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The Equator is that one stop you cant go by without if you ever stay in the main capital, not only will get the chance of taking some mandatory pictures at the monument, but participate in other attractions in the surroundings. A popular way of acclimatizing to the city, with an easy going tour that is only 30 minutes north of Quito.Activities will involve visiting the Official Monument, the Inti Nan Museum and the Pululahua Crater; all carrying their own distinctive attractions covered in a ½ day tour. The Equator tour is great for families or for travelers looking to fill in their day without much effort, short travel with mild walks to enjoy scenic landscapes at Pululahua, the famous official Equator Monument and the engaging visit at Inti Nan Museum. Don’t forget to bring your passport if you want to have an official stamp of the Equator.

Get to know and explore Colonial Quito full of history and culture. Declared by the UNESCO as a world heritage site (City of Quito – 1978 = The best preserved, least altered historic Center in Latin America). The old part of the city is nothing less then impressive, stunning and imposing churches with fine details fill the cobblestone streets at every turn. There is a lot to see and do in the old part of town = Colonial Quito, so if you are keen on starting the tour with a specific church or attraction, your guide will be glad to rearrange your tour. The regular attractions and must see points will be covered such as: the majestic Plaza Grande, the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral in the main square followed by the many churches, scenic sites and avenues restored to their former glory.


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Afar reaching, fully packed day tour that takes you to the stunning emerald crater lake of Quilotoa. An impressive 3 km wide caldera filled with turquoise water, set at an elevation of roughly 3800 meters (12,467 feet), Quilotoa offers an unparalleled view of the crater and the Andean surroundings. A rewarding but lengthy day tour with about 4 ½ hours of travel per way that takes you through a trail of Andean volcanoes and mountains, there is some striking viewpoints along the way where you can stretch your legs and appreciate the scenic landscape. Available activities at the crater are a few, travelers can hike down to the edge of the lake (approximately 30 minute hike per way), rent a mule, hike to the highest peak or in the surroundings.


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The hotsprings of Papallacta are the perfect retreat to indulge yourself in soothing hydrothermal pools found at the base of 2 volcanoes, water temperatures varying from 30°C to 70°C (86°F – 158°F). Outstanding facilities that harmonize and compliment your surroundings conveying relaxation like no other place. All pools water originate from the enclosing natural resources which not only appeases your body with warm temperatures; but also contain a range of curative properties. Our Papallacta day tour is popular among those just reaching the country and wanting to get acquainted and acclimatized to Quito’s altitude, or just before they exit the country. Of course you are more then welcome to visit the springs any time you see fit, a peaceful and invigorating retreat.

Mindo Rush

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A tour full of adventure and fun! Mindo Rush is for the avid and adventurous traveler looking for that extra punch, an adrenaline packed tour full of excitement. Mindo is well known for its impressive natural surroundings, Mindo Rush will allow you to discover these natural settings … with a slightly different approach. Found in the west slopes valley of the main capital with only 2 hours away from Quito, Mindo offers you quick access to a feature packed day tour where nature is the main ingredient. Canopy high zip lining paths are connected on tree tops, an exhilarating activity that lets you fly high through the cloud forest. Tubing is another exciting activity that takes you down river in inner tubes.

Mindo Lush

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Looking to get lost with nature, waterfalls and birds? Mindo Lush is the perfect getaway, a lush cloud forest that holds an impressive record of 450 bird species including the famous cock of the rock. An incredible amount of orchids found in gardens and farms featuring butterflies and frogs. Found in the west slopes valley of the main capital with only 2 hours away from Quito, Mindo Lush offers you quick access to a feature packed day tour where nature is the main ingredient. You will be amazed how your landscape quickly shifts from a highlands scenery, to lush forest surrounded with nature and life. Mindo Lush will take you through you the best nature focused activities in the area, these are mild and suitable for a wide range of travelers.


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Asmall little town in the north side of the country, only 3 hours away from Quito, Otavalo is a culture rich town surrounded with breathtaking views of volcanoes and Andean slopes, Imbabura,Cotacachi & Mojanda. A town inhabited in its majority by hard working and creative indigenous people, kind and welcoming. Otavalo is well known for its famous handicraft market, it features a huge variety of handmade souvenirs, clothing and jewelry; walking through its streets you will notice how Otavelenos have remained true to their culture to this day. Other attractions you can find in Otavalo are beautiful lagoons, waterfalls, folkloric music and instruments.

The Evolution Galapagos Ship along with its sister yacht (Grace) take on a completely different approach to the comfort and style unparalleled by other vessels cruising the islands. Reminiscent of the early 1900’s, the Evolution Galapagos Ship boasts an exquisite and unique atmosphere with elegant and distinctive features that blend with nowadays facilities such air-conditioned cabins, phone communication over satellite, and a spacious jacuzzi among others. A Charming 32 passengers expedition ship spacious enough to provide spacious staterooms, along with various social areas – including inside and outside dining – yet small enough for guests to be able to experience nature up-close in remote locations. An exquisite combination of factors yields a ship offering an exceptional service, great comfort and attention to detail, all the while maintaining environmental impact to a minimum. Come visit the archipelago and take some footsteps back in time, or follow in the Steps of Pirates & Darwin for a front row to the Galapagos Islands extraordinary ecosystem.

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