Punta Cormorant


Cormorant point is a fascinating location that starts with a wet landing in a gorgeous olivine colored sand beach, surrounded with scenic vegetation. This beach provides some great snorkeling in rather calm waters. There is a trail of about 720 meters in distance that lead to a coral sand beach, an ideal place to spot stingrays & spot the sally light foot crab in its rocky shores, snorkeling is prohibited in this area. Midday part of the trail a brackish lagoon is found where one can observe flamingos.

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Fast Facts about Punta Cormorant

Main Features: Olivine Beach, Flamingos, Coral Sand Beach, Stingrays, Sally lightfoot crab
Interaction In Site: Dinghy Ride, Hiking, Snorkeling
Type of Landing: Wet Landing: Off a dhingy ride in Beach shore
Fitness: Low


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