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The award-winning Galapagos Sea Star Journey Yacht (formerly known as The Grand Odyssey) blends luxury, privacy, and relaxation all within the beautiful settings of the Galapagos Islands. This stunning megayacht features eight spacious Galapagos & Matrimonial suites, with cabin arrangements for twin cabins and connected suites available for families, equipped with large windows, private bathrooms & air conditioning. The Master Suite features a minibar with a flat-screen. Local and International meals prepared by a specialized chef and served in a cozy and personalized atmosphere catering to different palates. The yacht offers a large solarium with shaded and opened areas and two Jacuzzi’s, Social areas include a Salon, mini-library and video library as well as a play zone for kids (during family departures). Expertly crafted onshore excursions allow passengers to get within arms-length of the Galapagos animals.

Upper Deck Solarium of the Galapagos Sea Star Journey Galapagos Yacht
One of the features that made the Sea Star Journey Yacht an award-winning cruise is the unrivaled upper deck solarium, featuring not one but TWO jacuzzis. This is a feature unique to Galapagos cruises, allowing guests to soak in the warm pools without having to compete for a spot. Additionally, the upper deck design affords brilliant 360 panoramic views of the Galapagos Islands. As your Sea Star Journey Galapagos cruise captain takes you to the next destination, you’ll enjoy sunsets, marvelous geographical formations formed over millions of years, magnificent volcanoes, and Galapagos frigatebirds flying overhead.

Additionally, outdoor Bali beds found in both shaded and unshaded affords guests ultimate relaxation. There is plenty of outdoor furniture for passengers to wind down between excursions and in the afternoon, breathe in the fresh Galapagos air, and participate in an intimate conversation or book reading.

Luxury cabins of the Sea Star Journey Galapagos Yacht
Tastefully decorated staterooms feature every amenity and comfort you could possibly need for your stay in the Galapagos Islands. Each room of the Sea Star journey Galapagos cruise has bountiful closet space for storing your belongings, a work desk for any writing and a safe to lock up your valuables. Additionally, rooms feature large ensuite private bathrooms with an overhead rain shower head with hot water perfect for getting ready for the evening. Moreover, bathrooms include hairdryers and all the toiletries needed, which will be replaced daily by the housekeeping crew. Choose between a double bed or twin beds during your stay, fitted with high-grade linens and mattresses. For a truly exclusive experience, upgrade to the matrimonial suite that includes a king-sized bed, a lounge area with cozy furniture, a flat-screen tv, and a large balcony

Living and Dining Area on the Sea Star Journey Galapagos Yacht
Between excursions and in the evening, enjoy the interior areas of the Sea Star Journey Galapagos cruise with plenty of entertainment options and areas for relaxation. The salon area contains roomy furniture with a large flat-screen TV where your class three naturalist guide with the brief you the following day’s activities.

At the bar, your professional barman can craft a variety of delicious cocktails, or provide you with various wine options. Enjoy a choice selection of premium international and local spirits, along with refreshing local beer. Thrice daily the onboard sous chef will prepare unbelievably mouth-watering dishes with a combination of international and national cuisine. Between excursions, deliciously crafted snacks and tropical fruit juices. They say you never go hungry on a Galapagos cuisine, and the Sea Star Journey Yacht makes no exception.

Bonus Features of the Sea Star Journey Galapagos Yacht
Minors from 5 -11 years of age are eligible for a 20 percent cruise discount.



The Odyssey Galapagos Yacht brings comfort and style to a whole new level; among the most luxurious cruises in its class. The Odyssey provides all guests with an unforgettable experience, combining fine cruising with unobtrusive and well-appointed amenities, enhancing visitor’s experience to the islands. A 16 passenger yacht with an intimate and personalized atmosphere. Interiors feature stylish carved wooden finishes with spacious common areas and nine air-conditioned cabins suitable for a variety of guests. Programs are available in 5 and 6-day arrangements, as opposed to the popular 8-day itineraries, providing guests with a short feature-packed program jam-packed with the best Galapagos visit points, which are even better when combined.

