Pozas Verdes

Pozas Verdes Overview
Wetlands are in very close proximity to Villamil Port, the Wetlands is a complex of trails that encompasses numerous sites , El Estero - a path of lava rocks & variety of Mangrove species, La Poza - a stone & wood path with a mangrove forest, Poza Redonda - a pool formed inside a lava tube, Tunel Del Estero - a lava tunnel, Love beach, Los tunos & La Playita, all these sites, lagoons, swamps  & Mangrove forests offer a great diversity in flora & fauna.

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Fast Facts about Pozas Verdes

Main Features: Lava Tunnels, Variety in mangroves, Endemic bird species
Interaction In Site: Hiking, Bird Watching
Type of Landing: Dry Landing - Accessible on foot
Fitness: Low

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