Kapawi: Embracing Nature and Culture

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DAY 4: Kapawi: Embracing Nature and Culture
Cultural Immersion


So far, you have spent two days exploring the forest, river, and community life. Depending on the time of the year, there are always special nature and culture options to explore. Maybe the fig trees are fruiting and this makes for an opportunity to observe wildlife in specific places in the forest, or maybe one of the communities has a special event where we can participate, or maybe, there is an specific activity that you want to do.
There is really no need to plan ahead for active adventures at Kapawi. The Amazon Rainforest is a magical place that changes all the time, so we leave this day open to customize the best experience available at the time. Also, after a couple of full days at Kapawi, most people appreciate some relaxing time at the lodge.
On this day, we still offer Wayus time in the morning, as well as early activities before breakfast. We can plan more forest, river, or community experiences, and sometime during the day, usually in the evening or after dinner, we will meet to talk and exchange observations about the experience.
Kapawi Ecolodge is a community-owned enterprise that is a crucial part of the local life, and that hopes to portray an honest representation of the challenges and opportunities that the Achuar nation face today. Has Kapawi's experience achieved this? Are there areas where Kapawi can improve? Are there areas or ideas that you as a traveler can contribute to Kapawi? These are always questions that the Achuar hosts have. This moment is also ideal for sharing about the travel purpose. Has Kapawi's experience helped in achieving this purpose? What are the main lessons from this experience that are useful in your life?
We usually plan a sharing circle at some point during the day, where the people can share their experience, ask questions to the community or to the visitors, to spark conversation and sharing between the community and the travelers.

Other Details about Kapawi: Embracing Nature and Culture

Meals Included: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Schedule: Full Day

*Tours and daily activities are subject to change, due to weather & park authorities.