Staterooms of the Odyssey Galapagos Yacht
For the duration of your Galapagos journey, relax in absolute comfort inside one of nine cosy ocean-view cabins. Within, enjoy well-appointed and well lit-rooms with large picture windows affording the best breathtaking landscapes of the Galapagos. Each cabin features plenty of space for belongings, including a large wardrobe and plenty of compartments along with a safe for valuables. Whether you are a solo traveler, a family, or a honeymooning couple, the Odyssey Galapagos cruise has an option for you with plenty of room options including one double bed, twin beds, and even triple accommodation including both a double and twin bed. Beds are fitted with hotel quality linens, with bedside tables including charging ports for electronics and reading lights. As a bonus feature, the odyssey includes a work desk, perfect for uploading your pictures from your camera. Lastly, each stateroom contains a massive private ensuite bathroom with luxury toiletries, picture windows, two sinks, a hairdryer, and marble vanity.

Living areas of the Odyssey Galapagos Yacht
During your stay, enjoy your new home full of generous social areas. The Odyssey Galapagos cruise has stunning exterior areas, including a large upper deck solarium full of cosy chaise lounge furniture where you can spot Galapagos wildlife, catch up on your current book, and sip on a tropical cocktail. As the equatorial rays are strong and you have plenty of outdoor time during excursions, you’ll soon end up in the shaded upper deck area featuring a jacuzzi, and two large outdoor day beds. Perhaps our favorite of the exterior areas, the intimate outdoor dining area with ocean views for all guests. There is nothing like relishing in a world-class meal while viewing picturesque Galapagos sunsets with a backdrop of immense volcanic formations and frigatebirds elegantly flying.

Within the interior of the Odyssey Galapagos Yacht, a commodious and tastefully decorated salon and dining spots are perfect for relaxation. The area is full of large and sumptuous sofas, with large panoramic windows lining the entire area. A coffee, snack, and tea station are available 24/7, constantly replenished throughout the day. Better yet, head to the full bar stocked with high-quality spirits, fine wines, and local beer. Ask the professional bartender to make you any cocktail, and watch as he expertly crafts whatever you desire. In the Salon area, enjoy the large flatscreen TV, where your Galapagos naturalist guide will provide a 15-minute briefing on the following day’s activities.

Itineraries of the Odyssey Galapagos Yacht
We are a big fan of the itineraries of the Odyssey Galapagos cruise, featuring 5 and 6-day adventures throughout the islands. In our opinion, this is the perfect amount of time to get a great idea of what the Islands are all about. Additionally, these trips explore entirely different areas of the Galapagos, with a south, North, and West based programs. If you are in for the long hull, explore combining itineraries for longer stays. Check out our blog section to find which you should choose, as each explores their own set of hidden gems, wildlife settlements, snorkel hotspots, and more. Alternatively, speak with our expert travel team about the itineraries of the Odyssey Galapagos yacht for the big picture. Throughout your trip, your expert naturalist bilingual guide will escort you through the islands, bringing words to the unique actions of the wildlife, the fascinating volcanic landscapes, and of course answer any questions you may have.

Explore the Galapagos Islands like never before aboard the Tip Top 4 Galapagos Yacht, one of three vessels run by the veteran cruise operator Tip Top cruises, veterans and pioneers within the Galapagos cruise industry since 1982. The Tiptop 4 is a 125-foot first class M/Y yacht comprised of well-appointed interior/exterior areas, ten luxurious cabins fitted with high-quality amenities, all-encompassing itineraries packed with Galapagos wildlife hotspots, and a dedicated staff of eight professionally trained in their trade. Flexible accommodation options are perfect for all adventurers, including solo travellers, families, and couples. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, look no further than the Tip Top 4.

Cabins of the Tip Top 4 Galapagos Yacht
10 Cabins are available on the Tip Top 4 Galapagos cruise, with five on the lower deck and four on the upper deck. Each stateroom features bountiful storage space including a personal safety box for valuables, charging ports for electronics, air conditioning, and bedding fitted with hotel quality linens. Additionally, each bedroom contains a private ensuite bathroom with hot showers, luxury toiletries, a porcelain vanity, and a hairdryer. The upper deck cabins feature large panoramic windows affording guests breathtaking panoramic views. Lower deck cabins contain portholes style windows and have increased stability due to the lower to the water location. Lastly, the Tip Top 4 Galapagos Yacht provides refillable water bottles for all guests, furthering the mission of sustainability and reducing plastic waste.

