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Our Galapagos Adventure tours are the pinnacle of Island Hopping packed with adventure and fun! Galapagos land based programs that connect travelers through main islands featuring the best highlights each point has to offer. Galapagos Adventure programs showcase Galapagos Wildlife, Iconic Landmarks and other hidden gems in the islands you would most likely miss out on a cruise and their tight schedules. Their expertise, highly personalized service and quality guidance has proven to be a powerful combination with a growing list of happy customers looking for a quality alternative to regular Galapagos cruising.

The Hotel Silberstein is a hidden gem nestled in the central Galapagos island of Santa Cruz, an island known for its pristine sandy beaches, behemoth Galapagos tortoises, the Charles Darwin research station, and much more. The Galapagos hotel Silberstein offers top of the line accommodation and land-based programs, perfect for those looking for an alternative to cruises. The Hotel Silberstein features an array of services and perks for its guests. During your stay, enjoy a beautiful tropical bar and restaurant with a modern and inviting atmosphere. During your stay, sleep like a baby in spacious and well-lit suites featuring breathtaking views. When you need a moment to relax between activities or in the night, enjoy the exterior areas surrounded by a beautiful garden and pool area.

Hotel Silberstein Activities
The land-based programs cover a broad number of Galapagos visit points in the surrounding areas. Among the activities are trekking through the volcanic landscapes, numerous wildlife visits, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Each of these tours utilizes Puerto Ayora as the starting point.  After each tour, your guide will deliver you safely back to the hotel in the evening.  Looking to customize your Galapagos experience? Hotel Silberstein has you covered! Let us know the Galapagos islands, animals, and visit points you wish to visit. The Silberstein will put together a land-based program crafted just for you.

Hotel Silberstein Suites
Stay in one of 22 suites, each featuring individual air conditioning, private bathrooms, and hot showers. Each room is bright and airy, with beds fitted with luxury linens for the perfect night of sleep needed for Galapagos adventures.  For those in a family, you have the option for a roll in bed. Alternatively, book the double room which features two twin beds. If you are coming down for a special occasion, make sure to put in a notice ahead of time. The hotel staff is happy to craft a surprise and work with you!