Buccaneer Cove – Galapagos

Buccaneer Cove - Galapagos
Buccaneer Cove - Galapagos - Santiago Island – Galapagos

Buccaneer Cove Highlights

Buccaneer Cove is one out of 7 separate marine sites available in the surroundings of Santiago, (Egas Port, Albany Islet, Piedra Blanca at Buccaneer Cove, Cousins Rocks, Bainbridge Rocks, Don Ferdi Rock, and Beagle Rocks) all providing amazing marine wildlife, where one can spot sea turtles, sharks, rays, coral fishes & sea lions and much more.

Main Features: Snorkeling in rich marine life waters
Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Snorkeling
Type of Landing: None, Circumference the area in a dhingy ride only
Fitness: Low