Puerto Ayora

Puerto Ayora Overview
Galapagos ayora port is located in the southern edge of Santa Cruz. Ayora port downtown features many hotels, restaurants, tour & gift shops, clothing & marine stores; among other stores. Many cruises will use this as a meeting point for guests entering the islands earlier, this is cruise and itinerary dependent. A passenger dock is available for guests boarding cruises (Angermeyer pier). Some cruises will include Ayora port as a visit point, for guests to explore the local buzz, and purchase souvenirs.

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Fast Facts about Puerto Ayora

Main Features: Main town in Santa Cruz
Interaction In Site: Hiking, Explore Locals, Boarding Port for Cruises
Type of Landing: Dry
Fitness: Low


*Visit point inclusion is subject to cruise programs and logistics. These are regulated by the galapagos national park.