Living areas of the Tip Top 4 Galapagos Yacht
Beginning from the top down, the tour starts with the gorgeous upper deck solarium affording guests a place to relax and lounge on chaise deck furniture with the option of sun or shade. On this deck, you’ll also find a useful multi-purpose weight machine for those that want to get in a workout. This area seamlessly blends in with the Galapagos scenery, affording guests a 360-degree panoramic view of stunning volcanic landscapes, wildlife passing by, and out of this world sunsets. A little tip, come out at night for a showcasing of the stars; the isolation of the Galapagos along with the unique angle from the equator provides a spectacular show of constellations, stars, and planets from both hemispheres. On the main deck, numerous shady spots with cozy furniture looking out toward the best Galapagos views are dispersed throughout, perfect for finding a private corner all to yourself.

Moving into the interior of the main deck, wind down in the air-conditioned salon area lined with leather couches. Within, enjoy the use of a flat-screen television, a small curated book selection, and board games. Don’t forget to ask to use the Personal computer, where you can upload your pictures taken during the trip! Within the dining area, enjoy three expertly crafted meals prepared by the onboard sous chef. Throughout the day, the chef prepares delicious snacks to enjoy upon your return from excursions. Nearby is a full bar stocked with a wide array of international and national liquors, along with a coffee and tea station replenished throughout the day.

Itineraries of the Tip Top 4 Galapagos Yacht
The Tip Top 4 Galapagos cruise has four itinerary options, two short duration of 4 and five days, and two eight-day options. Each route has been carefully assembled to include the best wildlife settlements, volcanic treks, snorkel hotspots, and pristine beaches. Your adventure will include a professionally trained bilingual national park guide, knowledgeable of everything Galapagos. if you have any questions of which option is right for you, contact our team of professional travel expert or read up on the blog section!

Introducing the Tip Top 2 Galapagos Catamaran, a whole new level of service and comfort to Galapagos cruising. This stunning ship is the first Catamaran added to the veteran Tip Top Fleet, with the owners having over three decades of experience and considered pioneers in Galapagos tourism. The Tip Top 2 entered operation in the Galapagos Islands in 2016, and now fully refurbished with top of the line amenities and in full compliance with sustainable practices. Hosting 16 favoured guests in the Archipelago, with a front-row experience full of adventure. Cabins are available across two decks with an assortment of layouts, singles, doubles & twins. Generous wooden interiors, modern facilities and large interior-exterior lounge areas set an inviting ambience for an enriching experience cruising the Galapagos Islands. Far-reaching itineraries are available in 4,5 and 8-day programs, allowing guest to choose the tour length at their discretion and convenience.

Cabins of the Tip Top 2 Galapagos Catamaran
Each spacious and chic cabin of the Tip Top 2 Galapagos cruise contains bountiful storage space for all passengers, including large wardrobes, cabinets, and a safety boxes for valuables. Beds are fitted with hotel quality linens, and air conditioning allows you to control the temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. On each bedside stand, and dispersed through the cabin, are plenty of charging ports for electronics. Each stateroom is fitted with large panoramic windows affording a well-lit atmosphere with remarkable Galagos views. Nearby is an immaculate private ensuite bathroom with a porcelain vanity, hairdryer, toiletries, and towels. For an added touch, utilize the work desk for writing, or uploading beautiful Galapagos photos to your laptop. No need to bring a refillable bottle, the Tip Top 2 Galapagos Catamaran provides one in every room!

Living areas of the Tip Top 2 Galapagos Catamaran
Starting with the exterior, the customer favourite of the Tip Top 2 Galapagos cruise is the upper deck solarium, with both full sun and shaded areas. Aside from being the best spot to sunbathe on the ship, this spot affords guests the best views of the breathtaking Galapagos scenery, sitings of unique wildlife, and a showcasing of the stars at night like you’ve never seen. In between excursions, lay back on comfortable chaise lounge furniture, sip on a tropical cocktail, and marvel at the spectacle that is Galapagos. On the main deck, the exterior lounge area is just one more gorgeous area of the Tip Top 2 to relax, feel the sea breeze, and participate in an intimate conversation or catch up on your favourite book while within one of the most beautiful paradises in existence. Even better, the outdoor bar is a step away, attended by a professional barman that can whip up whatever beverage you desire.

