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San Cristobal Island - Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal Island Highlights

San Cristobal island is the Capital of the Galapagos, the easternmost island in the archipelago and among the oldest ones. San Cristobal is the 2nd island to have an airport for commercial airlines entering & exiting the islands. San Cristobal island is home to a variety of wildlife, cetaceans & marine species in its surrounding waters, a variety of visit points are available in the island for visitors to observe its wildlife and land attractions. El Junco is the largest fresh water lake found in the archipelago, and its located in a crater in the highlands. As found in the other 2 main islands (Isabela & Santa Cruz) La Galapaguera is San Cristobal’s breeding Center for giant tortoises.

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Islands Overview:

Location: Easternmost Galapagos
Extent of Island: 557 sq Kilometers / 215 sq Miles
Highest Point: 730 Meters / 2395 Feet
Highlights: Galapagos Capital, Airport Near Port, Red Footed Booby

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