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Nemo 3 Galapagos Catamaran

The Nemo 3 Galapagos Catamaran is the newest addition to the fleet, a first class vessel with an outstanding approach to the islands, a common trademark among Nemo’s fleet. The perfect combination of commodity and privacy, all within the unique setting of the Galapagos Islands. A service-centric appointed vessel with the perfect amount of features.

Nemo 3 Galapagos Catamaran Highlights:

Large exteriors with a Jacuzzi and sundeck, private sea level cabins with great stability, and a wide variety of meals. Comprehensive programs are available from short to long itineraries, catering to a wide range of guests. All things considered, the Nemo 3 Galapagos catamaran is sure to live up to the standards of its sister’s vessels with similar traits coupled with its own personal touch.

Xavier Galapagos Yacht Thumbnail

The Xavier Galapagos Yacht excels in service and value. Guests can benefit from gourmet meals; daily excursions to explore the Galapagos and unparalleled views from a broad top deck.

Xavier Galapagos Yacht Highlights:

A spacious yacht that accommodates up to 16 passengers all in twin cabins (no bunks). Additional facilities in cabins include windows or portholes, air-conditioned rooms and private bathrooms. A great cruise paired with an exceptional crew that includes a certified bilingual guide guarantees a tour of a lifetime. The Xavier Galapagos Yacht was built to cruise the islands and provide guests with panoramic ocean views throughout their stay.

Coral 1 & 2 Galapagos Yacht

Excelling in providing guests fine cruising, outstanding services and amenities for unique experiences. Sister Luxury Yachts Coral 1 & 2 Galapagos Yachts redefine the discovery of the Archipelago with unparalleled encounters.

Coral 1 & 2 Galapagos Yachts Highlights:

With 36 & 20 passengers in capacity, Coral 1 & 2 Galapagos Yachts feature just the right size to benefit from the personal touch of smaller ships and added services of bigger vessels. Common areas include a mini library, panoramic windows, shaded and opened areas for sunbathing, a jacuzzi and Alfresco grill for exterior served meals. Cabins range from regular twins to interconnected cabins for families. Programs have been carefully divided into short tours, Central – West – South & North East, providing quality visits in short programs, and extensive itineraries when combined.

Grand Queen Beatriz Galapagos Yacht Thumbnails

Part of the newest fleet of Catamarans in the Galapagos, the Queen Beatriz Galapagos Catamaran was built with close attention to detail and comfort in mind.

Queen Beatriz Galapagos Catamaran Highlights:

Cabins are available in a variety of forms, a double suite, deluxe doubles and standard twin cabins with the majority of them carrying their private balcony. Lounge areas include a spacious salon with a large flat screen where daily briefings take place, an open dining area for buffet meals and a vast solarium with shaded areas. A mini library with Galapagos literature is available in the interior salon. The Queen’s itineraries have been carefully put together, offering fantastic programs covering the Central-South and North-Eastern parts of the islands.

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