Galapagos Family Cruises – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Galapagos Family Cruises – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Finding the right Galapagos Family cruises might seem overwhelming, here are 4 top things to keep in mind, when choosing a Galapagos cruise.

Looking for Family Galapagos Cruises? Family travel to the Galapagos Islands is itself an introspective and transformative adventure. No other location on Earth provides such a close touch with nature. A family trip to the Galapagos Islands should be filled with interesting and entertaining activities for children. This journey can broaden their perspective of the world, allowing them to feel like genuine explorers partaking in one-of-a-kind events.

Consequently, no two voyages are equal. Here at GreenGo Travel, we work with a number of vessels deemed perfect for family vacations to the Galapagos Islands. Depending on your requirements, we will propose a cruise that meets your specific requirements.

Our team includes locals, with over a decade of experience with all Galapagos and Ecuador travel related experiences. Leave the planning to us, since we are intimately familiar with the requirements and unique considerations you need before embarking on a journey. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday that will broaden your family’s perspective of the world.

1. How Large Will Your Family Be?

The greatest choice for your family or party is to rent a boat. You may have a personalized voyage with a team that specializes in the well-being of families.

M/Y WildAid’s Passion is the ideal vessel for family charters. This boat is created specifically for private family vacations and has the look of a luxury mansion in the middle of the ocean. It can hold up to thirteen passengers.

For smaller families ranging from 3 to 5 travelers in your party, sharing a cruise with other people is your best choice.
Want to be as near to your loved ones as possible? Certain ships include triple cabins that are ideal for accommodating a spouse and a youngster. Separately but not combined. Interconnected rooms allow you to keep your children close while still retaining your privacy. This condition must be met for a vessel to qualify as a Galapagos family cruise. Not every vessel has interconnecting staterooms. Sea Star Journey, Endemic, and Tip Top II are vessels with linked staterooms.



Family of 4, visiting the Galapagos Islands

2. Galapagos Family Cruises Age Requirement

The majority of Galapagos cruises welcome children of all ages on board. The minimum suggested age for children coming to the Galapagos Islands is six years old. The Galapagos Islands are a destination for expeditions. Every morning and every afternoon will be spent on island excursions, which might be demanding for young children.

However, none of these excursions are required, so you can decline specific excursions and remain onboard. Therefore, the age restriction is advised but not mandatory. Remember that if a youngster stays onboard during excursions, they must be accompanied by an adult. If children are to participate in the expedition, they must be able to walk for between one and two hours.

Some cruises include babysitter services so that parents may enjoy the activities without their children. This service is an additional fee to the cruise fare. There are several vessels (such as the M/Y WildAids Passion and the M/C Ocean Spray) that can accommodate a cot in the parents’ room if you opt to sail with a young child.


Child photographing a marine iguana

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3. Galapagos Family Cruises Comfort & Category

The cost of the journey varies on a few things:

1) The top guides: Keep in mind that the most experienced guides are typically employed on ships of higher classifications. The quality of the guide has a direct bearing on the children’s participation in the activities and the knowledge they will gain on their trip.

2) Cost, accommodation, and itinerary: Tourist-class cruises can be had for as little as $350 per person, per day. These ships often have bunk beds with little room. Regardless of the level you select, the program and excursions are quite identical. When vacationing with your family, first-class and deluxe cruises are the finest alternatives. We only propose these types of Galapagos family cruises owing to the experience of the guides, the amount of activities, their unique services, and the greater variety of possibilities. The daily rate for these cruises begins at $550 per person.

3) Discounts for children under 12: These reductions range between 15 and 25 percent. The discount might be up to 40 percent if the youngster stays in the same room as the parents. Treasure of Galapagos, Passion, and Odyssey are examples of cruises that offer youngsters a greater discount.

4) Single-Person Cabins: Family members who require a cabin for themselves may be required to pay an additional fee. The majority of ships feature accommodations for solo tourists. Today, the majority of cruise ships provide single cabins at no additional cost; nevertheless, as space is limited, it is prudent to inquire about availability in advance. S/S Mary Anne is the only cruise that does not charge a single-person premium for any stateroom.



Endemic Interconnected Cabins

4. Should We Consider A Land Based Tour?

Island hopping is a program that entails staying on a populous island and navigating to surrounding uninhabited islands. Typically, these packages are less expensive than cruises. The negative aspects are: You notice fewer visitor sites. It gets more difficult and time-consuming to travel between points. The benefit? You have far greater freedom in arranging your family’s vacation.

If you would rather spend a day relaxing on the beach or in the hotel pool, you are free to enjoy your vacation as you see fit. Simply customize the itinerary to your needs. We may adjust the pace of these itineraries to accommodate the family’s youngsters, so making the journey less stressful. In particular, we design Galapagos family vacations with alternate days of: navigational excursions, island exploration, culinary workshops, calmer planned activities, and much more!

Your complete comfort and pleasure are our goals, and if a day at the beach sounds more like your idea of an Ecuador family vacation, that’s just fine with us. If you are considering a land based tour, our Galapagos land-based tours – A comprehensive guide might be worth reading!


Finch Bay Hotel in Santa Cruz

So why you should choose a cruise?
Cruises take you to less frequented places, impossible to reach with land based tours, which means greater wildlife encounters and animals being less shy about human presences. Transportation between the Island Hopping tours is usually rather long. That time can be used on cruises to play and perform other activities.

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