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Our Twitter feed will provide you with real time updates on important & helpful information for both current & future travelers, as well as plenty of trip guidelines & tidbits about travel.


Our facebook community is full of amateur & serious travelers, as well as other users passionate about nature, wildlife & all mother nature has to offer. Come join the conversation, share & be part of our community.


A modern & intuitive way of organizing, sharing & building or storing trips & destinations. Stunning images related to the many expeditions we offer will be constantly published, providing you with a glimpse of whats to come.


An image speaks louder than words, Instagram holds this true like no other network. Beautiful filters that make images pop out combined with quotes have one sole purpose, bring a smile to your face & lighten your day.

Google +

A growing network of people joined by many common interests related to the exceptional world we have at our disposal and how it’s up to us to preserve & ensure its wellbeing.


Our youtube channel will feature videos of the many tour packages we offer, building up to the excitement of your upcoming tour. They say an image is worth 1000 words, imagine what an HD video can do fo you!


Our vimeo channel will for the most part be an interactive way of learning how to get around our site, use the current tools available & advertise what other future tools we are working to have implemented.


Skype is a communication tool used & love by many, & we are fully on board to engage with our users & community in the best possible way. Looking to have a live chat with your Travel Consultant, or how about a video call?

Our Information Sources

Amazon Blog

Our Amazon blog contains helpful information & guidelines for all our amazon tours, you’re one click away!

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Galapagos Blog

Our Galapagos blog contains helpful information & guidelines for all our Galapagos tours, you’re one click away!

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Ecuador Blog

Our Ecuador blog contains helpful information & guidelines for all our Ecuador tours, you’re one click away!

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