Galapaguera Natural – Galapagos

San Cristobal Island

Galapaguera Natural - Galapagos Islands

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Galapaguera Natural Highlights

Galapaguera Natural is a great location to observe giant tortoises in their natural environment. The beach is large and serves as a nesting area for sea turtles. In the months from January to May it is common to find traces of the females who have risen to the sand dunes to lay their eggs. An extended hike is available to reach Media Cone, with about 5km per way, an overall 3 1/2 hoursĀ  of hiking to the cone & back.

Main Features: Giant Tortoises in their Natural Environment, Extended Trek
Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Hiking
Type of Landing: Wet Landing: Off a dhingy ride in Beach shore
Fitness: Low/High

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