Guangana Trail & Añangucocha Lagoon Exploration

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DAY 6: Guangana Trail & Añangucocha Lagoon Exploration
Yasuni Expedition


Today we will walk the “guangana” trail, where we will reach 250 meters above sea level (high difficulty). This trail combines flooded and dry forest, swamps and biodiversity of plant species, offering another exciting experience inside the Ecuadorian Amazon. On this location named after white collared peccaries “guanganas” we will try to find this unique mammals that inhabit this place.

It is also likely to find jaguar and wild cat footpaths. During this hike, our local guide will explain about tropical rainforest ecosystems. In the afternoon we will navigate the Añangucocha lagoon and its adjacent stream, called “cariañangu”. Throughout this tour we will appreciate the flora that surrounds this path, home of howler and spider monkeys, giant otters and many other species.

Other Details about Guangana Trail & Añangucocha Lagoon Exploration

Meals Included: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Schedule: Full Day

*Tours and daily activities are subject to change, due to weather & park authorities.