Heading into the interior of the ship, lounge in the tastefully decorated and cosy salon area, lined with windows showcasing the view, along with a large flatscreen television and entertainment system. Within this room, your Galapagos national park guide provides a 15-minute briefing on the following day’s activities. Another visitor favourite of the Tip Top 2 Galapagos Catamaran is the dining experience. The dining area is situated with four booths, where you will be served mouth-watering plates prepared by the onboard professional sous chef. Meals are typically a mix of international and Ecuadorian cuisine. Additionally, enjoy delicious snacks and tropical fruit juices upon your return from excursions.

Itineraries of the Tip Top 2 Galapagos Catamaran
Itineraries are split into numerous routes, with durations of four, five, and eight days. Each route has its own magic, full of wildlife settlements, volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, and prime snorkel spots. Speak with our expert travel team if you have any questions or recommendations, or head to the blog section!

Introducing the Beluga Galapagos Yacht, a modern vessel with excellent onboard facilities. Enjoy outstanding onboard facilities, unrivaled comfort, and the best of Galapagos landscapes as you cruise through the Archipelago in unforgettable fashion. The Beluga Galapagos Yacht accommodates a range of guests, including honeymooners, families, and solo travelers. Itineraries range from 4 and 5 day short tours to all-encompassing 15-day tours. By booking with the Beluga, guests are supporting the conservation mission in the Galapagos Islands. The Beagle has been awarded the Smart Voyager certification for adhering to conservation standards. Additionally, the Beluga Galapagos yacht complies with all international maritime regulations and is SOLAS certified.

Social Areas of the Beluga Galapagos Yacht
The Beluga Galapagos cruise features several first-rate living areas excelling all standards of comfort, class, and luxury. As you cruise between visitor points, head up to the upper deck solarium featuring extra-wide reclining furniture and a large half-moon sofa, the perfect area for soaking up the sun. Don’t forget to grab a tropical cocktail from the downstairs bar of the Beluga Galapagos Yacht, filled with unlimited choices of premium international and national liquors. Alternatively, enjoy a superb selection of fine wines, local beers, and even Galapagos craft beer. 

When you are ready for a respite from the sun, head into the shade of the upper deck or head down to the roomy and tastefully decorated interior Salon. Enjoy the library or large flat-screen TV of this air-conditioned room, full of snug furniture for winding down in the evening. Before dinner, your veteran guide provides a PowerPoint briefing in this area on the following day’s activities and everything you need to bring.

Cabins of the Beluga Galapagos Yacht
The Beluga Galapagos cruise contains a variety of cabins perfect for any traveler. A huge bonus is a triple cabin (a rare commodity in Galapagos Yachts), perfect for families that want to stick together. Make sure to book this well in advance with us, as they go fast. Alternatively, choose between standard doubles and twin cabins found throughout the levels of the ship. For those apprehensive of motion sickness, book in the lower deck where the motion is offset by the lower position. These feature a porthole to allow for the sun to help illuminate the room. Otherwise, the upper deck cabins are excellent options for those that want a spectacular view, equipped with large rectangular windows featuring panoramic windows of the Islands. 

Each cabin of the Beluga Galapagos features an ensuite private bathroom with a hot shower, along with all toiletries necessary for bathing. Bedside tables are fitted with 110 and 220-volt ports allow for charging any electronic devices. Rest assured, the linens and pillows are of the highest quality, meeting quality hotel standards. Additionally, each room contains a safe, plenty of room for storage, reading lights, and a bonus: A refillable metal water bottle.

The Staff of the Beluga Galapagos Yacht
What truly makes the Beluga Galapagos cruise shine is the friendly and professional staff, veterans of the Galapagos service industry. An onboard sous chef brings your taste buds into another universe, thrice daily preparing delicious meals for guests along with tasty snacks between excursions. While you are away on excursions, cleaning staff will have your bed freshly made, with a tasty treat placed upon your pillow for a nice surprise. As you explore the islands, hundreds of questions will pop into your head about what is going on. Your veteran Galapagos guide has learned every inch of the Islands, from the animals to the history, and will bring to life your journey throughout the Archipelago. 

Bonus Features of the Beluga Galapagos Yacht
Enjoy the onboard kayaks of the Beluga Galapagos cruise, allowing you to get up close and personal with Galapagos wildlife. Additionally, enjoy the free snorkeling equipment for your many aquatic excursions where you will enjoy sights of sharks, tropical fish, rays, and more. As you explore the various islands, the Beluga provides guests with walking sticks for those that need a little extra support and balance. Lastly, those traveling with a child under the age of 12 are eligible for significant discounts, ask our travel staff for more information.

