Corona del Diablo


Devils crown is a Volcanic Cater that has been swallowed almost in its entirety by Galapagos waters, only leaving a small portion of rock formations protruding it waters in a semi circle arrangement. Snorkelers will be fascinated by the under water world found in Devils Crown, coral reefs & Marine species are abundant & easily spotted in the surrounding & inlet of the crown. Different types of birds use the rocky protrusions as a landing site in open water  & the Red-billed Tropic birds nest in the crevices. Currents in this location are rough, strong swimmers would be a requirement to make the most out of this site.

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Fast Facts about Corona del Diablo

Main Features: Underwater Volcanic Crater, The best snorkeling Site
Interaction In Site: Dhingy Ride, Snorkeling
Type of Landing: None, Circumference the area in a dhingy ride only
Fitness: High

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