El Derrumbe (The Landslide)

El Derrumbe (The Landslide) Overview
El Derrumbe, situated on the remote Wolf Island in the Galapagos Archipelago, is recognized as one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. Renowned for its abundant marine life and unique geological structures, this site provides a haven for a diverse range of species.
The name 'El Derrumbe' translates to 'The Landslide' in English, a moniker that reflects the site's distinctive geological features. The dive site stands out for having sloping terrain that resembles a landslide due to natural geological processes over time. This rugged underwater landscape, comprising steep cliffs and rock formations, not only names the site but also contributes to its rich biodiversity and unique diving experience.

Marine Life at El Derrumbe 

Sharks and Large Fish
El Derrumbe is particularly famous for its shark sightings, including Hammerhead, White-tipped, and Galápagos Sharks. The Great Spotted Whale Shark, the largest fish in the ocean, is also a frequent visitor, making this site a prime location for shark enthusiasts.
Other Marine Species
The waters around El Derrumbe are home to various species of whales, sea turtles, and Manta Rays. The diversity extends to a multitude of fish species, creating a vibrant underwater tapestry that is a delight for divers.

Unique Terrestrial Wildlife

The Vampire Finch
Wolf Island is also known for its terrestrial inhabitants, notably the vampire finch. These birds have adapted to the island's arid conditions in an extraordinary way, developing a rare behavior of feeding on the blood of other birds, a fascinating example of evolutionary adaptation.

Visitor Experience

Diving Conditions
El Derrumbe is a site meant for experienced divers due to its challenging conditions. The heavy surge, strong currents, and variable visibility add to the thrill of the dive. The underwater terrain is marked by impressive volcanic formations, including tunnels and caves, enhancing the diving adventure.


A visit to El Derrumbe on Wolf Island is an exhilarating journey into the heart of the Galapagos' marine world. It offers experienced divers the rare opportunity to explore an abundant and diverse ecosystem, set against the backdrop of the Galapagos Islands' stunning natural beauty. This dive site stands as a testament to the wonders of the underwater world, offering an unmatched experience in one of the planet's most extraordinary environments.

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Fast Facts about El Derrumbe (The Landslide)

Main Features: Whale sharks, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, dolphins
Interaction In Site: Diving
Type of Landing: Wet
Fitness: Medium/High


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