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Looking for an alternative to cruising the Galapagos? Introducing Galapagos Island Hopping, A week of journeying the less-explored parts of the archipelago is the answer! Your adventure starts in Santa Cruz, we continue to Floreana to stay in a secluded and less crowded part of the island. From here we move towards Isabela for a few days of hiking, visiting the islands main highlights and snorkeling. Finish off with a hike up the second largest volcano crater in the world! – Sierra Negra Volcano. In addition to the unique Galapagos features of exotic wildlife & mind blowing landscapes, prepare to be amazed in the most fascinating place in the world!

Our Galapagos Adventure tours are the pinnacle of Island Hopping packed with adventure and fun! Galapagos land based programs that connect travelers through main islands featuring the best highlights each point has to offer. Galapagos Adventure programs showcase Galapagos Wildlife, Iconic Landmarks and other hidden gems in the islands you would most likely miss out on a cruise and their tight schedules. Their expertise, highly personalized service and quality guidance has proven to be a powerful combination with a growing list of happy customers looking for a quality alternative to regular Galapagos cruising.

The Galapagos Habitat Hotel is strategically located in the main island of Santa Cruz, offering a luxury service for guests looking to explore the islands on land. Galapagos Habitat Hotel is the perfect approach to a land based program with a high level of services and comfort. Accommodation is in the luxury range by Galapagos standards, their programs offer flexibility in rates with different type of rooms, and flexibility with their schedules as you are not tied to specific departing dates. A Galapagos land based program seamlessly put together to highlight the best of the Galapagos on land or underwater.