Discover the Galapagos Islands on the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos Yacht, released into the crystalline waters in the summer of 2018. This first-class vessel was originally a fishing vessel built to withstand the rough and tumble waters off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. In the 2000s, it was converted into a passenger ship, and recently completely refurbished until every inch of the vessel goes above and beyond Galapagos visitor expectations.  This vessel accommodates up to 16 guests in 8 double cabins, all featuring state of the art luxuries, beautiful living areas, and a world-class crew renowned for their friendliness and professionalism. Carefully crafted itineraries are comprehensive and all-encompassing, covering the Galapagos Islands with a focus on the hidden gems, incredible wildlife settlements, and stunning landscapes.

Cabins of the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos Yacht
Each cabin of the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos cruise features private bathrooms with hot showers and all essential amenities and toiletries for your stay. Guests of the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos yacht have plenty of accommodation options. Fit any circumstance, with rooms featuring bunk beds, double beds, and even triple bed accommodation for larger groups and families. Each bed is fitted with high-quality linens, and all cabins have air conditioning systems. Lastly, each room has plenty of storage areas for belongings and a safe for valuables.

Living areas of the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos Yacht
In between excursions, find a cozy corner on the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos cruise to wind down and gather your strength for the next adventure. Among the favorites of the yacht’s social areas is the upper deck solarium with shaded and full sun areas. Both areas provide guests with plenty of comfortable furniture to relax on. This is a wonderful spot to witness the breathtaking panoramic views while sipping on a tropic cocktail.

During the evening after the adventure is complete, settle down in the salon area for a briefing of the following day’s activities by your trilingual naturalist guide, who speaks English, Spanish, and dutch. The Cachalote explorer bar is stocked with premium spirits, local beers, and fine wines for any beverage you desire. Thereafter, enjoy a delicious meal provided by the masterful sous chef. Three times daily, you will enjoy an exquisitely prepared dish that will blow you out of the water. Additionally, all throughout the day, you are served delicious Hors d’oeuvres. Coffee and tea are also available 24/7!

Itineraries of the Cachalote Explorer Galapagos Yacht
The Cachalote Explorer Galapagos cruise has some of the best itineraries of all Galapagos cruises, with marvelous 6-8 eight-day adventures. This is the perfect amount of time to intimately explore the islands, reach the hidden gems, witness the breathtaking wildlife settlements and geological features. Moreover, plenty of snorkeling and hiking excursions throughout give affords guests a true insight into the magic of the islands.

Named after the Virgin of Montserrat, patroness of Catalonia in Spain, the Monserrat Galapagos Yacht is a modern and comfortable cruise that accommodates up to 16 passengers in its spacious double and twin cabins. Onboard facilities feature air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms & hot showers for all cabins, comfortable and spacious interiors with tile wooden floors, a full bar, sundecks and much more! With a variation of visit points covered in their itinerary loops while cruising the islands, the Monserrat aims to create the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience on the enchanted islands, a cruise definitely worth considering. Guiding you throughout your adventure, a staff full of highly trained and friendly individuals whose mission is to make your experience truly magical.

Staterooms of the Monserrat Galapagos Yacht
The cabins of the Monserrat Galapagos Yacht have it all, mimicking the layout of a hotel room with twin or double beds, reading lights, charging ports, and bountiful storage space. Upper deck cabins have large picture windows, while lower deck cabins feature porthole style windows with the advantage of a less rocking motion due to being lower on the ship.  Additionally, each cabin of the Monserrat Galapagos cruise features an ensuite private bathroom with a hotshower and quality toiletries, along with a porcelain vanity, hairdryer, and towels.

Paradise on the Monserrat Galapagos Yacht
The Monserrat Galapagos Yacht features many stunning living areas for guest enjoyment, including an upper deck solarium with faux grass, furniture to enjoy the equatorial rays, breathtaking 360 panoramic views, and a wet bar for quick access to your favorite beverage. Don’t forget to set your watch so you don’t miss out on the fantastic sunsets, perfect for a photo shoot. Moreover, the showcasing of the stars at night is spectacular, with seemingly every star in the galaxy within sight.

