Tagus Cove – Galapagos

Isabela Island

Tagus Cove - Galapagos Islands

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Tagus Cove Highlights

West to Darwin Volcano – Tagus Cove has long been part of Galapagos history dating back to the 1800s, a favorite spot for pirates & whalers, a small cave in the designated path displays old inscriptions, you will also spot various land birds & the characteristic vegetation of arid zones. The trail is about 1800 meters & leads along Darwin Lake that contains saltwater & approx 9m in depth. The trail ends by viewing lava fields of Darwin Volcano.

Main Features: Darwin Lake & Volcano, Penguins, Flightless Cormorants
Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Extended Hike, Snorkeling
Type of Landing: Dry Landing: Off a Dinghy ride into Bridge/rocks
Fitness: Medium/High

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