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Fragata Galapagos Yacht - Thumbnails

The Fragata Galapagos Yacht is the upgraded version of its sister yacht Golondrina, sharing the same in-depth itineraries and loops ranging from 4 to 15 days but with more size and superior comfort. Spacious twin wooden cabins, panoramic sundecks, a diving platform, and comfortable lounge areas are all part of the many comforts guests can make use of during their stay. Unique itineraries range from short five days tours covering the west to all-encompassing 15-day programs that encompass the southern and north islands. The Fragata Galapagos Yacht has gained prevalence among travelers looking for an unforgettable Galapagos experience with condensed short programs with all the comforts of a modern and stylish yacht. To lead you through your journey, a professional staff trained in the service industry ready to help you make the most of your once in a lifetime Galapagos visit.

Cabins of the Fragata Galapagos Yacht
Each stateroom of the Fragata Galapagos Yacht features air conditioning, and twin or double beds fitted with hotel-quality linens. Additionally, each cabin has charging ports for electronics, reading lights, large picture windows, and plenty of storage space. All guests have an ensuite private bathroom with a hot shower, towels, and toiletries.

Social Areas of the Fragata Galapagos Yacht
From an upper deck solarium, enjoy striking views of the Galapagos Islands while relaxing in the equatorial rays. Looking out into the horizon, you always see some of the Galapagos wildlife. At night, head up to this spot to witness beautiful sunsets and an unrivaled showcasing of the stars. Interior living areas of the Fragata Galapagos yacht are both spacious and cosy, with plenty of entertainment options. This includes a salon area with a large extended couch, a curated library with a generous selection, a flat-screen television, and board games. The dining area is tastefully decorated and designed in the traditional ship style with wood immaculate wood finishing. Here, enjoy three delicious meals prepared by the professional sous chef, featuring a variety of international and national cuisine. Nearby is a bar stocked with premium international and national liquors, fine wines, and local beers. Additionally, a coffee and tea station is constantly replenished throughout the day.

Itineraries of the Fragata Galapagos Yacht
Enjoy an adventure of a lifetime with specialized itineraries running from four to eight days. Each route is unique in its own way, but each features otherwordly wildlife settlements, treks through volcanic landscapes, world-class snorkelling sites, pristine beaches, and fascinating historical sites. Your naturalist guide bilingual, catering to a variety of guests, and has an intimate knowledge with every aspect of the Islands.

Floreana Galapagos Yacht - Thumbnails

The Floreana Galapagos Yacht stands out from other yachts in its category offering itineraries that run for eight days only, an itinerary method usually only found in higher classes. Their extensive loops cover the north-west featuring Genovesa and Fernandina, and the south loop including the famous islands; Floreana and Espanola. An excellent approach for those looking to cruise the islands in a modern yet affordable yacht. With eight double cabins, Floreana can accommodate up to 16 passengers in bunk-beds. An ample sundeck and lounge areas offer its guests comfortable reading spaces or lounge areas to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Golondrina Galapagos Yacht - Thumbnails

A favorite cruise among past travelers; the Golondrina Galapagos yacht provides affordable rates and in-depth itineraries for guests looking for the adventure of a lifetime. Their five-day itinerary covering the west loop of the Galapagos, rare in cruises of all classes, marks the appeal and variety found within programs. A cost-effective way of cruising the islands, Golondrina Galapagos yacht has proven over and over to be an excellent choice. A spacious and beautifully appointed cruise that offers guests with clean and unobtrusive amenities. One of the few yachts in the islands to offer a five-day tour covering the west loop; a rare commodity as most cruises tend to cover this portion of the islands on eight-day programs. Lastly, a professional and welcoming staff awaits your arrival, ready to make the most of your journey and assist you every step of the way.

The Golondrina Galapagos yacht balances perfectly indoor and outdoor areas, affording guests plenty of places to find a corner on their ship to enjoy the spectacular Galapagos views and unwind between excursions in the afternoon. Soak up the equatorial rays on the sundeck solarium while watching Galapagos wildlife pass by, and enjoy stunning sunsets and stars in the evening. Additionally, the shaded lounge area is perfect for enjoying a snack, feeling the sea breeze, and mingling with the other guests.

Heading into the interior, guests have a classicly decorated salon area with wood finishes, plenty of furnishing, and a flatscreen television with DVD for enjoyment. Nearby, enjoy the full bar stocked with international and local liquors, beer, and fine wines. The dining experience of the Golondrina Galapagos yacht is exquisite, with a professional sous chef preparing three daily meals using local ingredients. Enjoy the best of international cuisine, along with local specialities and fresh seafood. These meals are typically served buffet-style, allowing guests to eat until satisfied.

The Itineraries of the Golondrina Galapagos yacht really stand out, holding itinerary options not typically found on other cruises. Among them, the five-day western loop which explores much of Isabela Island, which holds the Sierra Negra volcano, bountiful marine species including whales, penguins, and dolphins, and a land rich area with wildlife species like the wild tortoises. The Golondrina has many other itinerary options, with durations of four to eight days all of which are combinable for extended stays.

Leading you throughout the adventure is your Galapagos natural park guide, a veteran of the trade with knowledge of every inch of the park. He is extremely entertaining and always friendly, taking your safety as a priority at all times. For help on route choice, don’t hesitate to speak with our professional travel staff or head over to the blog section full of in-depth guides.

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