Taking a respite from the sun, enjoy the spacious air-conditioned salon area with large extended couches and large flat-screen television. Nearby, a full bar stocked, with international and national liquors, fine wines, and local beer, and a friendly bartender ready to create a delightful cocktail.  Additionally, the Monseratt Galapagos yacht contains a tea and coffee station available 24/7 to guests, constantly replenished throughout the day. Thrice daily, enjoy mouthwatering dishes in the dining room prepared by an onboard sous chef, always mouthwatering with beautiful presentation. The dining area is booth style, decorated with white tablecloths and surrounded with stunning panoramic windows creating an unforgettable romantic setting.

Itineraries of the Monserrat Galapagos Yacht
With itineraries of seven to ten days, the Monserrat Galapagos cruise provides the perfect place to get an all-encompassing adventure throughout the Islands. Each route is full of the best visit points the Galapagos has to offer, including magnificent wildlife settlements, pristine snorkel sites, treks through volcanic landscapes, and visits to fascinating historical sites. Ready for the trip of a lifetime, speak with the expert travel team for more in-depth information about what each itinerary has to offer.

Sail seven nights and eight days on the Beagle Galapagos sailboat, a unique and intimate Galapagos Islands experience. Reconnect with the ancient method of transportation, using the winds to transport you to the next breathtaking destination. The Beagle Galapagos sailboat balances luxury, fun-fuelled adventure, and intimacy through its striking design, incredible itineraries, and friendly staff. Its namesake, the Beagle, pays homage to the famous evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin, who came to the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Beagle. This imposing 105-foot motor sailor is designed with teak decks and beautifully designed interiors; cruising guests through carefully crafted programs for unique experiences in the Galapagos. Onboard facilities feature private cabins with air conditioning, private bathrooms with cold-hot water and a salon that holds a small library of Galapagos literature. Spacious exterior decks provide comfortable lounge areas to interact with fellow travelers or observation of the archipelago. Beagle’s islands programs alternate on 8-day itineraries covering the North-Western and Center-Southern islands.

Cabins of the Beagle Galapagos
Each cozy cabin of the Beagle Galapagos features air conditioning, a private bathroom with a hot shower with all necessary toiletries and plenty of storage space for your luggage. The bunk style layout has a double bed on the bottom and a single above, perfect for families that want to keep close. Each room has electric sockets with both 110 and 220v for any cameras, laptops, or cell phones that need a charge.

Social Areas of the Beagle Galapagos
Within the living areas of the 110 foot Beagle Galapagos Yacht, there is ample room to find the perfect relaxation spot. The ship is composed of extra-wide teak decks and plenty of comfortable furniture for all guests to enjoy. Additionally, various areas afford guests a choice of sunshine and shade for both lounging and Galapagos observation.  Our favorite is the half shade half sun front deck with cushions to lay on as you witness the breathtaking landscapes of the Galapagos. Need to get a stretch in? There is plenty of room to do exercise routine or stretch on the provided yoga mats.

Head to the indoors of the Beagle, and relax in the dining or living area to play a game of cards or have a respite from the sun. Nearby you’ll find a wonderful library and game station full of entertainment. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner served by the professional onboard sous chef. These meals are a blend of Ecuadorian and international cuisine, guaranteed to impress. Coffee and tea are always available on deck, or better yet grab a delicious cold drink such as beer or a selection of wine and cocktails. The bar is full of premium spirits of both international and national liquors. Between excursions, enjoy delicious snacks to fuel the next adventure.

The Staff of the Beagle Galapagos
The 5 member crew of the Beagle Galapagos is what makes your cruise truly magical, composed of the cook, captain, steward, helmsman, and bilingual certified Galapagos national park guide. Your veteran guide will put words and explanations into what you witness as you explore new areas, including the numerous evolutionary processes, unique animal behaviors, and fascinating history.


Guantanamera Galapagos Yacht
Starting At: $0 USD
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0 Days
Places: Galapagos - Ecuador
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The Guantanamera Galapagos Yacht provides guests with great comfort in a spacious vessel at affordable rates. A popular budget cruise with a variety of programs and reliable operation.

Guantanamera Galapagos Yacht Highlights:

Available itineraries are extensive; ranging from short tours of 4 to 5 days, to comprehensive full eight-day programs covering the Northwest Islands including Genovesa & Fernandina, both distant and fantastic islands! All on board cabins carry bunk beds only; well-distributed onboard space contribute to guests enjoyment of the Galapagos to the fullest. Years of experience and qualified staff makes Guantanamera a great choice for cruising the islands.

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