Cabo Marshall

Cabo Marshall Overview
Cabo Marshall is on the North East coast of Isabella island, the largest of the Galapagos islands. This headland is in the shadow of Wolf volcano. The volcano remains active and has erupted as recently as 2015. The lava flows from the last eruption threatened the rare pink iguana which is unique to Galapagos. Fortunately, this particular eruption was not as severe as had been feared but the wildlife in the area remains under threat from volcanic activity. In addition to the iguanas there are colonies of sea lions, sea birds and turtles.

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Fast Facts about Cabo Marshall

Main Features: Not only is the topography of this site distinct and fascinating, but so is the marine life! The “usual” sea turtles and sea lions swim along with you and the Chevron barracuda, yellow fin tuna, marbled rays, mobula rays, snappers, and more!
Interaction In Site: Diving
Type of Landing: Wet
Fitness: High


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