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Tena is the ideal destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts, Hakuna Matata Lodge is perfectly settled in 150 hectare’s of private land. Napo, the capital of Tena is a quick getaway from the rush of the city, with only 3 hours away from Quito. Built on the shores of the crystal-clear Inchillaqui River, Hakuna Matata Lodge is found at an elevation far from tropical diseases. A haven beautifully settled among the Andes and the Amazon, the lodge features an ideal location in the heart of Ecuador. Among the only lodges to offer a combination of leisure and adrenaline packed activities.

The Guacamayo lodge is found deep in the Cuyabeno reserve showcasing the many natural wonders the reserve has to offer. Feature packed programs introduce guests to primary forest through amazon hikes and canoe rides in the big lagoon for scenic views and optional swimming. Other activities include exhilarating night walks, local communities visits and much more! With quality facilities, Guacamayo lodge provides guests with a comfortable and affordable stay. Eco-friendly solar panels provide electricity throughout the lodge, accommodation varies from doubles, twins to larger rooms for families and groups. Common areas include an open dining room to enjoy meals surrounded with nature, and large lounge areas with hammocks for book reading or leisure. Guacamayo lodge main attraction is an impressive 23mt high observation tower at the center of the lodge. The tower offers panoramic views of the surroundings and is for the exclusive use of guests.

Located in the pañacocha protected forest reserve, Amazon Dolphin Lodge with (56,000 has) is the foundation of a biological passage linking Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. A humid tropical forest that holds a vast amount of flora and fauna. The reserve features abundant wildlife throughout its forests where guests can potentially spot the Squirrel, Howler, Capuchin and night monkeys. Smaller species can also be found, like the Pigmy Marmosets and the Black-mantled Tamarin. It goes without saying the pink river dolphin is also spotted in the area. In the midst of Ecuadorian amazon rainforest, welcoming local bilingual guides will introduce guests to untouched rain forest. The lodge features a variety of programs to explore the surroundings, local culture, wildlife, and nature.

One of the most affordable lodges in the region of coca, Yarina Lodge is well regarded as primary rainforest where wildlife and exotic nature is found at every turn. The lodges flexible schedule allows guest to enter all 7 days a week. Coca in the province of Napo accounts for a high variety of micro habitats, which translates to a higher incidence of animals, insects and reptiles diversity. A one-hour canoe ride down the Napo river will take guests deep into jungle territory before reaching Yarina lodge. Comfortable accommodation ranges from twin/doubles to triple and larger rooms with flexible programs from 2 to 5 days.

Huaorani Lodge
Starting At: $0 USD
Fitness: Medium - High
Length: 0 Days
Places: Coca - Ecuador
Users Rating 5 from 7 ratings


Award winning Huaorani Ecolodge is settled deep in primary rain forest, operated by Huaorani villagers and among the most isolated ethnic villages in the world. A life changing experience where guests will interact with locals, learning how to climb trees, use a blowgun, and be part of a 2-day journey down the Shiripuno river. Endless discoveries among exotic wildlife can be observed, monkeys, tropical birds among other species can be spotted down the Shiripuno river in dugout canoes or kayaks. Huaorani Ecolodge, a small and secluded group of villagers hosting up to 10 guests in Eco-sensitive bungalows. Every aspect of the lodge’s construction was thoroughly evaluated, ensuring a highly sustainable project. Local villagers were fully involved in the project and are currently the predominant staff members. Thatched roofs, wooden cabins among other building materials were all personally handpicked by locals, its location was built at a desired distance by neighboring communities.

Aremarkable lodge with all the right ingredients, La Selva Eco Lodge is the pinnacle of comfort in Ecuadorian primary rainforest, providing guests with the perfect blend of adventure and comfort. Found in the depths of two remarkable reserves (Cuyabeno Reserve and the Yasuni Park), La Selva Eco Lodge features an astonishing amount of wildlife and bird life deep in the wilderness of the amazon. In addition to its privileged location, La Selva Eco Lodge has gone into great detail with efforts of building a sustainable resort that was fully remolded and completed by 2012. Stylish bamboo bungalows – some furnished with jacuzzi’s, scenic windows, outstanding facilities overlooking Garzacocha Lake, an array of Spa services and attentive staff will all play their role to make you feel at home in the midst of a rainforest paradise.

Deep within the Amazonian primary rainforest lies the Sani Lodge, situated amidst pristine untouched nature. The lodge is in close proximity to a variety of important Amazonian hotspots, including the Challuacocha Lake, the Cuyabeno reserve, and the vast Yasuni National Park. The Sani Lodge is owned and operated by members of the Sani community, whom make it a priority to show the world a deeper understanding of what it means to live in harmony with the forest. The lodge is placed the Challuacocha lake, an exceptional location where the best of two protected reserves collide into a unparalleled amount of wildlife, trees, and plants. With over 98,000 acres of untouched surrounding forest, this area holds an exceptional amount of biodiversity & no one better to show you the many wonders than the community themselves. They have created a community project with environmental conservation practices to showcase a sustainable way of living amongst nature.

Apopular and well-known lodge in the region of Tena, Selina Amazon Tena provides quick access from the city of Quito. Guests will easily be able to join amazon programs for 3 days or more, the perfect getaway for those that don’t have enough time or fitness to enter primary rainforest. 22 spacious bungalows built in harmony with nature, seamlessly blending with the surroundings creating an appealing atmosphere. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot & cold showers, and private verandas. The Lodge beautiful transitions when the sun sets, gardens are torch lit, and a fireplace is lit in the common area, an inviting and cozy ambiance. Selina Amazon Tena offers a variety of activities for ally type of guests, easy to demanding treks, visiting local communities, tubing, rafting, cave hikes, night walks to spot creepy crawlers among other exciting activities.

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