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Isabela Island - Galapagos Islands

Isabela Island Highlights

The largest island in the Archipelago was formed by the merging of 6 shielded volcanoes creating a single landmass now known as Isabela. Most of the volcanoes remain active to this day & vast volcanic fields is predominant in the northern volcanoes with little vegetation. The lower southeastern part of the island is where the third largest town in the archipelago is found, Villamil Port & its southern surroundings exhibit unique & dense vegetation zones that set the perfect environment for rich animal life & endemic species.

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Islands Overview:

Location: Western Galapagos
Extent of Island: 4,640 sq Kilometers / 1,790 sq Miles
Highest Point: 1,707 Meters / 5,600 Feet
Highlights: The most Volcanic Island, Wild Tortoises, Unique Flora & Fauna

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