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The Siona Lodge is strategically located in primary native rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is part of Ecuador conservation efforts, 603.380 square kilometers of protected land since 1979. Preservation of unblemished rainforest sets example for sustainable practices, Siona lodge was built in Eco-friendly huts in the amazon river basin. A conservation project that allows guests to participate in an unprecedented experience with nature and the incredible ecosystems it holds. Siona Lodge features one of the best locations in the reserve near the big lagoon, where beautiful sunsets are an everyday occurrence. Much of the endemic wildlife found in the region benefits from the reserves unique characteristics, allowing guests to observe wildlife in their natural environments.

The Guacamayo lodge is found deep in the Cuyabeno reserve showcasing the many natural wonders the reserve has to offer. Feature packed programs introduce guests to primary forest through amazon hikes and canoe rides in the big lagoon for scenic views and optional swimming. Other activities include exhilarating night walks, local communities visits and much more! With quality facilities, Guacamayo lodge provides guests with a comfortable and affordable stay. Eco-friendly solar panels provide electricity throughout the lodge, accommodation varies from doubles, twins to larger rooms for families and groups. Common areas include an open dining room to enjoy meals surrounded with nature, and large lounge areas with hammocks for book reading or leisure. Guacamayo lodge main attraction is an impressive 23mt high observation tower at the center of the lodge. The tower offers panoramic views of the surroundings and is for the exclusive use of guests.

Exploring the Amazon Basin can be approached in many ways, but probably the best approach is to do it all! Doesn’t that sound inviting? The Manatee Amazon Explorer provides a comprehensive & flexible navigation adventure that takes visitors to many different visitor sites within the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin —visitor sites that you would forcibly be unable to visit if you stayed only in one place, the most notorious differences between us and ecolodges in the area. That fact becomes even more attractive when taking into account first-rate guides, the variety of excursions and itineraries and an excellent service all providing a pampering, relaxing vacation for the most demanding guests, that we couple with a heartfelt commitment to the communities and nature of the Amazon, all found aboard the Manatee Amazon Explorer.

The Anakonda Amazon River Cruise was built to make the experience of the Amazon the most comprehensive and unique adventure possible! Its eighteen suites feature ample sitting areas, large and comfortable beds. The Anakonda Cruise comes complete with an expansive observation deck, outdoor Jacuzzi and an al fresco lounge, ideal for cocktails, relaxation, reading or simply enjoying the spectacular view. The Anakonda Cruise also features 3 canoes for guest transportation to land excursions and activities and 10 kayaks, as well as hammocks, naturalist tour leaders and a travel concierge, who will go out of his way to personalize your experience, making the Anakonda Amazon River Cruise a savory, unforgettably exciting treat!

Located in the pañacocha protected forest reserve, Amazon Dolphin Lodge with (56,000 has) is the foundation of a biological passage linking Yasuni National Park and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. A humid tropical forest that holds a vast amount of flora and fauna. The reserve features abundant wildlife throughout its forests where guests can potentially spot the Squirrel, Howler, Capuchin and night monkeys. Smaller species can also be found, like the Pigmy Marmosets and the Black-mantled Tamarin. It goes without saying the pink river dolphin is also spotted in the area. In the midst of Ecuadorian amazon rainforest, welcoming local bilingual guides will introduce guests to untouched rain forest. The lodge features a variety of programs to explore the surroundings, local culture, wildlife, and nature.

Alodge found in the midst of primary rainforest, carefree and easy going with flexible programs. Piranha Amazon Lodge is a small little haven surrounded by deep jungle that features adventure packed activities in the cuyabeno reserve. Engaging activities will keep guests engaged in a continuous discovery of the amazon. The cuyabeno is an outstanding reserve full of wildlife and fauna, local guides will take guests through swamps, amazon hikes, caiman watching, birdwatching and much more. Great for backpackers or for those looking to have a deep jungle experience without the added cost, an in-depth expedition with nature’s flora and fauna, hosting you in rustic yet comfortable bungalows.

Aproject with over 20 year in the making, Kapawi is an ambitious project that started back in 1993 with the initiative of a local tour operator in partnership with the Achuar community, its sole purpose was to generate a sustainable way for the Achuar’s and other communities found in the surroundings to have a way of living with an economical income without hurting their resources; the true meaning of Eco tourism. Kapawi Eco Lodge is now a reality, the lodge emanates Achuar’s culture even to very design & concept of the architecture (not a single nail was used!). The lodge now entirely belongs to the Achuar Nation making it the largest Eco tourism project available in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Kapawi is located in the depths of Ecuadorian rainforest bordering with Peruvian rainforest far to the southeast, making it the most isolated Eco lodge available, its remote location covers nearly 2 million acres of pristine & untouched forest far from logging; mining or petroleum extraction. Listed programs are only suggested, guest can design the most suitable itinerary that meets their interest & physical condition with their guide & group.