South Plazas Island – Galapagos

South Plazas Island - Galapagos
South Plazas Island - Galapagos - Galapagos Islets

South Plazas Island Highlights

South Plazas island is found off the east part of Santa Cruz, South plazas consists of 2 islands known as Plazas Islands. The Opuntia Cacti is rather common in South plazas, one of the favorite meals for the Land Iguana found in healthy quantities, & Hybrid iguanas – a breeding between marine & Land iguanas . Another highlight of South Plazas is the big colony of sea lions, with an estimated colony of about 1000 that inhabit the island.

More Information: South Plazas Island – Wikipedia

Main Features: Land & Hybrid Iguanas, Largest Sea Lion Colony
Interaction In Site: Hiking
Type of Landing: Dry Landing: Off a Dinghy ride in Bridge/rocks
Fitness: Medium