Punta Shark Bay

Punta Shark Bay Overview
Nestled within the Galapagos Archipelago, Shark Bay at Wolf Island stands as an underwater marvel, renowned as one of the finest dive sites globally. This exceptional location offers a unique window into the rich marine life of the Galapagos, making it a must-visit spot for diving enthusiasts. Shark Bay is celebrated for its remarkable array of marine creatures. Divers can expect encounters with the majestic Hammerhead and Galapagos Sharks, along with the elusive Whale Sharks.

This site also boasts a vibrant spectrum of fish, rays, turtles, and various marine mammals, presenting a microcosm of the iconic Galapagos wildlife.

Interesting Facts and Highlights

  • Hammerhead Shark Gatherings: The site is particularly famous for the significant number of Hammerhead sharks that gather here, offering a rare spectacle for divers.

  • Whale Shark Encounters: Although not guaranteed, the chance of encountering Whale Sharks adds an element of excitement to every dive.

  • Diverse Marine Life: Divers can also expect to see dolphins, and occasionally whales, amidst the rich biodiversity of Shark Bay.

  • Superb Diving Conditions: The site is renowned for its excellent diving conditions, making it a favorite among seasoned divers.

Nearby Dive Sites and Attractions

  • Fondeadero: One of the few locations in the Galapagos where night diving is allowed, offering a unique perspective of the undersea world.

  • North Islet / La Banana: Known for its stunning sheer wall with caverns and tunnels, this site is perfect for spotting a wide range of marine life.

  • The Cave and The Landslide Dive Sites: These sites are similarly renowned for their abundance of Hammerheads and Galapagos Sharks.

Planning Your Visit

When planning a trip to Shark Bay, consider the seasonal variations and the type of marine life you wish to encounter. It's advisable to consult with dive experts to tailor an itinerary that meets your specific interests and experience level.

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Fast Facts about Punta Shark Bay

Main Features: Whale sharks, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, dolphins
Interaction In Site: Diving
Type of Landing: Wet
Fitness: Medium/High


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