Lava Lizard

Lava Lizard Overview
The Galapagos Lava lizard is a small reptilian species widespread across the Galapagos islands. There are multiple species within the lava lizard family across South America, with seven total within the Galapagos Islands. Interestingly, there is a different Galapagos lizard species on every island. The colors of the reptile have a wide range, with greys, greens, browns, and blacks. The males are generally brighter coloured with yellow specks or gold stripes. Females have a red throat or head. Despite being such a small creature, the territory of the lava lizard can be up to 400 square meters.

Fun Fact

How do the males ward of other males from the territory? Like species of humans, they use pushups to display their strength and fieceness, which makes them appear larger and intimidating! If the other intruder is feeling fierce that day, a pushup contest ensues. If that doesn't resolve anything, tail whipping and biting may occur.

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