routines and specific habits living at home. Vacation tends to throw everything out of whack! Luckily for the parents, cruise liners think of every possible scenario possible to keep children happy and smiling to the best of their ability. There are plenty of board games on most cruises to keep kiddos preoccupied at nighttime.   In terms of food, there will always be alternatives, especially for allergies.

One couple on my cruise was feeling a little queasy from the ship’s motion. The cruise staff whipped up an easily digestible and simple cheese and bread sandwich for them. They even removed the crust!

Ultimately, your kids will have everything they could want. Most cruises have Jacuzzis, charging stations for electronics, you name it. They won’t have time to think about anything that is missing, even though truly nothing is missing.

The ships listed below feature family departures with guides specially trained to keep kids’ interest up!  The guide understands how to keep kids enthusiastic and motivated by keeping lectures shorter and activities longer!

Origin Galapagos Yacht - Features
Origin ships provide special trips with children in mind!

Medical Concerns

Most parents that are going on vacation always have to think about medical treatment and safety. This is especially true if their child is prone to injuries or illness.  On Galapagos cruises, there are a lot of measurements in place in case there are any problems.

Medical Professionals + Cruises with 24-hour Medical Officers

Many cruises have doctors and medical professionals on board!  My dad was having some back issues, and he actually got a steroid shot and he was fixed right up.  If anything serious occurred, which rarely, rarely happens, a doctor will be aboard for medical treatment.  Not all ships have doctors, so if this is a top priority, talk with Greengo. However, know that all cruises have members on board that is professionally trained in first aid. The main priority of staff is prevention.

Sea Sickness Remedies – Galapagos cruises for families

I would say sickness is likely one of the biggest fears for the majority of parents.  Most parents still have bad (yet funny) memories of child-rearing moments involving contents of the stomach not staying where they belong.

Although these memories might be funny looking back, don’t make room for any deja vu moments on board.  There are a ton of remedies. Here a few of them that should definitely be looked into. If it was me and I had kids, they would be using every remedy in the book all at once. Not taking ANY risks! Important note, if you don’t want your kids using pills, there are natural remedies!

Safety for Excursions 

You will be doing a lot of excursions on these cruises, and safety is a huge priority. You will go on hikes and snorkeling activities every day multiple times a day.  Generally, the guide and a few assistants will always be present. They help every guest onto the ship and off for these activities. This assistance occurs every time. I have first-hand witnesses guides holding the hands of elderly guests on excursions for any of the iffy sections of a hike.  These hikes are generally very simple and easy to maneuver. But the guides and assistants are always watching and making sure that there is no difficulty. If you have an elderly or clumsy young child with you, trust me, you will be A-Okay!

Rewards of taking Galapagos cruises for families

galapagos-cruises-for-families - elderly couple dancing on the beach
I'm not crying, your crying!
Taking your family, children or your older family members can be a very rewarding experience. The Galapagos is a breathtaking destination that creates incredible memories that you can share with the people you love the most. Life is short. There aren’t many windows of opportunities in your life for these types of trips, especially as your kids get older.

While you have the time, seize the opportunity!  The Galapagos Islands are truly magical, and there is plenty to bond over.  Sometimes words aren’t necessary for bonding. Just the shared moments. You will experience hundreds of unforgettable moments on a family vacation on a Galapagos cruise.

When I look back at my own personal memories, having my father as a snorkel buddy in the Galapagos and looking at all the creatures together without fail brings tears to my eyes.  A vacation with family can be scary, but don’t let those concerns stop you from creating some of the best memories. Talk to a Greengo agent and start your plans!


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