Elite Galapagos Cruise Airfare – Flight Connection Guide

Elite Galapagos Cruise Airfare – Flight Connection Guide

All you need to know about Elite & their Galapagos airfare connections.

Elite Galapagos Cruise Airfare – Flight Connection Guide

Elite galapagos cruise airfare
Elite luxury interiors
The Elite is a luxury catamaran set to launch in September, 2019. The Elite is the sister vessel to the Endemic. It will have the exact same level of luxury. This vessel will be an awesome choice for cruising the Galapagos Islands.

In this article I’ll highlight the main features of the Elite. I’ll also go over how you can plan your flights for your cruise of the Galapagos based on Elite’s itinerary. And since connecting flights can be so tricky, I’ll give you the flight information to help you to make a smooth trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Aboard the Elite

elite galapagos cruise airfare Aboard the Elite
Elite sky deck
The Elite belongs to the category of luxury catamarans, but it has some unique features. These features may not be there in similar vessels in the same category. Some of these are;

  • A massive vessel size of over 38 meters (125 feet) long by 14 meters (46 feet) wide
  • Partially covered sky deck. This is a great al-fresco dining space for you to relax and enjoy the Islands
  • Unique architectural design of blending interiors and exteriors. This adds a level of luxury which doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the panoramic surroundings of the islands
  • Premium suites

There’s really no doubt that this catamaran belongs in the luxury category. And, since it is literally brand new, you can expect everything to be completely pristine aboard this vessel.

Features of the Elite

elite galapagos cruise airfare - Features of the Elite
Elite features
The Elite has the following benefits which are there in vessels in the same category. This is apart from the unique features explained above.

  • Convertible suits in twin or king configuration
  • Adjoining interconnected cabins
  • 180-degree panoramic views from interior lounge areas
  • Private balconies with sliding glass doors
  • Exterior whirlpool next to the bar and large lounge area
  • Cruise manager and bilingual naturalist guide
  • Amazing bottom-glass kayaks
  • Snorkel gear and wetsuits
  • Buffet style meals served for breakfast and lunch

The Elite is set with international standards for high end luxury. It has modern safety equipment and state of the art computers used for navigation. These features will ensure your safety on board.

The Elite is a vessel specifically built to cruise the Galapagos. It entertains children 7 years old and up. The Elite follows in the footsteps of its sister yacht the Endemic, and has a focus on the details. The reason that we know that this cruise will be phenomenal is because it’s already working on the Endemic, and the ship was built on a culmination of 20 years’ experience with luxury vessels in the Galapagos.

If you want to know more about the Elite and what it exactly it offers, check out GreenGo’s information page.

Itineraries Overview

elite galapagos cruise airfare -Itineraries Overview
Elite extensive programs
The islands tend to get crowded at times. This could make it difficult to get a decent itinerary authorized by the Galapagos Park. Considering this, the Elite has come up with some great itineraries.

All these all-inclusive itineraries have been authorized by the park, which was a surprise to competitors. Getting a new itinerary approved by the park is definitely not easy, and the owners of the Elite were swinging for the fences in terms of what they were pursuing.

The Elite has four separate programs which starts from 4 nights and goes up to 7 nights. You can decide on which you want to cruise on depending on your schedule. The best way to decide which itinerary to go for is by figuring out what you want to do in the Galapagos.

The Elite has an itinerary which is available as an 8 day program. This program covers the farthest points of the islands. It goes from the Eastern island of San Cristobal towards the West of Fernandina.

Another itinerary is available in four- and five-day lengths. You can even take it in its full length of 8 days. This breaks the program into 3 itineraries. Like its alternate program, this itinerary covers remote islands, except these ones are mostly to the South. This includes Floreana, Espanola and the most remote island towards the North called Genovesa.

Choosing an Itinerary

elite galapagos cruise airfare -Choosing an Itinerary
Elite wildlife
Whatever the itinerary you choose, you can have an amazing time in Islands. It’s just one of those things where you can’t really go wrong. You can find different kinds of animal behavior at various times of the year. To find out more, here’s a good article for you to read on Galapagos wildlife.

For example, do you want to see the hilarious mating dance of the blue-footed booby? You’re better off coming between June and August. The cute little Galapagos fur seal pups are seen in October. You can come to see the mating rituals of the magnificent frigatebirds in November. The mating and egg laying season of the Caribbean flamingos is during April and May. You can see their synchronized dancing at this time of the year.

Look at what’s happening when in the Islands, then book your trip. No matter what, you’ll get an experience that’s totally unique to this little corner of the earth.

Itineraries Breakdown

elite galapagos cruise airfare Itineraries Breakdown
Flight connection guide
The Elite sets sail on Saturdays and Tuesdays depending on the itinerary you choose.

The official airline to operate all the Elite’s programs is AVIANCA

Inbound Flight: #AV1636 / Departs UIO 09:00  / Arrives GYE 09:45 / Arrives SCY 11:30
Outbound Flight: #AV1637 / Departs SCY 12:30 / Arrives GYE 15:20 / Arrives UIO 17:00
Galapagos Airports: Starts and ends in San Cristobal airport
Operational Days: Saturday to Saturday

Inbound Flight: #AV1636 / Departs UIO 09:00 / Arrives GYE 09:45 / Arrives SCY 11:30
Outbound Flight: #AV1633 / Departs GPS 10:05 / Arrives GYE 12:55 / Arrives UIO 14:50
Galapagos Airports: Starts in San Cristobal airport and ends in Baltra airport
Operational Days: Saturday to Tuesday

Inbound Flight: #AV1632 / Departs UIO 06:45 / Arrives GYE 07:30 / Arrives GPS 09:20
Outbound Flight: #AV1637 / Departs SCY 12:30 / Arrives GYE 15:20 / Arrives UIO 17:00
Galapagos Airports: Starts in Baltra airport and ends in San Cristobal airport
Operational Days: Tuesday to Saturday

Extended Visits

The Elite is a top recommendation if you want a combined or extended itinerary, as it really caters to this option. This kind of itinerary allows you to visit the farthest points of the islands with an extended stay.

One thing to remember is that both full-length programs start and end in the island of San Cristobal. It’s better to get your airfare issued through the cruise instead of doing it by yourself. This is also recommended with other vessels in the luxury category. Do this and you’re guaranteed to have the correct route and ports of entry and departure booked.

If you need any help with regard to your Galapagos cruise trip, you can reach out to the guys at GreenGo Travels. Their experience in handling these cruises will let you have a great time exploring.

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