Hoary Bat

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The Hoary bat is a widespread larger insectivorous bat species with stunning red fur and with white frosty tips. A thick fur covers the tip of its tail to just beyond the wrists and along the undersides of its wings. During the day, they are inactive, hiding within trees, snags, and perched in trees, although they may be found convalescing in caves with other bat species. Due to their colouration, they can seamlessly blend with trees, perfectly camouflaged. Their primary diet is composed of moths and dragonflies, and they can be seen swooping and diving for insects during the night. Typically the bats leave their roosts soon after dusk. They often have two foraging periods, one in the early evening and another an hour before sunrise. In terms of the lifestyle, the Hoary Bat is generally a solitary creature. However, they do form family groups, which is composed of the and her young.

Fun Fact

Female Hoary bats have delayed fertilization, in which male bat's sperm is stored in the female reproductive tract all winter and doesn't fertilize the egg until the next spring. * The Hoary Bat is thought to have a gestation period of only 40 days *This species is solitary and they only form groups during migration and the mating season. *Unlike most other animals that use echolocation, the sounds that the hoary bats generate are audible to humans.