Island Escapes: Galapagos Day Tours Unveiled

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DAY 10: Island Escapes: Galapagos Day Tours Unveiled
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Embark on a unique adventure where your destination varies by the week. Each island offers a distinct experience, from snorkeling with penguins to trekking alongside ancient iguanas. Discover the unique charm of each location based on your final schedule.

Bartolome Island: Scenic Beauty

  • Features: Pinnacle Rock, penguins, snorkeling.
  • Brief: Famous for its Pinnacle Rock and vibrant landscapes, Bartolome offers exceptional snorkeling and wildlife viewing, with its beaches and unique tropical penguin sightings.

North Seymour Island: Wildlife Encounter

  • Features: Frigatebirds, sea lions, volcanic history.
  • Brief: Home to frigatebirds and sea lions, North Seymour reveals the Galapagos' volcanic past and rich wildlife along a 2-mile trail.

South Plazas Island: Iguana Realm

  • Features: Land and hybrid iguanas, large sea lion colony.
  • Brief: Known for its iguanas and significant sea lion colony, South Plazas showcases the Galapagos' biodiversity amid cacti landscapes.

Santa Fe Island: Ancient Echoes

  • Features: Giant Opuntia, cliffs, rare iguanas.
  • Brief: Santa Fe offers a glimpse into the Galapagos' ancient volcanic origins, with its giant Opuntia forest and scenic vistas, hosting elusive land iguanas.

Other Details about Island Escapes: Galapagos Day Tours Unveiled

Meals Included: Breakfast,Lunch
Pickup / Drop Off: Hotel Pickup,Hotel Dropoff
Schedule: Full Day

*Tours and daily activities are subject to change, due to weather & park authorities.