A Practical Guide to Hotel-Booking in Quito

A Practical Guide to Hotel-Booking in Quito

If you are traveling to Quito, Ecuador, and need to book a hotel, we’ve prepared a practical guide for all you need to know.

Guide to Hotel Booking in Quito - Night View
Quito Panoramic View
Quito offers countless attractions of all kinds; hiding between its streets and its people are the wonders that only a city of history and magic can host. In addition, its special urban development and unique location in the middle of the Andes make Quito, the only city of its kind: a great metropolis in a reduced and natural space over the Equator line.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Quito is the ideal starting point to discover the fantastic environmental scenery that Ecuador possesses. From here, the visitor has the opportunity to choose the destination that he/she likes the most. The capital gives the necessary comforts to prepare trips to the most diverse destinations: towards the north and the south are the landscapes of the mountain range, towards the west are the beautiful beaches of the Route of the Sun, and towards the east the tourist can know the immense tropical forest of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Guide to Hotel Booking in Quito - City Hotel
Quito Hotel Accommodation
For this reason, when arriving in Quito, lodging will not be a problem. Quito’s hotel network, has 40,000 beds, according to city’s tourism organization. From five-star luxury hotels to residence hostels, Quito has a very wide range of options that fit the needs of both business travelers and backpackers. There are properties managed by international chains such as MERCURE Hotel Alameda Quito, Sheraton, and Swissotel, among others; and a significant offering of independent hotels, high class hostels, and economy class options. You can also find alternative options such as residences, motels, or apartments, giving visitors the freedom to choose what best suits their needs.

Many accommodation facilities are complemented with restaurants of national and international cuisine, casinos, bars with live music, gyms, swimming pools, massage rooms, aromatherapy, sauna, meeting and event rooms, and business centers. Access to these services depends upon the place and price. These lodging sites are distributed throughout Quito, most in the northern and central areas. Generally, the main hotels and hostels are grouped around an area that goes from 12 de Octubre Avenue to the surroundings of the Bicentennial Park, in the old airport on La Prensa Avenue.

Guide to Hotel Booking in Quito - Main Highway in the City
Quito Main Highway
Accommodation sites in Quito are classified by categories: luxury, first, second, third, and fourth. There are nine luxury hotels in the city, all located in strategic areas (i.e. shopping and tourist centers). The main streets through which visitors will arrive are 6 de Diciembre, Av. Amazonas, Av. Patria, Av. Shyris, Av. República, Av. 12 de Octubre, Av. Naciones Unidas and Av. González Suarez. These hotels are guaranteed to offer various services ranging from very comfortable rooms to large convention halls. These are recommended for business trips and guided tours by a travel agency.

The rest of the hotels are more economical and spread out in the main streets of the city. There are various types of accommodation along Amazonas Avenue and Juan León Mera (in the heart of Quito’s tourist and nightlife activity), with prices ranging from approximately $12 USD per night. These options are more frequented by Europeans, Australians, and US tourists.

Since 2013, when Mariscal Sucre airport moved to a new location outside Quito, many new hotels in Quito, are opening doors in Quito historic center, letting you stay very near to the city main attraction, but Mercure Hotel Alameda Quito, sits in the position to let you reach Quito Historic Center, as well the Mariscal and la Floresta tourist districts.

In almost all establishments, you can make a reservation in advance; all luxury hotels and most other establishments have an email address and offer certain facilities for reservations. Although Quito’s hotel network has never been saturated, pre-booking will avoid unnecessary discomfort when looking for accommodation.

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