Ecuador's Altitudes & Amazon Adventure

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DAY 1: Ecuador's Altitudes & Amazon Adventure
Cultural Immersion


The idea of this day is to observe Ecuador's regions, feel the altitude of the highlands and the change in climate as we descend to the Amazon Basin. The drive starts in Quito at 2,500 meters above sea level, and will end at 1,000 in Puyo, next to the town of Shell where the adventure to Kapawi begins.
Upon arrival to Shell, we will get you ready for the 50-minute flight to the Achuar community of Kusutkau. The flight covers roughly 160 kilometers, ying deep into the southeastern region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. From Kusutkau, it is a 20-minute boat ride to the ecolodge.
Upon arrival to Kapawi, the resident Manager will take you to the main social and dining area, where he will give an introductory talk about the ecolodge, provide some recommendations, and take us to our bungalows. After the introductory brieng, you will be taken to your cabins. Lunch will be served in our dining area at 1 pm.
The activity at Kapawi for the afternoon will include a short introductory hike in the forest. This hike is roughly 1-kilometer long, and it includes several stops, where the naturalist and local guides explain the ecology of the Amazon Tropical Rainforest. It is an easy hike that can take 1-2 hours.
After the introductory hike and before dinner, you will have several options to choose from. Swimming or paddling in the river right from our dock is always available, as well as relaxing in our social areas by the river or in the main area where our dining area and bar are located.
Dinner at the lodge is served at 7.30 pm, and after dinner you will go over the next day's plan and activities together with our guide.
The first night at Kapawi is also an excellent opportunity share with the Achuar hosts. You can use this moment to listen and comment about the travel options you will have for the next few days. This will help us customize and plan the travel experiences for the next few days.

Other Details about Ecuador's Altitudes & Amazon Adventure

Meals Included: Lunch,Dinner
Pickup / Drop Off: Pickup,Lodge Drop Off
Schedule: Half Day

*Tours and daily activities are subject to change, due to weather & park authorities.