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As you enter the realm of the rainforests, you will become aware of life at every step: mushrooms and fungi below, tree trunks festooned with liverworts, lichens and mosses, giant ferns reaching up to the light above, swirling mists and clouds of moisture. And then, from nowhere, comes the sound of rushing water, a waterfall amid this glistening, green world, where you can revive your senses. The wonders waiting at Mashpi Lodge will delight the worldliest nature lover. Perched at 900 m (3,116 feet) above sea level and surrounded by lower montane rainforest and cloudforest, Mashpi Lodge is surrounded by a profusion of plant species, from ferns and bromeliads to hundreds of orchid species, many newly-discovered. A staggering 500 species of bird – including some 36 endemics – are estimated to inhabit the forest, fluttering through the canopy. Monkeys, peccaries and even puma make their homes inside the Reserve crisscrossed with waterfalls between dramatic, verdant hills.

The bellavista reserve is a dream come true, not just for us, but for every nature lover and bird-watcher – with less than 1 hour 45 minutes from the heart of Quito city. Bellavista Cloudforest is a private reserve at the top of the famed Tandayapa Valley, near Mindo, in an area that has won the highest 24 hour bird count in 2006, 2007, and 2008 in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count for the Americas. What was initially a 55 hectare reserve has now become a certified ecolodge with a 700 hectare private reserve now known as Bellavista Cloudforest. For anyone who seeks to immerse him or her self in its mysteries, soak in its vast views, anyone who wants to discover its rare and endemic birds, orchids and other species, anyone who wants to discover true peace and wild places, anyone who loves forests, there are few places like it so easily accessible!

The ideal lodge for birdwatching, Tandayapa bird lodge is found in the Andean cloud forest ideal for nature lovers. Everything about Tandayapa bird lodge has this in mind, be it the deck with hummer feeders, the outdoor jacuzzi, the many setups for hummer photography, or the butterfly feeding area. Yes, it’s a place where you can see fifteen-twenty hummers in a day, and over one hundred species from the balcony alone. Now, throw in the canopy deck, the large forest floor feeding hide, an extensive trail system, and easy access to plenty of other nearby sites, and you possibly have the ultimate nature and relaxation based destination. Whether you come for the hummingbirds, nature photography, serious birding, botany, or just to relax for a few days, you will find Tandayapa Lodge is the place for experiencing the fantastic Chocó bioregion.

Self described as a hotspot for its stellar location and its incredible wildlife and vegetation, Arasha Resort is a retreat with nature itself. With an impressive resort built from the ground up having nature as its canvas, you will feel part of your surroundings in Arasha Resort. Submerged in its ecological sensitive bungalows providing all its guests with with a variety of services that will complement your stay. Self guided trails, guided tours & night walks are only a part of the different services that can be arranged directly at the resort. Be sure to stop by the spa, where an assortment of treatments like soothing massages and full body treatments are at your disposal. Arasha Resort offers exquisite cuisine with a variety of local & International dishes, catering guests with the most discerning palates.

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